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Alpha's Hated Human Mate

Alpha's Hated Human Mate

Author:Alexis Dee


Overwhelmed by hatred and distress, the young Alpha Kaiden swears to make his brother pay the price of his betrayal... When her lover defected the King without any warning, the vengeful new Alpha had already come to the poor human girl Ophelia , claiming that she should pay the debt. *** “You will beg me to fuck you if you want your lover to live," Alpha King Kaiden had lost all his humanity. “How dare you do this? I'm your brother's mate!” Ophelia whimpered, holding her hands to her breasts. “That brother who wanted my crown and my life? Fuck him and fuck you!” The furious Alpha didn't care about it anymore. He wanted revenge! He grasped her hands and pinned them over her head. Her beautiful body appeared as the silk cloth quickly slid down. She's damn gorgeous when she was completely naked! “Well, no wonder my brother wanted to fuck you,” Kaiden taunted with a smirk, “but now it's I who will be the one to steal your virginity.” Kaiden claimed as he tighten her waist, making her approaching to his d*ck. “Pl----ease do------nt,” her voice was drowned out while his wild kiss fell on her lips. At this moment, Ophelia knew her life now became a disaster...
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It's a night of thunderstorms.

In the king size bed, two figures were intertwined, gasping for breath. A pair of slender legs wrapped around the man's toned waist, rubbing against his naked skin. The air was hot and wet, the hormones of lust filling the whole room, and the heavy panting and moaning never ceased, showing the desire for more eroticism.

"Please! Mark me!" the flushed bride Ophelia pleaded with the man on top of her, the new Alpha King, her husband Kaiden. Even though his eyes had already been filled with arousal, he was still holding back from marking her.

"Beg me!" he commanded.

Sensing her approaching orgasm, she had to beg him to fill her hole, even offering her naked pussy to him. Staring into Ophelia's horny eyes, Kaiden knew he could conquer her in bed, but the hatred in his heart only grew stronger.

"Were you as slutty as now when you're fucked by my brother?" He taunted.

Hearing about that guy, Ophelia had a momentary lapse of concentration, her bare body couldn't help but shiver.

Oh, god! Again!

Looking into Kaiden's eyes, which were not only full of lust, but also with vengefulness.

Hurt her so much.

“You are just using me to fight back to your brother because he used to love me once.” Ophelia pushed him off her as she glared back at him with tears in her eyes, she thought he had moved on from his past.

“You cannot question me; you are not allowed to. I am the Alpha King, I can do whatever I want!” Kaiden wanted to scream out all of his frustration, ”I can drag anyone to my bed and nobody is allowed to question me and that includes you, you powerless human girl.”

The betrayal his own blood had had turned Kaiden into a heartless beast and poor Ophelia was the one paying price now.

“So you are admitting that you don’t love me?” Ophelia asked weakly.

She still hoped that he would try to convince her that what she was thinking is wrong.

“An Alpha falling in love with a pathetic human? What gave you that idea?” he scoffed and with his one statement, which shattered her heart into two.

Darkness had come, and her nightmare had just begun...

For many moments, Ophelia wanted to rewind to the past and find out how they had come to this awful situation...