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A Billion Dollar Contract

A Billion Dollar Contract



Erik Jones, a well known business tycoon, met Lisa in a city hospital. Their first meeting was not so good. Lisa was just a piece of trash for Erik and Erik was a devil in the eyes of Lisa. They just hate each other. But their fate knotted them together as Lisa signed a marriage contract with Erik unwantedly. Erik, under the pressure of the situation, introduces Lisa as his girlfriend to her grandmother. Soon they got married under a contract. Erik was suffering from a horrific past ,Lisa helped him to overcome fear of the past . Erik was blamed for killing his father but Lisa gathered evidence that he didn't. She helps him to smile again and she heals the wounds on Erik's soul . let's see how the hater take form of love.
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This is the story of two people living in the city of Mumbai, who were completely unknown from each other till today. One reason for this was also that the world of both was completely different from each other. Both had one thing in common; Both of them had no faith in love. On one side was Lisa lee and on the other side was Erik Jones, the uncrowned king of the business world. He was a well known buisness tycoon. Lisa  was just a modest school teacher.

The children's noise was echoing in the classroom. Some were running around,some were writing something on the black board, then erasing it and writing it again. Some were just sitting and talking.

"Stop!.... Stop! , I will catch you,Rachel!"Dolly says to Rachel while playing and chasing her. . 

"Dolly and Rachel both  reach outside the class while playing. Then they see Lisa coming from the front.

"Hey mam is coming",Rachel and Dolly both say running inside the class.

"Get down on your seats soon... Lisa ma'am is coming", Rachel said loudly in the class and sat down on her seat.

Soon a beautiful girl enters the class. Who had long hazel brown open hair,Hazel green eyes with round glasses. There was a glow on her face. The color of her face was even brighter in the pink color top . Rosy cheeks and heart shaped lips. 

"Good morning miss "As soon as Lisa entered from the class door, all the children stood together from their respective seats and said.

"Very good morning kids..... how are you all ?", Lisa asked with a smile with great joy.

"We are all fine, Miss"..."How are you? ",all the children ask together.

"I am also fine by the grace of God , let's all sit down", Lisa said, turning back and moving toward the green board on which she wrote with chalk". 

She picked up the duster from the side and started cleaning the green board thoroughly.

"What did we study in the previous class?",Lisa asks while clearing the board".

Before any child could answer, her phone rang. Keeping the duster side, she took out the phone from her purse pocket. The hospital was being displayed on the screen of the phone. Seeing this, she panics and quickly picks up the phone.

"Hello! ",said Lisa with a troubled face.

"Hello!.. Hello!...please reach the hospital soon mam..., a nurse says on the phone in a frightened voice and hangs up the call. 

Lisa hurriedly leaves the school at the same time without wasting time. As soon as she comes out of the school, Lisa hurriedly takes a taxi to the hospital which is at least 8 km away. Lisa comes running inside the hospital.... Many people had gathered at one place.

"What is happening here?", Lisa said to herself while looking at the crowd of people. 

Lisa moved slowly towards the crowd. Her heart trembled as she came forward emerging from the middle of the crowd. There, a man in a black suit stood gunning towards a boy sitting in a wheelchair. The boy sitting on that wheelchair was none other than Lisa's younger brother Lucas .

"What the hell are you doing?"..... Lisa said while quickly coming to her brother.

His heart was pounding loudly.Lisa  hurriedly got down on her knees and began to caress her brother's chest . 

"Everything is alright...I have come now ..nothing can happen to you ... Calm down", says Lisa while calming down her brother Lucas. 

"Hey what are you waiting to shoot him", an angry voice looms over the man in the black suit.

That voice was none other than that of Erik Jones, the only heir of the Jones Group of Companies. Whose pride and passion had made him blind. He did not understand anyone in front of his ego. It was not a big deal for him to take someone's life, he had taken many lives by coming into the world of business.... but even the police did not have the courage to put him in jail. ... Due to his power and fame, Many known people come on their knees in front of Erik and whoever raises his voice against him, his existence would be erased from this world.

"Shocked by that voice", Lisa came and stood in front of her brother.

"Don't you dare", said Lisa, pointing her finger at the man in the black suit.

"Get away from front and stand quietly you silly girl,otherwise today you too will be killed ", the man wearing that black suit  speaks while keeping his finger on the trigger.

"After all, what do you want?….. what is my brother's blunder?..that you want to take away his life", Lisa said with a shout.

This brother of yours did to my boss....., that black suit man had said only this much that the same angry voice stopped him in the middle.

"I don't have time to waste on these useless people.... Erik Jones's every second is precious", Erik said who is speaking from behind that black suit man who was Erik's bodyguard. 

The black suit man who was Erik's bodyguard turned to Erik and stood. Now even Lisa was seeing Erik and Erik was looking at Lisa.

 At some distance in front of Lisa, a man wearing a suit , with well-set hair and well maintained beard, was sitting on a chair with a huge egoistic manner with a devil's smile on his lips.

He was so handsome that any girl's heart should fall on his feet. Erik was as handsome and dashing as the prince of every girl's dream, around whom ten bodyguards surrounded him. He had a bandage in one hand.

"Who are you..? What wrong has my brother done to you?", Lisa shouted looking at Erik angrily.