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18 Again

18 Again



  Alice, after got rebirth, she went back to her student age. During that period, her parents were still alive, and she did not fell out with her little brother, neither did she kill Leon……
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In the VIP room, the smell of disinfectant filled the air.

The woman lying on the sick bed had an old face and a pale face. Next to her was a half—year—old woman with a letter in her hand.

"Brother died ten years ago. She was ashes scattered on the national defense line. She didn't carry her back, so there was no gravestone." Lucy's voice was plain.

Yin Ling suddenly opened her eyes when she heard this sentence and looked at Lucy in disbelief. "Le ... on!"

"It's stomach cancer. He's been sick since he was little. He spent a few years in prison and went to the border again ..." Lucy choked on the paper. She clenched the notepaper in her hand. She really wanted to strangle the woman on the bed: "Yin Mi, do you know if it's not you? If it's not you! My brother's character should be an officer and a leader!"

Lucy's voice was a little hysterical.

Maria's head was stunned. The whole person was trembling. Is Leon dead? He died on the border. He died ten years ago. His eyes were instantly hot, and a clear tear rolled down from his already muddy eyes.

She said why Leon had suddenly disappeared from the world. It turned out that that person was dead, ten years ago, but in this decade, there were still people in the Li family who took care of her.

Lucy felt ridiculous when she looked at her. She said something to a stupid woman who had been paralyzed. She scolded her and her brother couldn't return.

Lucy looked at the letter in her hand and threw her hand onto the bed. "This is my brother's letter to you. Let me give it to you before you die. You can see for yourself."

After Lucy finished this, she got up and walked out. The people in the hospital said that Ruby had been in the past few days. Finally, her brother did not have to wait in Huang Quan.

Lily's face was filled with tears. She breathed oxygen quickly and wanted to get the letter. But she couldn't lift her hand anymore. The vitals had been called up and the doctors and nurses were rushing inside.

Ruby finally did not know where the strength came from and suddenly grabbed the letter.

She looked up at the words on the letter. The familiar font reflected her eyes. In the end, he left her only one sentence: "Yin Mi, are we going to remarry?"

Di ... Life ended.

Ruby finally thought that Leon had robbed her for the rest of her life. She only weakened this time, and only this time. She was willing to say yes.


His head was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

When Lily was conscious, she felt that her whole body was very cold. She trembled as she breezeed into her clothes.

She moved her lower leg hard. It hurts so much. She felt helpless. She hadn't felt her existence for fifteen years.

"Maria! You're a shameless person, don't get me back!" Just as Ruby thought about it, a sharp female voice suddenly sounded behind her.

Liz suddenly jumped up and jumped up in fear. She almost slipped without paying attention.

She looked down in fear. Under the moonlight was the cold river, Forgetting about the river?

"Yin!" A slap hit him.

Ruby was snoring for a long time before she looked at the person in shock. "Mom? Father!" Standing in front of her was her parents. Neighbors, everyone had a torch in their hands.

"Yin Xi, who taught you to steal things!" Anna cried and slapped her.

This slap hit Rosy's shoulder and Rosy was a little stunned.

Didn't her parents die already?

"Oh, tell Dad, did you get the orange from Uncle Wu's place!"

What stolen things, what kind of oranges ... Maria suddenly widened her eyes in confusion, only to feel the cool air coming from the bottom of her feet to the back of her head.

"Father ... what is it now?"

"What are you crazy about?"

"It's 90 years!" Ruby grabbed Jack's hand.

Jack had just finished the fire. Now that he saw Maria's face pale, his heart suddenly softened. He sighed heavily, "Yeah, if you did it, let's apologize to Uncle Wu, it's not you Go ahead and say it! "

It was really 90 years ... she was born again!

Maria wanted to cry and laugh. In 1990, she was 18 years old. The Li family had just arrived at the Yin family and said that they hadn't agreed with her parents yet. The school was expelled ... nothing had happened yet.

When she returned, she looked at her parents' face and instantly flushed her eyes.

"Huh? What's wrong, tell Dad, are you wronged?" Jack looked at her worriedly.

Ruby sniffed her nose, and her tears instantly flowed down: "No ... Me, Father! Mother!" She rushed over and hugged them. In her last life, because of her waywardness, they had almost cut off their relationship with them and refused to recognize her as her daughter.

Their funeral was handled by Leon. She wanted to go back and nod her head. Her brother took the broom and chased her out.

He said that the Yin family did not have her.

She had complained about her brother's cruelty, but until she was knocked over by Mark, she didn't know who was the best person for her.

Both Anna and Jack were frightened. When did their daughter fall into their arms like this and cried.

Anna was still very hard—tempered, and she would suddenly lose his temper: "Oh, shit, are you bullying you! Is it Mark!"

"Anna, what do you mean? Our family Mark has been doing his homework! His daughter is a thief and wants to spill dirty water on my son? When I'm Yuki, I'm a vegetarian!" In the crowd, Yuki was not happy to hear this.

When Jack heard someone discredit Yin Yin, he immediately became angry. He had already seen that the Zhou family's son was not pleasing to the eye. The whole person changed! Jack shouted, "This afternoon, Mark called our family out!"

Yuki held her hand arrogantly and laughed sarcastically: "Yo, then my son told your daughter to go out, your daughter will go out? Hey, you're so obedient.

Yuki had a pair of inverted triangle eyes. She was fierce and mean when she looked at people, and she did not forgive when she talked.

The moment she said this, she instantly blocked what Anna and Jack wanted to say.