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Honey, I Caught You

Honey, I Caught You



  Being drugged by a bastard man and her sister,she climbed to his bed. It was said he was ugly and ruthless,unfaithful but gentle, while she discovered that all of these was wrong…
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Night. Silence akin to death. A storm was brewing under the low pressure of the dark clouds.

Soon, the rain beat on the windows, seems to break them open and enter.

Selina slowly opened her heavy eyelids. It felt like all the bones in her body had been broken, and she rubbed her aching temples.

"Where is this place?" she glanced around with a dazed look in her eyes. Everything is strange.

She kept thinking back to what happened before. She accompanied her half—sister, Jennie Roberts, went shopping and tried a wedding dress. In the wedding shop, she drunk a cup of water that the waiter passed to her … She could no longer remember what happened after that. When she woke up, she was already here.

What greeted her was a torn skirt, quietly lying on the ground. Beside her was a man's shirt, as well as a tailored suit, jacket, and pants. This scene woke her up.

Just as she was about to flee in panic, her wrist was tightly clamped by a powerful force.

"Let me go!" Each word was sharper and colder. The discomfort she felt from her entire body made her understand that everything bad she can imagine happened.

She bit her lips tightly. She only wanted to go home, to escape from here. She had a beloved boyfriend, and they were about to get engaged. But now, she was l naked in bed with an unfamiliar man.

Grief, shame, heartache … All sorts of emotions intertwined together, turning into scalding hot tears that flowed out from her eyes. Even though her lips were bitten through, she didn't feel any pain.

"Let you go? You took the initiative to sleep with me. Now you're awake, you don't want to admit? This young man does not like the idea of capturing others. " Samuel said in a cold voice, and the surrounding air started to freeze.

Selina kept her head down, her free hand clutching the quilt over her body. She had never wanted to do this, nor did she ever want to play any tricks.

"Let me go, I don't know you. I want to go home!" Selina's voice was even colder, and her voice was firm. The wrist that she was controlling continuously struggled free, but it was a pity that she was trying to hit him.

The dim light made the man look even more mysterious. Facing the weak light, his face was clearly defined, her short hair lazily resting on her forehead. Her phoenix eyes were narrowed with a dangerous aura, and Selina couldn't help but shiver.

She turned around and was about to run out of the bed when she was seized by the man's large hands and thrown back into his arms.

"Let me go, you bastard! Let me go!" Nervousness, fear, and panic filled her entire brain. If she could escape from his control, even if she had to jump out of the window, she had to escape as soon as possible.

"You still want to run away?" With a light sound, he pressed his entire body against hers, causing her to be unable to move.

"For the sake of not marr me, Jennie Roberts really did a lot of effort." The man snorted coldly, forcing her to look him in the eye.

Rumour said that the new CEO of FM Group, Samuel Green, was an extremely ugly man. His left cheek was born with a black birthmark, and his right face was burned from a young age.

Selina looked at the man's handsome face. How was this a horrible, ugly appearance? He was so handsome that even the gods would be angry at him for being unreasonable. Was this Samuel Green who had never shown up in the legends? Ever since she was young, Jennie Roberts had been engaged to be married to Samuel?

"Let me go." Selina was once again shocked. She and her brother—in—law had slept together, and all of this was planned by Jennie Roberts.

The reason why Jennie Roberts suddenly expressed goodwill during the day was to arrange for the events of the night. There was a group of reporters outside the door waiting for her, and then they would take photos of her miserably caught in bed. Through this way, Jennie Roberts would be able to fulfill her wish of not marr Samuel Greenand get rid of the thorn in her heart, allowing her to spend the rest of her life with an ugly man without getting a divorce.

"Let me go. I say it the last time. Let me go, or I'll kill you someday!" Selina's eyes flashed with viciousness. She could not allow herself to be caught in the act. Even if it was now, she was no longer worthy to be the wife of Henry. She did not want him to know about this through the media.

"Heh, how can you kill me?" Samuel snorted disdainfully.

A stupid woman who was drugged on his bed actually dared to talk like that. He wanted to see how this stupid woman would make him die.

"You forced me, you bastard." Selina frowned and let out a cold sound. However, she moved her feet faster than the sound. Her curled up legs pushed off and kicked at the man's fatal areas.

Samuel pretended to groan in pain, and as if electrocuted, he loosened his grip on her hand and sat motionless on the bed.

Selina ran faster like a rabbit. Picking up his pants and shirt, she put them on and left in a hurry. When the door opened a crack, she stuck her head out and looked outside.

"Heh, it's even a little wild cat. Such a ruthless kick." Samuel said in a cold voice as she laid on her bed. She could forget about escaping from her palms. Next time, he would let her have a taste of what it meant to have a life worse than death.

After escaping through the door of the suite, Selina didn't escape through the hotel door. She had just run out when she was caught by Jennie Roberts.

"Selina, what did you do? You're about to get engaged, how can you come to a hotel and do such a dirty thing? You are the young Miss. Robertsof the Roberts Family, how could you be so shameless as to call yourself a young miss? "

"Miss. Roberts, who is the wild man that matched up with you in the hotel?"

"Miss. Roberts, are you trying to get close to Samuel Green Lu because of the Luis Family's money? Now that something like this has happened, would you take the initiative to end the engagement? "

"Selina, how could you and your brother—in—law do such a thing in a hotel? You, wuu, how can you be unworthy of me if you do this? " Jennie Roberts broke the news.

The reporter grew even more crazed as he questioned, "Miss. Roberts, it's rumored that Mr. Green's face is abnormally terrif. Is that true?"

"Miss. Roberts, are these all your methods to climb up to become a noble? Did you plan all this yourself? "

Selina lifted her hand to knock down the camera of the nearby reporter and pushed Jennie Roberts, who was pulling her along, into the crowd. She took advantage of the chaos to back out and stopped a taxi to return home.

Now, she didn't want to break off the engagement anymore.

Even if she was not caught by the reporters, she would not have the face to face with the man she loved. Seven years of love had ended up in her hands.

"Hur hur." Selina laughed coldly at herself. She could only blame herself for not having expected Jennie Roberts's viciousness. She dared not break the engagement, so she sent herself to his bed. She brought the reporters to the entrance of the hotel and raped him, pouring all the dirty water on herself.