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Lure a Wife Home

Lure a Wife Home



  In order to save the family's interests, Jane closed her eyes and married real estate tycoon Huo Jingqing. As soon as she married her husband, she left the country. As long as he had the title of the Young Madam, he would not need to open his legs or be affected. He could easily save the family group, and he would be able to smile even if he were to sleep. Who knew, the four year engagement is about to expire, but the husband is back! Wasn't he uninterested in women? Every time he saw her, she would pounce on him like a hungry wolf! What the hell was this!? Every time, his legs would go soft and he would have to cooperate in various ways. "Damn, this landlord doesn't even have any food left!" "Your Honor, I request a divorce." "Reason?" "I …" My husband is a hungry wolf that can't be fed!
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Night time, outside Four Seasons Hotel, in the large constant temperature swimming pool.

With cool and awe—inspiring, DJ impromptu dynamic music, the colorful lights shine, making the party more passionate and full of feeling, the hot swimsuit beauty is the party's beauty line of sight.

Jian Xiao Dan was holding onto a bottle of cocktail, walking in a daze. Just as she was about to drink the wine, Yang Xin Ting, who was not far away, rushed forward quickly and snatched the cocktail from Jian Xiao Dan's hands, putting it aside.

Seeing that the wine in his hand had been stolen, Jian Xiao Dan raised his hand and shouted in a bad mood, "Come! Continue drinking! and then continue to hurt each other! "

Jian Xiao Dan was like a mad man who was drunk, her cheeks were red, her eyes were half—closed, and her face was laughing foolishly.

Seeing how drunk Jian Xiao Dan was, Yang Xin Ting facepalmed even though she was drunk. Both of her hands supported Jian Xiao Dan who was in her embrace, on the verge of collapse.

"Little Dan, I said don't drink anymore!" You've had enough tonight, whisky and champagne, and your head will be full of water! I say, do you need to? Wasn't it just a failure? It's not like we haven't tried it before, right? Did he need to get drunk like this and use his own stomach? Let's not abuse ourselves like this, and try our best to confess again and again, but still fail the next time, alright? "

Jian Xiao Dan pushed Yang Xin Ting, her face full of tears, her eyes turning red and her nose sour. In the next second, she spoke up in an aggrieved tone.

"Xin Ting, you don't understand. This is no ordinary confession failure! This is my 18th confession failure! Eighteen times! That means I've been hurt 18 times! Mengmeng's heart hurts! "

Yang Xin Ting opened her mouth, but just as she was about to say something, she was suddenly hit by a classmate behind him.

"Xin Ting, Little Dan, why are you two here? The banquet's game is starting, why aren't you guys playing together? "

Yang Xin Ting looked at Jian Xiao Dan who was no longer able to walk and rejected him: "Xiao Ya is still not going.

was extremely dissatisfied with her words. She pushed Yang Xin Ting away while holding onto Xiao Ya's hand and walked away. She was so drunk that her mind was spinning, as she pointed to the sky and spoke with great ambition.

"Why not? I just want to play! Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. The river flows eastward, I have everything you have! "

Yang Xin Ting: "..."

… ….

The party was a true adventure, and the wine bottle would go to whoever was hit.

Just after Jian Xiao Dan cut her off, the bottle was pointed at her.

Jian Xiao Dan was the unlucky one who got the honorable draw.

The student asked her: "Jian Xiao Dan, do you want to participate in the heartfelt words or an adventure?"

With another burp, Jian Xiao Dan went all out and made her decision: "It's a huge risk."

"Well, now, please kiss the first heterosexual to go down to the pool."

In a daze, Jian Xiao Dan was brought to the swimming pool by his classmate, waiting for the man to come.

One sheep, two sheep, Happy Sheep, Beautiful Sheep, Lazy Sheep...

During the process of Jian Xiao Dan counting the things she had raised, she suddenly felt the water waves from the pool stir up a large splash, Jian Xiao Dan watched as a head suddenly appeared in the pool! She even brought the upper part of her body with him!

Holy shit, eight muscles!

Water droplets slowly flowed down his muscular body. It was a seductive charm.


Jian Xiao Dan swallowed her saliva.