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The Kungfu Lady

The Kungfu Lady



  Reincarnated, the former master of marital arts gang was turned into a dumbass young lady. Acquiring magic weapon, becoming the invincible number one in the world… It seemed to be her fate, while she did not know how to deal with her effeminate fiancé: “You were my wife at our previous life, we are destined to be together…”
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The night is dark like ink, and the moon has been covered by clouds .

The slender girl holds a delicate jade bottle in her arms, and her left hand holds a token with mysterious light in front of her.Wherever she go, all of the trap will stop work when feel the existence of the token.

She only spend a quarter of an hour to sneak away from the most guarded temple ———The Mysterious Temple in Barnett’s Family without disturbing anyone.

She saw the slender figure in the shadow of the front wall far away. She immediately ran over there with a break: "Nick, I got the medicine. You can been saved. If you are cured, will you marry me as you promised?"

Looking at this girl with a smirk on her face, there is a disdain in Nick’s eye, but he pretend to sick, coughing a few times, and said with deep affection: "Of course, Daisy, we have been engaged since in childhood,and you stolen medicine to save my life.You are the only one I want to be married."

Knowing that she will marry someone she loved and be the happiest bride.Daisy couldn’t help to smiling with shy.

Nick coughed twice, and his sights never left the jade bottle in her hand. Seeing that she is shy,he urged: "Give me the medicine.,and your token ,by the way."

Daisy quickly handed the jade bottle and the token to him,and said: "All here, Nick."

Without saying a word, Nick took them and eagerly opened the jade bottle to check.

The medicine bottle is carved with emperor—grade jasper, and the whole body is thick green.But the medicinal is more green than the bottle itself,it looks like a flawless dark emerald, and it is full of strong scent.

In L.A.,the medicine is graded by color, followed by red, orange, cyan, blue, purple, dark, and gold.

The blue medicinal herb is also called the third—class medicine. It is placed in Hollywood. Even the royal family is rare to see, and it is only exists in Barnett family.

But it is not medicine for treating diseases, but to help the monks upgrade!Daisy is too stupid to know what is the real medicine ,even it the treasure of her family and it happened to make Nick believed it .

When Nick ensured it is the three—class medicine that he always wanted. As long as he take it he’ll immediately upgrade to the third level of the monk, Nick suddenly burst into laugh.He is afraid of breaking the bottle, he quickly took it into his arms and hold it tight.

There have a lot people who practice in L.A., the drug is in short supply.Even if Nick is a prince, there are only two one—class medicinal per month, which can only nourish the veins slightly, which efficacy can't help him to advance.

He is now a second—level monk. For ordinary people, it is great to have such an achievement at the age of sixteen.But he is in the royal family, and his mother—in—law is not able to give support because born of humble family. If he wants to win the throne, he needs more help.There is a great opportunity for him to make him the disciple of the first sect of the world, but he is not qualified.

Nick worked hard for a year, but he could not make progress, then he put his mind on the meditation of the Barnett family.He knows that Daisy can freely enter and out the Barnett family anywhere with a token, and he lied that he had a terminal illness. He wanted to steal the medicine to save him. Daisy was convinced of his lies and stole the medicine for him.

Now, he got the medicine, and he can easily be advanced. Nick is so excited.

See Nick is so happy, Daisy face can not help but also show embarrassed, she stared at her lover,said: "When you been cured, we can be together forever."

She and Nick has engaged when they at the age of four, but because she is too stupid to practice, and everyone laugh at her is a loser. In addition,her parents disappeared early,so no one care for her marriage.

She is not smart, and she is often played in a group because she always easily believes in others.This time, Nick, who usually ignored her, suddenly came to her, and she had no doubts on him.In order to save his life, and her own marriage, she decided to take the risk of stealing medicine without a second thought.

Now she stole the medicine for him , Imagine the upcoming marriage life, Daisy’s cheek turn red, and more gentle look at Nick.

Unexpectedly, in response to her love, Nick sneered: "Am I crazy to marry you,you wish."

His attitude changed too fast, Daisy, first grievances, then immediately worried: "Nick,are you become so heartless is because of your illness?"

At this moment,there is a smirk voice: "You are too naive. Nick loves me,of course he refuses to marry you."

Accompanied by the sound, a beautiful girl dressed in a beautiful embroidered dress walked out of the shadow and stood next to Nick. She leaned back against his shoulder without hesitation: "Nick, congratulations on your successful acquisition of the drug. The promotion is soon."

"thanks for your advice, Selena." Nick pointed her nose full of love. "If it is not you, I really don't know that this fool has such a large authority in Barnet family."

"Selena? You..." Looking at so intimate two people,Daisy seemed to understand something.

In the gesture of the winner, Selena looked at Daisy arrogantly and mocked mercilessly: "she really is a foolish. I still can't recognize the situation until now. What you brought him is not a cure for all diseases." but the meditation for the monks who dreamed of it. If not for it, why would Nick want to care for you? If it wasn’t for your early dead parents,who left the token that can enter and exit anywhere in the Barnett family for you. We also won’t waste our time on you. You are so stupid, how could Nick like you?"

Nick looked at Selena infinitely and affectionately: "of course. The only one I like is you,you are smart and beautiful. What I told her is lie. You should never take it seriously."

Heard this,Selena is so happy and said: "Nick, you are the best."

Daisy watched them,feeling something beautiful in her heart was completely shattered: "You are not sick at all? You are all lying to me! You want to condense your strength, why not ask from her? She is the genius of Barnett, the patriarch loved her most, he will give it to her! Why are you lie to me?"

Hearing the word of genius, Selena’s face swept a piece of self—satisfaction: “she is really a fool. This meditation is very precious. The whole Hollywood has only one. Although the patriarch may love me, but he may not not give it to me. I just want to find a scapegoat so let you to stole it.You are stupid and useless, you can use your worthless life to exchange the medicine for Nick, it may be the best thing you have done in your life."

Even Daisy is stupid ,she also understand the killing in her words,she step back in horror, holding the last hope and shake his head desperately: "No, you can't do this to me, I am the fiancee of Nick!"

"Shut up! You just a loser,you are not worthy of me!"

Once his sight left Selena, Nick became Jason and ruthless. "Selena is right, working for me, is the greatest blessing in your life, do you dare to think about anything else?"

Selena are pretending to be gentle, but in fact viciously reminded: "Forget it, Nick, she just a person who does not know how to die, don’t mind her. There is that token..."

She offered ideal to Nick, not just for medicine, she also wanted the token of Daisy.That is a symbol of Barnett’s status. She jealous of her token since in childhood, but she can’t have it ,because she belong to collateral relatives.

"great,you are smart." Nick brows a show: "You don't have to swear,just according to the plan killing her directly. As for the token, I have already get it for you."

Then, he handed the token to Selena.

Just now Nick asked for token as her fiance,so Daisy was naturally willing.Now that the situation has changed, Daisy remembered its importance and stop, which has already escaped a few steps, : "No, this is the only thing that my parents left me, give it back to me!"

"How can you dare to disobey me,you just a loser!" Selena has long hated Daisy. she is a loser, but she is the first child of the second prince and the fiancee of the third royal prince who have highest talent.

There was a sinister poison in her eyes. She waved her hands and flashed a full of enthusiasm. She hit the thin back of Daisy.

It is too late to scream, and Daisy fell heavily on the ground.A large expanse of blood rushed out of the mouth and quickly dyed the clothes.

The birthmark on the chest was stained with blood, and a strange glow appeared, but it was covered by clothes and nobody saw it.

Take care the token, and Selena step on her finger and be trampled with ease and pleasure.she back to Nick, revealing a twisted smile.

"Give it back to me..." The dying Daisy put together the last glimmer of strength, reached out and grabbed it, and even tore the skirt of Selena, leaving scratches on her ankle!

"You bitch,how dare you to hurt me!" Seeing the shallow blood marks, Selena was shocked and angry, and stepped on the chest of Daisy heavily!

After she spit out some blood, Daisy suddenly stopped breathing.and her eyes are wide open,she is died !

Nick kicked the body aside in disgust, and supported Selena with concern: "are you hurt?"

Selena shook her head and said: "I’m fine, no need to take medicine, it will be cured in two days."

Nick was relieved: "It’s too easy for her to die. I can’t wait to break her bones.”

Selena is very pleasant about vicious words : "thank you Nick. The body of Daisy’s body left here will be suspected, and we have to move her body back to the door of The Mysterious Temple as planned.If someone asking surveying her death, they will only think that she has accidentally been killed by trap."

Nick nodded and lifted the body to arrange the fake death .They thought that they were seamless, then left, and both disappeared into the night.

However, it was not long before the dogs and men left. The "corpse" that had been vacant on the ground was suddenly moved by the fingers that had been trampled.