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The Twin's Plan: Mommy, I Got You a Hubby!

The Twin's Plan: Mommy, I Got You a Hubby!


Fanny and Bennett are a pair of twin brothers. They separated since they were born. Fanny lived with their mother, Alisha, while Bennett was raised up by their father, Charles. None of them knew that Alisha gave birth to a pair of twins. Alisha and Charles don't even remember who is their baby's dad/mom. Five years later, Alisha became a gossip reporter of a third-rate newspaper and her ultimate task was to interview Charles, the powerful and mysterious man in City M! However, she disguised as a cleaner and slipped into Charles' office. By accident, she ran into Bennett, who looked exactly the same as her son Fanny. In this way, two boys met and schemed how to get their mommy a hubby...
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"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

Alisha Owen seized the opportunity and slapped the mosquito on her arm to death.

"The 102th one."

She twisted her aching neck after removing the mosquito body on her arm.

It was not easy for her. She had been waiting outside of the Brass Palms Hotel from morning until eight o’clock in the evening.

However, Charles Martin never appeared.

That's right. As the gossip reporter of a third-rate newspaper, her ultimate task of the day was to interview Charles, the powerful and mysterious man in City M!

Everyone in City M addressed him as Mr. Martin, but this legendary man had never appeared in public before.

So, if Alisha could interview him and cover the headlines, she would not have to worry about being fired anymore.

She waited there so long that she felt numb in her legs. Then, when she was about to adjust her posture, suddenly, there was a movement ahead.

First, five or six bodyguards ran out and lined up on both sides. Then, a voice sounded, "Sir, the gifts are ready."

Holy cow! That was massive! Based on her years of experience as a paparazzo, that must be Charles!

Alisha then immediately took out her camera and aimed it in the direction of the gate.

Looking in the camera lens, the first thing that came into vision was a man with a pair of long legs. He was approximately 1.85 meters in height.

He was such a Daddy Long Legs!

However, Alisha could only manage to take some vague photos as the bodyguards were blocking her sight.

Alisha constantly moved forward to take clearer photos...

The camera shot froze, and the man's handsome side face appeared in the camera.

Although it was just a side face, the aura he gave off was mighty threatening!

At the same time, Alisha noticed a young and beautiful woman was standing next to him.

Mr. Martin, the head of the family, met a beautiful woman in the middle of the night. The news that he had gotten married seemed to be true.

That was such a piece of big news!

When Alisha was about to press the camera shutter, suddenly, her phone rang.


Alisha froze for two seconds, and then she was picked up by a strong bodyguard with one hand.

She was going crazy. D*mn it! Did she not silence her phone? Why would it ring?

"Sir, we've caught a spy."

With that saying, the bodyguard rudely threw Alisha onto the ground.

Although Alisha was dizzy from the fall, she still struggled to explain. "I'm not a spy. I'm a reporter. Please mind your words!"

The young and beautiful woman covered her mouth and laughed. "Charles hates reporters the most. It seems that you are really not afraid of death and dare to ambush here to take pictures."

What the! Did Charles hate reporters so much? No wonder he has never shown his face in public, even though he was a famous billionaire.

But she totally had no idea about this! Please let go!

"I... I am not secretly taking pictures of Mr. Martin. Actually... Actually, I am Mr. Martin's fangirl. I just want to take pictures of Mr. Martin and keep them with me. So that it would always remind me to embrace ambitious ideals and make a diligent effort, just like Mr. Martin does!"

Alisha felt that her flattery was really unprecedented.

However, Charles looked at Alisha lying on the ground and said coldly, "Throw her out and feed the dogs."

"Yes, sir."

Holy sh*t, no way!