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Stop, Honey

Stop, Honey



  She became the President's fake wife after a replacement deal. The first time they met, she gave him her first kiss and virgin night. She was always obedient to him whenever he wanted. But little by little, she could not tell whether it was a sale of body or heart... When his lawfully wedded wife appeared, he actually turned a blind eye to her. When she wanted to go, and he kept her in his room all night. When she is angry, he left his wife and coaxed her from afar. When she was sad, he took her to the room and closed the door, with actions that prove his love. She couldn't stand it and shouted at him, "Jiang Jun, we don't have anything to do with each other anymore. Please don't touch me again. Go to find you lawful wife!” He hold her to wash one's hands on the table with his sly grin and untied her shirt buttons.  Burying his head in her neck, he vaguely said, "There is no lawfully wedded wife, you are my real wife!"
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She frowned. Shivered. Stood alone in front of the French window.

Austin Hawk just told her that Myron Wilson would be back tonight.

Myron Wilson?!!! The most familiar stranger.

Yes, as the wife of Myron Wilson for half a month, she didn’t see him personally.

She just knew that Myron Wilson was a handsome young man in charge of Wilson Group, which was the biggest group in Chicago.

What kind of person he was? She was really curious.

The media reported that he was very indifferent. It seemed that he was not a good person to get along with.

However, he was wealthy and handsome. And his love for Ellen Davis never changed for these years and he almost had no scandalous. It seemed that he was just a low—key and indifferent person. Maybe he was not bad.

If that was the case, she would be lucky.

However, she was really worried about it. After all, they needed to act as husband and wife. She needed to know what kind of person he was ...

With a sigh, Ella Hill slowly lowered her eyes.

In fact, it was pointless for her to think about this, because the deal between her and Myron Wilson had already been concluded. Anyway, she had to fulfill the contents of the agreement——act as his wife and give birth to a child for him.

At this moment, the maid's respectful voice came from outside the door. "Mrs. Wilson, the elder Mrs. Wilson invites you to go downstairs for dinner."

Hearing that, Ella Hill quickly replied, "Okay, I'll go right now." After that, she quickly went to the bathroom to make up.

"Father, Mother, I'm sorry. I'm late."

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were very friendly, especially Mrs. Wilson. "Ellen, you're skinny. Drink more soup,I want you to be a little fatter."

Mr. Wilson said, "Ellen, you seem to be a little thinner than when you got married a month ago."

Ella Hill took up the bowl of soup elegantly, "Yes. I think it would look better to be thinner."

Mrs. Wilson smiled lightly. "I see. When I was young, I also pursued skinny. No matter how thin I was, I still felt that it was almost not enough, so I am not very healthy now.”

"Mom, you have a good figure!" Ella Hill seriously praised. Her eyes revealed a trace of envy. “I want to have the same figure as you in the future.”

"Haha..." Mrs. Wilson smiled happily. "Ellen, you are so sweet!"

"I'm telling the truth. Mom's figure is like a young woman."

Mrs. Wilson smiled more happily. "Have the soup. I cooked it myself."

Ella Hill blinked sweetly. "Wow, I'll eat more."

"Okay, okay," said Mrs. Wilson cheerfully.

Ella Hill ate the soup with satisfaction. The taste of the soup was indeed excellent.

When the housekeeper gave Ella Hill another bowl of soup, she smiled and said, "Mrs. Wilson should have one more bowl of soup. The elder Mrs. Wilson personally cooked it for an afternoon. Doctor Roy said the soup was better for your health.”

Her health?

Ella Hill suddenly stopped her eating.

Mrs. Wilson glanced at the housekeeper with a little angry, "You are just talkative."

The housekeeper chuckled and went away.

Mrs. Wilson then explained to Ella Hill, "Ellen, don't listen to his words. Mom just feels that you are too skinny and wants you to keep healthy. I have no other thoughts."

"Yes, Ellen, don't think too much." Mr. Wilson said.

Ella Hill was slightly shy and embarrassed. Then, she raised her fair face. She smiled sweetly at the two elders," Myron Wilson is already thirty years old. I also want him to be a dad.”

After hearing this, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson looked at each other and smiled happily.

"It's enough that you have this idea. Most young people don't want to have baby so early ... Don't be stressful. Let nature take its course."

Ella Hill nodded, "well."

At this moment, a servant walked into the restaurant and bowed respectfully. "The elder Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Wilson is back."

"Ah, is Myron Wilson back?"

Mrs. Wilson rejoiced and she got up from the dining table.