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Warlord's Wife

Warlord's Wife


Due to her parents’ arrangement, Victoria took a blind dating and then had a flash marriage. After getting the marriage license, she found that she took the wrong person. The man who she had married was the First Young Master in the most prestigious military family! "Was it too late to regret now? Could we go back and change the certificate?" "Do you want to become a divorcee as soon as you got married?" "But..." "Victoria, we give each other one year. If we can't accept it then, we will divorce!" However, less than a year, she found he married her for an ulterior motive... She flung a divorce agreement to him. He sneered, "You can’t divorce at will for a military marriage!" She realized she had got tricked by him. Facing this all-nights enthusiastic man, she said piteously, "Chief, at least tonight, may I have a break?"
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Victoria Jenner, female, 27 years old, chief editor of Century Vogue fashion magazine, an over-aged single girl who was currently on her way to a blind date.

"Ring—" A phone call came.

She quickly took out her mobile phone from her pocket. At the sight of the caller ID, she felt sweat appearing on her forehead, but still, she answered it. "Hello, mom!"

"Where are you now? Are you on your way to the blind date?" Sharlene Charm, also known as Mrs. Jenner, asked directly.

"Yes, I have almost arrived at Rose Cafe now. Don't worry!" Victoria said helplessly.

"That's more like it!" Sharlene nodded with satisfaction. "Victoria, please note that today's blind date, Matthias Chase, is Uncle Chase's son. He just came back from abroad. He is well educated and has a good background. You have to perform well, do you hear me?"

Victoria felt her eardrum suffering and rolled her eyes. "Listen, mom, I will try my best to take him back and make him your son-in-law!"

"Good that you know!" Sharlene said.

After exchanging a few more words with Sharlene, Victoria hung up the phone and sighed again.

Since turning 25, she had been arranged for hundreds of blind dates. From her initial resistance to present, she had already accepted her fate... She was willing to pull a random man from the streets who was willing to marry her, just to satisfy her mother.

"Oh Lord, just give me a man!" Victoria gritted her teeth and roared to the sky, completely ignoring the eyes around her. All she wanted was to marry a man immediately and get it over with.


Rose Cafe.

Looking at the dazzling signboard, Victoria walked in. However, her heels missed the steps at the door and she lost her balance.

"Ah—" She gasped and fell to the side. As a result, she accidentally fell into the chest of a man who was also about to enter the cafe.

Hunter Salisbury was not used to the sudden approach of an unfamiliar woman, but out of politeness, he did not push her away. He frowned and asked, "Are you okay?"

"No... I'm okay... Thank you..." Victoria was embarrassed. She looked up at the man and quickly thanked him. As soon as her eyes met his face, she was stunned.

"Oh, my God... This man is so handsome!" Victoria thought.

She had lived for 27 years and was the chief editor of a fashion magazine. She had seen many handsome men, but never a man like him before... The man in front of her looked laid back but noble, handsome yet resolute. His every movement exuded a domineering aura. His facial features were delicate and accentuated, his eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were bright, even his lips were sexy.

If she had not seen with her own eyes, she would not believe it. She just stared at him, which made Hunter frown even more.

However, just as he was about to say something, Victoria had already reacted. She quickly got out of his arms and apologized awkwardly. "Thank you for just now. I didn't mean to..."

As a working elite, it was necessary to observe people's expressions. The man's frown had indicated he was unhappy with her crashing into him.

"..." Hunter was stunned, but didn't say anything. He was surprised by the woman's quick reaction and took a deep breath.

Sure enough, there was faint perfume fragrance lingering from their earlier embrace. Its scent was not pungent, but soothing instead...

As he was enjoying the sweet fragrance, another man came out of the cafe and called out to him. It was his good friend Mark Fresco. "Hunter, come in quickly. Today's your first blind date. It's not good to be late!"

"..." After hearing Mark's words, Hunter's face suddenly turn gloomy. Without further ado, he went into the cafe.

Victoria stared at the man's back and could not help but curl her lips. "Uh-huh, it seems that even a handsome man like him has to face the trouble of going on a blind date like her!"

Without further ado, she too entered the cafe.

After looking around the cafe, her eyes were fixed on a rose on a table near the window. There were two men sitting there with their backs facing her.

The window, a rose... that's right!

She kept walking to the table, deep in thought, but stopped immediately when she noticed a familiar figure sitting at the table where she was heading. One of the man there was the handsome man who had just helped her at the door of the cafe a moment ago.

It's him!

She was stunned and suddenly remembered mother saying the man was called Matthias Chase. Just now at the cafe's door, his friend called his name, but she did not actually remember what his name was... but he was also here for a blind date... Was he the one? Her blind date?

With that in mind, she advanced and sat on the chair opposite Hunter and Mark.

"Are you Mr. Matthias Chase?" Victoria asked softly.

"Oh..." Hunter was surprised and looked at the woman in front of him. She was the one who with the lovely perfume!

Victoria raised her hand and introduced herself with a smile. "Hello, my name is Victoria Jenner, your blind date today!"

Mark, who was sitting at the side, was surprised at the woman's sudden arrival. However, after hearing her introduction, he laughed. He was about to tell her that she had mistaken Hunter for someone else when Hunter raised his hand to stop him from saying anything.

Victoria Jenner?

Her name is Victoria Jenner?

When Hunter heard her words, his eyes immediately focused on her and he looked like he was momentarily shocked. He stared at her hand, grasped it, and said with a faint smile, "Hello, Miss Jenner!"

"..." Mark was taken aback as the corners of his mouth twitched. What was Hunter planning to do?

Hunter glanced at him with a meaningful smile, motioning him not to talk nonsense.

After they shook hands politely, Victoria thought for a moment and decided to get straight to the point. Besides, she had a meeting this afternoon, so she did not want to waste too much time. "Mr. Chase, I think you have been well informed of my situation before coming here, so I won't repeat it. Is there anything you want to ask or say? I won't cheat nor lie. I'm very satisfied with you and don't have any questions. If you don't mind, how about we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow to register our marriage?"

She just wanted to find a man to complete her given task, since her mother was also satisfied with this Matthias Chase anyway! As for her, she was too tired to attend anymore blind dates!

Hunter was at a lost for words.

Mark, "..."

The two men were speechless. They had never seen a woman who was so straightforward. Moreover, she even said that she was satisfied and had nothing to ask... What a joke, girl, you have even mistaken the person sitting in front of you for someone else! They thought.

"Have you seen me before? You haven't even seen my photo previously, have you?" Hunter asked with a indifferent smile.

Victoria was stunned, what was the problem now? She replied seriously, "I have! My mother should have shown me your photo before!"

However, she could not remember when she had seen it!

"Oh, really?" Hunter chuckled and stared at her. He looked at her from top to bottom then asked, "Miss Jenner, you are a magazine editor?"

"Hmm?" Victoria was stunned, but she nodded. "Yes I am indeed a magazine editor!"

After saying that, she felt a little constrained by his stare. Presumably, she was too direct, so she bit her lips. "Um... If you don't have any intention of getting married, Mr. Chase..."

She's a magazine editor, she should be the right one! Hunter thought to himself.

Before she could finish her words, Hunter interrupted her. "Miss Jenner, why tomorrow? It's still early today. Why don't we go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau now to register our marriage?"