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Seducing The Mafia King

Seducing The Mafia King



Anna, a lovely but a stubborn girl wants to take an interview of a famous international Mafia Don in order to get promotion in her office, despite of knowing how dangerous it could be. He is a cold hearted Mafia King, she is a stubborn reporter. He is rude, she is shameless. He kills people in seconds, she becomes the headache of people in seconds that people don't want to have arguments with her/and him. What will happen when this two personality collide each other. Who will beg mercy? Who would be the first to loose? She knows how cold he is, she knows that he doesn't like to meet anyone, he didn't see any reporter, so she make a plan and lied the guards that she is his girl friend and entered into his mansion when he was busy with his new partners, discussing something very important. Not only that she also claimed that she had saved him once and had a romantic relationship with him, and is pregnant with his child. However thinks doesn't go well as this made the mafia King mad to the hell. He then yelled at her while pressing her under him on the table in front of everyone. " You little bit*h, do you know how a girl becomes pregnant, huh, now I will show you and everyone present here will be the witness of this scene.. " " Ah.. " she bit her lips for not being able to suppress her moan. Everyone was shocked to the point of frozen, but didn't dare to say anything, out of everyone, his assistant was the one who couldn't even believe on his own eyes. Read the story to know how Anna would handle the situation and came to a deal if she could impress him in one month he would give her his interview otherwise she would leave the mansion without a word. But, was this only for the interview? No, there is much more thing that is going to happen with this two completely opposite but similar characters. Author's note : this story will become more and more interesting after 3-4 chapters with the entry of KING, so have a bit patience.
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  " But Sir, You have already said this last time, now again!!"

  ' You Asshole, bloody flipper, huh' Complained Anna while cursing her boss in her mind, the only thing she could do.

  " My apology dear, but it's not my fault, this time Ahana has really done a miracle, she provided ud so many popular news and our TRP.... "

  " I have covered the news of heavy flood from the remote states where no one could reach, and grabbed the attention of governments towards the difficulty of those people and you are saying that, that bitch has... " She said after cutting her boss off, however he didn't let her complete herself and said in middle.

  " Sshh.. How many times I need to tell you to not use vulgar words in front of your senior and I'm your boss Anna, got it " He said.

  " Whatever " She pouted while he sighed and said

  " See, Ahana had covered the interview of rockstar Mr X who is currently ruling the heart of everyone, all the citizens of our country are dying to hear few words from him and Ahana, she has done the miracle, she covered his interview for one hour, do you get it? Our channel's TRP has increased so much that it came into top ten, I know, I have promised you to give you a separate show that is airing now but she asked me for it and I couldn't reject her as she is now heroine of our channel " he said calmly while she became furious.

  " Like seriously! That bitch has slept with so called rockstar and became his slut for one night in order to get his interview and you are calling her heroine!! You want your reporters to do things like this to get news? How disgusting!! I'm telling you, you just offer something more and she can even give you the video of her sex with him, and your channel then become top channal of our country, isn't it good idea, huh? " She yelled.

  " You.. " He pursed his lips and said again.

  " What relationship she has with him, is her Personal business, it has nothing to do with our channel!! And I'm warning you last time to behave properly in office, you can't disrespect any employee here, okay " he said while wiping the drops of his sweat on his forehead.

  " What kind of personal relationship she could have, probably a prostitute and a customer " she mumbled.

  " Did you say something? " he asked.

  " Nothing, boss " she said while chewing the word 'boss'.

  " Then you may leave now, I still have my words, cover something that could enhance our TRP and I will give you a private show, alright, do something like Ahana!! " He said lazily, only after seeing her staring him angrily, he realized what he said just now.

  " Do you want me to sell myself in order to get TRP for your channel, if that so then I should work in Red light area and not here, right ? " she yelled.

  " Ah.. why you always make it difficult for me, I didn't mean that, just use fair means to cover some interesting news, okay? " he said while sighing as he was really tired of her now.

  " Then it means you agree with me that she sold herself to him in order to get his interview, right? " She said while winking

  "You.. you little girl, you don't have any... "

  He left his sentence incomplete as he had nothing to say, he himself knew that she was right but didn't want to bother with it as it had nothing to bother with him as long as it was beneficial for his channel.

  She then smilled and left, only then he took a sigh of relief.

  " This girl, Always come to increase my blood pressure !!" He mumbled.


  " Ah.. You bastard, don't you have eyes.. ah... " yelled Anna.

  " You are the one who bumped into me, and also shouting at me when the fault is yours " Maddy, a tall young man in his twentys, pouted.

  " Seems like my luck is that bad that even you are arguing with me " she complaint as he was the only friend of her in all the colleagues , because of her bad mouthing and straightforwardness she had very few friends.

  " I'm not arguing with you little fairy, but judging from your expression I guess things didn't go well with boss, tell me what did he say this time. " said Maddy.

  " That old bastard! what can he say!! He said that bitch Ahana covered a very mind blowing interview and asked for the private show, so he gave it to her that he had promised to give me!! " said Anna.

  " He is the bloody flipper, I have told you not to believe him, he is just showing you lollipop to get good news from you, but he will not give you private show, mark my words, that day will never come, he never keeps his promises " he said with dissatisfaction, he had some personal grudges with boss.

  " Thanks for your demotivating speech, now move aside, I have works to handle "

  She said with unhappiness and passed by him.