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The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love



  Christina was set up to drink a drugged drink and have sex with a man whose face she didn't see. In order to live a peaceful life in her marriage, she chose to mend membrane. But her husband, Daniel, was the one who had taken her for the first time!
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It's so hot!

“Help me ... who will help me?”

On the big bed in the Presidential suite of London international hotel, Christina's cheeks flushed red and she pulled her clothes in a daze.

“Hmm ...” Christina shouted in a daze. Just then, the room door was opened.

A young man with a height of 1.85 meters came in .He was wearing a black Suit made by hand in Italy. From the collar to the trousers, he was completely meticulous and did not have any wrinkles. He was handsome and unusual. His eyes were like an eagle owl in the night. He was sharp and profound. This person is London's most famous rarest bachelor and prince charming in the eyes of thousands of girls——Daniel, the master of Smith.

Boring banquet!

Daniel frowned as he pulled off his necktie and walked into the bathroom.

At that moment the light burst and the room went dark.

“Is it a power failure?” Daniel frowned. Just when he wanted to ask someone to deal with it, he suddenly heard a voice as light as a mosquito fly

Is there anyone else in his room?

Daniel immediately became alert. His eyes became sharp and he walked towards the source of the voice.

There was no light in the room. When he walked to the bedside, he could only see the lovely woman on the bed through the moonlight outside the window.

“That's a woman?”

With a frown and a sneer, he prepared to call for attention. However, just as he was about to turn around, he was grabbed by the woman on the bed.

"Oh ... help me, please help me ..." Christina yelled unconsciously, holding onto the corner of Daniel's clothes.

Daniel's eyebrows deepened. Just as he wanted to stretch her hand to open her hand, she did not expect strength of strength to come up. She leaned directly in front of him and her lips fell on his cheeks.

Daniel was stunned. As a gold bachelor, this was the first time he had been kissed by a woman. The strange thing was that he did not reject this feeling.

Just as he was absent—minded, Christina completely hugged him.

"It's so comfortable, it's so cool ..." Christina yelled softly. She would not let him go .She was so hot that it was about to explode. Now she had found a cool source, so she didn't want to let it go.

“Is this a little wild cat that came to my door??”

Daniel chuckled and grabbed hand of Christina and directly suppressed her.

He doesn't like women who come to him forwardly, but for some reason now he does!

“Help me ... I beg you ...” Christina yelled.

Daniel was no longer patient .His voice was hoarse: “Women, this is what you asked for!”

Then, directly ...However...

“It hurts”

Christina immediately frowned and looked clearer: “Let me go! Go away!”

At night, Daniel was stunned. Just now, this woman was so active. He did not aware that this woman was...

Could it be that she had been drugged? Is this the case?

But at this moment, he did not care about anything else. He whispered into her ear, “Patience, just wait ...”

Christina could not take it anymore and she fainted.

When she woke up again, it was dark in front of her eyes, and her body's discomfort shocked Christina to discover that this man was still there.

She could not see the man's looks because the light was not turned on. By the moonlight through the window, Christina could feel that this was an exceptionally handsome man. His figure and cheeks were very beautiful, however...

“You bastard, let me go!” Christina yelled and struggled.

Unexpectedly, she had actually woken up and the man was finally over. He wanted to hug her tightly.

"You are a bastard! Bastard, go to hell!" Christina could not take it anymore.

Daniel was not angry at all. She lies half down and looked at her with a smirked smile. This woman had such a good taste! Let people know the essence!

“When you just begged me, it wasn't this attitude. Humph, a contradictory woman”

“You ... you're shameless!” When she realized what she had just been, face of Christina turned red. Then, she got out of bed and fumbled for her clothes and quickly put them on.

Noticing that she was leaving, Daniel immediately stood up and shouted, “Lady, don't go!”

“I'd be a fool not to leave .Go to hell, son of a bitch!" Christina said as she picked up the pillow in her hand and threw it in the direction of Daniel. She did not pause for a moment, then opened the door and fled the scene.

After leaving the hotel, Christina immediately took a taxi to home and sat in the back seat. She was calm and her tears fell down uncontrollably.

It is her first time. She gave the most precious first time in a girl's life to a strange man, and there was no light in the room. She didn't even know what that man looked like and his name.

What should she do?

Will Austin blame her because she lost chastity? Will he leave her?

Christina thought and her tears falling even more fiercely. She thought about everything that happened today.

She came to the hotel today for a banquet. She wasn't interested in these things, so she didn't want to go. However, her sister Wendy must pull her to and her boyfriend Austin also said to come, so there is no way she had to come.

After staying at the banquet for a while, she wanted to leave. Wendy did not let her go, and gave her a room card. She said that she could go upstairs in the hotel to rest, so she went and then that thing just happened.

By the way ... fruit juice!

Before she went upstairs, Wendy gave her a glass of juice. It must have been a problem!

“Wendy ...” Christina bit her lip and her petals. She clenched her fists

Her mother was a maid in the Christina ’s family. Her mother attracted Master Su, so she had her. She had never been favored at the Miller’s family, so she let them have everything and avoided them as much as she could. She just didn't aware of that they would do it to her.

Christina was angry half to dead.

Soon she was at the Miller's house. She got off the car and went straight to Wendy's room. She wants to ask her about everything.

However, what she did not expect was...

She just went upstairs. Before she knocked on the door of Wendy’s room, she heard the special voice coming from her room...

This is...?

Christina was stunned. The room door was not tightly closed. Through the door, she saw that there was a man and a woman on the big bed in the room.

The man had his back to her so that Christina could not see his face, while the woman was Wendy!