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The Robbed Wife

The Robbed Wife



  "The bride is changing, I want to marry her!" Ben was at his cousin's wedding, but the groom called him by name on the spot. She fought to the death, but he forced her to kiss him. Why did Chi Tianye, a decisive businessman, need to use such a method to get a woman? However, three years ago, this girl had already lived in his heart. She had gotten her marriage certificate, and he couldn't wait any longer as he seized her body and mind. Zuo Xiao Qiu, if you dare to run, I'll kill you on the spot! " They thought that he was joking, but in the end... Zuo Xiaoqiu's cheeks streamed with tears. This beast was simply insane!
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Damn it, Zuo Xiao Qiu admitted, this time she made a big trouble, it was clearly her cousin's wedding, but it had all become hers.

Looking at the groom holding her by the wrist, she felt a layer of cold sweat on her back.

The man in front of her had a cold and harsh look in his eyes, his entire body was stretched taut and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked at her as if wanting to eat her whole, "Zuo Xiao Qiu!"

She instinctively took a step back, but he held her wrist tightly and pulled her close. "You still want to escape?"

Who knew that he was the one my cousin was going to marry? If she knew, she wouldn't have come to her wedding.

"The bride is changing, I want to marry her!" Chi Tian Ye's eyes were fierce, his voice was cold as he announced word by word. He fiercely stared at the person in front of him, as though he wanted to flay her skin.

Everyone on the scene sucked in a breath of cold air as they broke into a flurry of discussion. Her cousin was so angry that she rushed over and pointed at them. "You guys, you guys actually …"

"Someone …" Chi Tian Ye's eyes swept across the place and it became quiet.

Without waiting for his cousin to finish speaking, two bodyguards rushed forward and dragged the bride away.

"Chi Tian Ye, you can't be irresponsible. The person you want to marry is me, you can't treat me like this …"

"Yes sir!" Zuo Xiao Qiu suddenly realised, this was his cousin's wedding, she could not steal the groom's hand: "You should be marrying my cousin, not me, so you have to calm down, I will not marry you …"

She began to struggle. Chi Tian Ye reached out and lifted her up, then walked towards the main platform.

"Let go of me, you bastard, Chi Tian Ye, you're not human, let go of me …"

The scene was in chaos once again, who dared to curse Chi Tian Ye?

Even the Chen family who had been temporarily swapped for a bride did not dare to be this impudent. Who was this woman?

Everyone looked nervously at the man who turned his hand into a cloud and turned his hand into a rain, afraid that he would explode in anger and implicate the innocent.

The matriarch was still in a daze as she looked at the scene before her.

Chi Tian Ye placed Zuo Xiao Qiu by her side, and extended her hand to pull her, as though he was afraid that she would run away. She stared at her, and said to her mistress: "Speak!"

The matriarch took a step back in fear, swallowed her saliva, and said with a trembling voice, "Alright! That. Late … "Too late …"

"I'm willing..." Chi Tian Ye didn't wait for him to finish speaking and directly replied: "I'm willing to marry Zuo Xiao Qiu! "It's your turn. Are you willing to marry me?"

"I don't want to!" Zuo Xiao Qiu answered affirmatively, but in the next moment his mouth was stuffed shut.

His body was hot and dry, his arms powerful. He held her in his arms, and his kiss was domineering. He attacked until she could no longer breathe, and her legs were weak.

Chi Tian Ye released the person in her arms, and seeing her flushed face, he couldn't help but announce in a loud voice: "She said she was willing!"

The people in the audience were shocked again. Who was this woman? He actually made the famous Chi Tian Ye use such an unreasonable method to force her to marry him?

Chi Tian Ye, a prodigy in the business world, used only three years to expand Chi Family's industry by a hundred times, and from being one of the most outstanding people in the whole country, he became one of the top three in the world.

If it was just his ability in the business world alone, his abilities weren't considered terrifying. The scariest thing was that he still had some kind of strange connection with the dark night organization, which killed people without blinking. Some people had once made bold guesses that he was the leader of the dark night, and some people even said that he was even more powerful than the boss, a mysterious figure that could influence the life and death of the dark night.

How many women were fighting to marry such a man? Why would he use such a method in front of so many people?

Chi Tian Ye carried her and strode out, leaving behind the sounds of discussions.