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100 Days to Be With You

100 Days to Be With You



  She was the victim of his conspiracy: her fiancé cancelled marriage on the spot, she became the biggest joke of the upper class, she had to leave. He was the ruthless business tycoon at the public, while was a domineering CEO in private. For his loved woman, he could not love her enough!
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There was a glimmer of light on the horizon, and a red sun was eager to come out, naughtily jumping, rushing out of the bondage, and brightening the sky a little.

The morning sun shines through the curtains and shines on the man and woman who sleep on a big bed, lining out a room of cockroaches, and the sigh of romance lasted for a long time.

The man's eyelids moved, his eyes glimpsed, and he looked at the ceiling blankly. The weight of arms made his eyes sink, and the woman who was sleeping in his arms, the woman was wearing a mask of beauty and her eyes were closed. She was sleeping soundly.

The memory of last night came in like a flood. The annual masquerade was the biggest event in the city. The elites of all walks of life gathered together, wearing masks and carnivals all night, making countless wild donkeys and accomplishing a few beautiful things.

Vincent has never been interested in this kind of occasion, but it was difficult to refuse to come. He was brought over by friends. The atmosphere was too romantic. He didn't know why he should.......

His brows wrinkled, and the woman in her arms was decisively pushed away, and she was put out of bed. He looked at the white sheets, and a blush of red plum in the snow—white bed was gorgeous and vivid.

Vincent picked up an eyebrow in some accidents and pulled a check from the wallet on the pillow.

After two steps, Vincent went back to the bedside, and the long, powerful right hand reached over and landed on the mask. After two seconds, he shrank back, his mouth hooked, and laughed at himself.

What kind of person was she, what to did with him!

He quietly walked out, and the room number 609 on the door was bleak and dull, giving off a faint breath.

Not long after he left, the woman on the bed turned over. The white sheets fell on the floor, revealing the soft skin of the white lamb, and the traces of green. Her skin was blue, which was particularly eye—catching.

Her skin was exposed to the cold air, and gooseflesh rose. The woman opened her eyes. Where was I?

The strange pain between the legs made Wen Sara slightly frowned. So strange, was this a hotel? This was the room that Alice booked for her?

Sara only remembered drinking a cocktail that was handed over by the Alice... The memory behind it was very vague... I only remembered that it was very hot, she felt hot and she was holding a man...

A man? Her face changed a lot, and she sat up fiercely, sore all over as if she was smashed by a tank.

Sara looked at her body, and could not help being dumbfounded. Bruises spread all over her skin shockingly.

Her face was completely white. She couldn't believe it. Her lips were trembling and her tears rolled down. God, what happened?

Last night, she was initially to find her fiance Allen to seek peace. They had been awkward for more than half a month, and she could not hold on any longer.

She loved Allen very much!

Two people were the children of celebrities in the city. They had known each other since childhood, and they had a good time. They started their relationship when they were in college. When they were juniors they got engaged. They were waiting for their marriage after they graduated.

Something had happened recently. The two people were unhappy. After a long time in the cold war, she had long regretted it. She came to the masquerade under the advice of her girlfriend.

Because Allen was the initiator and organizer of the masquerade, as the only son of his family, he would attend!

Her head was blank, she kept shaking, she didn't understand people, and she knew what happened last night.

did not! no no!

She turned around and saw the check, one million? this was……

If the heavy hammer slammed his head, the front of him burst into black and completely collapsed.

She shook her hands and put on her clothes, took a mask and took it in her hand. She stumbled and rushed out. She was completely chaotic, and her heart was floating, cold and cold.

Her heart was mourning, she was swaying, and she lost her direction. After several laps wandering, she found the elevator for the exit.

A group of reporters to show up from nowhere. She was surrounded by a long gun and a shotgun. The flashing lights flashed, and her confounded look was photographed.

As a shell—like question, one by one, "Sara, I heard that you opened a room with someone last night, who was that man?"

"Sara, you have always shown the image of a prostitute, the public image was perfect, I did not expect you to be such a person."

"Sara, you were a fiance, how can you have relationships with two men? Have you ever thought about the feelings of Allen?"

"Allen was so good, why wouldn't you feel contented with him ?"

Some people directly said, "You bitch, You had not been well educated."

"How many times have you been stealing men? was the feeling of stealing men particularly exciting?"

The ugly words were endless. For example, a thousand hundred arrows were thorny to Sara's heart, and blood was dripping. She shook her head desperately. "I didn't, no."

She was not well—dressed, her hair was scattered, her cheeks still have a blush after the joy, and it falls into the eyes of others, which was a ghostly mixed look.

A female reporter rushed over and skillfully picked up the collar of Sara, revealing traces of streaks.

There was a burst of boiling in the room, and everyone was excited and excited, like chicken blood.

"You didn't steal people? What was this?"

The flash slammed, and Sara was ashamed and shy, holding his face and screaming. "Don't take pictures, don't shoot."