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All Mine



"YOU were mine the minute I laid my eyes on you , that means you can't run away from me nor can you look or talk to other men ...get that ? " I trembled . "GET THAT ??" He demanded an answer .. I nodded not able to speak. "Good ...now shut that pretty little mouth of yours or you'll be punished " I felt tears streaming down my cheek . His rough yet warm hands came towards my face . His fingers brushed the tears way . "Don't cry my love ....I will never hurt you ....you are mine , only mine .." With that lips roughly crashed onto mine .
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“They say love is a mere four letter word, but for me …… it means fantasy, it means living in a beautiful dream, I do not know when will I fall in love with my prince charming but I am looking forward to it”

I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock going off. I finally deciding to get up, I groaned and make my way to the bathroom and, after having a long relaxing bath, I get dressed in my black shorts and a light pink crop top. I make my way downstairs to see Dad making breakfast. We exchanged our hello’s before me sitting down and taking a sip of my mixed fruit juice.

"So, the first day of high school... I hope you enjoy it," he said.

I sighed, "You expect me to enjoy the first day of high school for the third time?"

We have moved three times this year, and each time sucked. After my mom died, my dad got depressed but did his best to try and move on. A few months later, he did something unexpected. He pulled himself together and found a better job, and opportunity, for the both us. I respected him for that but it was irritating how I always had to leave my new best friends behind and move to an unknown place. And making friends for me……boy that isn't easy.

After breakfast, Dad drove me to my new high school. He lightly pecked my cheek before saying goodbye. I made my way to the office for some new student information. After getting my schedule, I began the hunt to find my locker. While walking to my locker, I see a couple of boys in some sports outfits and girls attached to their arms. They must have been from the football or basketball team. I was looking at them, and the girls who looked like models when suddenly roughly shoved by some boys.

My body hit the locker and pain shot through my arms. Despite the pain, I heard the group's laughter.

Well, a great way to start my day, isn't it?

After a couple of lectures, it was lunch time. So, I made my way out of the school building and sat on the benches near the football ground. I didn't wanna be humiliated again. Once I was comfortable, I took out my book and an apple. After a few minutes, my mind and my eyes belong to that book. With my other hand, I grabbed the apple and took a few bites.

Suddenly, I hear a car pull in rapidly to the parking lot. This particular parking lot was nearly empty so I could see a man in a suit rushing out of his car and into the building.

Must be the principle, I thought.

I take in a deep breath as another man steps out of the black, posh car. His body is tall, his hair dark brown, and he was dressed impeccably in a grey suit.

Wonder who he is? I couldn't see any further as they stepped inside the building. Welp, I couldn't care less. Ignoring the curiosity, I went back to my book.

Soon enough, my third horrible first day of high school was finally over. When the bell rings, I step out of the classroom doors and pass by in the crowded halls out of sight. Our house was only a few minutes away from the school, so Dad didn't have to bother picking me up. I didn't want to be a bother, so I'd rather walk than have to call him to come and get me anyway.

As I was walking through the parking lot, I saw that familiar man with the grey suit walk out with, who I assumed was, the principal. This time his face was visible to me. As I kept walking, his face finally came into full view.

My god.

That was the only thing that came to my mind. He was handsome. Very much so. From here, I could see his perfect jawline, his perfect body, and how that suit was a perfect fit for him. As if sensing my stare, he turned and our eyes met. I sucked in a deep breath as his cold, stormy, silver eyes started to dig into mine. After what felt like forever, I gazed down, breaking the trance, and walked faster towards the school's gate.

When I finally reached home, I started preparing something for Dad and myself to eat. After having dinner, I went over the events of the day in my room. There was no homework, but I did have to send an email to my counselor to request a change into the entrance exam preparation class. I knew that it would be tough to ask since it was only my first day, but I'd have to start studying now for my career as an architect.

When I finally decided to sleep, I couldn't. I tossed and turned all night in my bed because of one particular face stuck in my mind. That man. Who was he? His eyes, they were so scary yet, so interesting. I fell asleep in no time at all after that thought.