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Uninhabited Island

Uninhabited Island


Gina was Ryan’s boss, also his dream lover. He used to do anything Gina said, because she was the boss. But now, they were on an uninhabited island because of an air crash. He was a strong and clever man, and Gina was just a girl who was injured. He could carry Gina in his arms. When Gina didn’t listen to him, he could keep kissing her to make her learn to behave. Julie was Gina’s friend. She could only rely on Ryan as well. Then they saved a girl, this girl chose to follow Ryan. At night, Ryan slept with three girls in the forest. What heaven! What? One more hot chick! ... When Ryan began to enjoy, they found horrible things one by one: limited supplies, survivors who ate the corpse of their friend, and even races feed on humans...
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My body was soaked in the seawater, and I got a soft and smooth touch feeling on my palm. My face was burning with pain, and I could only hear the sound of waves crashing against my ear.

I struggled to get up from the beach. I saw a boundless sea ahead of me. At the horizon, a few seagulls were flying and hunting for fishes. Looking back, the whole island was covered by forests and looked so mysterious and gloomy.

"Damn it..."

I weakly raised my hands and rubbed my eyes. There was a woman lying on the beach not far away from me.

She is my boss, Gina Jing, and also the most famous female chairman in the Mid Valley City Commercial Sector, who is in charge of hundreds of employees.

At the same time, she has also been my dream lover for a long time. I knew that my level was not matching to her. I was just an ordinary designer in the company. She was usually cold yet elegant and rarely looked at me.

I am not the only one who has a crush on her. No matter if the male colleagues in the company are single or not, they all have "that kind of thought that only men know" toward her.

I also longed for the day if she could be my partner for life. Of course, this was just my dream.

Gina took a dozen of our colleagues including me and got on the plane to Miami. We were going to attend a new product press conference at the company's head office in Miami.

However, unfortunately, we encountered a plane crash on this trip.

The only thing I remembered at this point was that there was a huge vibration in the cabin, then the oxygen mask fell from the seat. A stewardess ran toward the passengers in a hurry and helped them put on the oxygen mask.

At the very instant, I put on the oxygen mask. The plane landed heavily, and I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found out that I was not the only survivor. In addition to me, the others from my company were Gina Jing, who was lying on the other side, Minz Lee, the project manager, Jaden Chen, the guy wearing spectacles, Julie Bai, the accountant, Pearl Zuo, a sporty girl, Honky Chen, a fat dude, and Wenbin Huang, a gentleman.

Of course, there were also three other survivors on the plane, two men and a woman. The woman's name was Winsome Liu, and a Korean guy with a neat hairstyle, Yuan Meng, and an American, Jack.

All of us were very lucky, except for Gina.

Gina's left leg was stabbed deeply by an iron piece from the explosion of the plane. She could no longer move.

Fortunately, we found some food and clothes from the luggage that floated from the see, which was sufficient for us to survive for a week, but the rescue team had not arrived yet.

Most people were in despair, but Minz Lee suggested to go into the forest in order to survive. His suggestion got everyone's approval.

However, since Gina's thigh was injured and she could not move, we had to take turns to carry her. Therefore, Minz Li suggested to abandon her. After all, it was difficult for everyone to protect themselves now.

"I firmly disagree. Gina is the person I have been secretly in love with. I really cannot leave her alone."

We were divided into two groups. In the end, only Julie Bai, the lady, who has the best relationship with me, was willing to stay.

The hateful thing was Minz Lee's selfishness. He didn't even want to leave some food behind for us. So I began to fight with him. In the end, I felt a heavy knock on my back. When I woke up, I found out that I was lying on the beach, and Gina was not far away.

Seeing that Gina was still in a coma, I rushed over to her.

At this point, her body was completely immersed in the water, just like when I woke up. Only half of her head was exposed above the water, her hair was scattered on the shallow beach, and her charming and cold face was pale.

"Gina, Gina!" I immediately shook her body, hoping that she was still alive.

Gina was how the employees of our company called Gina, and she had always accepted it. But in fact, she was only 25 years old. Many people in the company who were older than her, also called her Gina.

Gina was an icy beauty. She was very strict. Whenever she spoke, it was only about job assignments.

But in the past week, her coldness had been wiped out by despair, and her expression was getting gentler and gentler in front of me. I always felt... "Haha, maybe I can start something with her?"

There was no reaction on Gina's face. I reached out to feel her breath. Maybe I was too nervous to feel any sign of life from her.

I began to panic and gently pressed on her chest with my hands. For an instant, I did not feel surprised by such close contact with the icy beauty. On the contrary, I could not help but tremble...

I put my lips on her dry lips and began to perform artificial respiration on her. After more than a dozen times, there was still no reaction. I became even more nervous. "Damn it, I just took the first step with her; am I going to end up with a corpse?"

Just as I was about to kiss her again, she suddenly choked a mouthful of water and spat it directly on my face. She coughed violently for a few times and finally opened her eyes.


My hands were still on her chest at this point. Seeing me doing this, she stood up and slapped me without saying a word. I did not even have time to react before I felt a burning pain on my face.

"What hell!"

I covered my burning face with my hands and cursed fiercely. Only then did Gina show a very surprised expression on her face.

"If I had not sacrificed myself to give you artificial respiration, you would not have been able to wake up, would you?" I said grumpily as I watched Gina staring absent-mindedly at her surroundings.

Gina gave me a cold smile. "I was just sleeping for a short while. I have just finished a sunbathe, and you are here to take advantage of me!"

"What the hell is with that sunbathe of yours? You were spitting water, which means you have just soaked, okay?" I smiled awkwardly.

As long as she was alive, I still had a chance. After all, I am a man on this island now, and I am also a healthy man. Of course, she will have to depend on me.

She covered herself tightly in her small suit. Underneath, she was wearing a white shirt, which was covered with sand. No one knew when one of the buttons was unbuttoned. Since she had soaked in the water, her clothes stuck tightly on her body, outlining a beautiful figure, which made people want to take a few more glimpses at it.

Below, she was wearing a black short skirt, which was very flat and slim. Her feet were bare, without shoes. When the plane crashed, her high heels had already fallen into the sea to feed the sharks.

Seeing her somewhat cold expression, it was hard for me to imagine that when everyone wanted to abandon her before she fainted, she was desperately hugging me, telling me not to leave her behind.

I was not softhearted, but starting from that instant, I have made up my mind to protect her and survive together with Julie Bai.

Wait?! Oh my gosh, where is Julie Bai?