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The Austin Arrangement

The Austin Arrangement

Author:Natalie Roche


Vanessa Garcia consoled herself in believing that she could withstand the year long Arrangement of Marriage, with Billionaire Jeremy Austin. A year of pretending to be his wife, living in his home and playing a role in the life that he lives. Neither of the two were happy about the situation,Jeremy most of all. He has his opinion on Vanessa (Gold digger being one of them.)The pair will soon come to learn of the ties that bound them together, long before talk of the Arrangement even began. Book One of the Series of Three Books, full of secrets, lies and deception.
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  We were pronounced Husband and wife and I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't happy about that.

  It would be Newsflash to him that I wasn't either.

  I didn't want to be married to any man,especially not a man like JEREMY AUSTIN!!

  The man that I will now call my husband,I have only met twice. Today being one of those times.I know very little about him, only what I've seen online and what I've seen left a sour taste in my mouth.

  My new Husband was a WHORE, who slept around with whoever offered themselves to him.

  Going by what I've seen and heard, a lot of people were happy to offer themselves to Jeremy for one night of pleasure.A cock made by the God's so some people say, the man is just one big cock in my opinion.

  Jeremy is an arrogant billionaire that thinks he's better than everyone else around him. He doesn't have a nice bone in his body, just looking at him makes me want to cower into a ball.From what I know, he runs a successful company alongside his Father Tom, he's the nicer Austin out of the two and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

  I glanced over at my Brother Finley as I walked down the Isle.He was smiling and looking so proud.He couldn't believe it when I told him I was getting married, to an Austin nonetheless."I didn't even know you dated, Ness." is exactly what he said to me.

  Honestly,I didn't date. I was too busy trying to keep my family above water to even contemplate having a man in my life.

  No,This secret is mine to keep. Jeremy doesn't know my side of things, he just knows that I agreed to marry him and he has his opinions about that.He thinks I'm a golddigger but I can't really blame him, I married him today not for Love but for Money.I didn't want to do this..But in the end I had no choice.

  It's only a year,Vanessa.You can do it!! You have too!!