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Come, Missy

Come, Missy



  Song Rong was lost. She thought she died with hatred, but she never thought that the moment she opened her eyes, she had already looked back eight years. At that time, her father had just passed away, and her mother was heartbroken. Her younger brother was muddleheaded, and she had not yet gone to celebrate. She had not yet become a widow, and had not been falsely accused of not remaining chaste. In this life, she did not want to be virtuous or virtuous, nor did she want to be gentle or decent! She wanted to protect her mother and her younger brother. She also wanted to break off her engagement with that tuberculosis patient. Sigh! Stay away from me, I don't want to be a widow!
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In April, the grass grew and the birds flew, and the bees and butterflies danced wildly.

Song Rong was locked in a bamboo cage that wasn't too big. Her face was pale and her expression was expressionless.

The bamboo cage hung in the air above the water surface. She stared blankly at the ripples on the water surface, her hair stuck to her face, completely unaware of it.

Noises came from the side, "Truly shameless, to actually hook up with Second Master!"

"We should have long buried this woman in the pond!" This voice was filled with a strong hatred.

In front of these people stood a middle—aged woman with a golden hairpin and a silver amulet. Her face was cold and expressionless, and beside her was a young man with a jade crown on his face.

Song Rong was dumbstruck, like a puppet who had no consciousness, unable to sense his own situation.

"The people from Song Family are here!" Amongst the surrounding onlookers, someone shouted.

After Song Rong heard this, she reacted a little and looked out through the gap in the cage.

A group of people crowded around an elder as he walked over. The elder wore a purple—colored pear branch robe, and an inky jade crown on his head. He was dignified and steady.

He seemed to not see Song Rong in the bamboo cage, he cupped his hands towards a woman and said in a deep voice: "Madame Chu, it was this old man who was unkind to your teachings, I will compensate you for it here."

The Madame Chu glanced at the man indifferently, and said coldly: "Master Song, I have always respected your Song Family, I never thought that my daughter, who came out of your house, would actually do such a disgraceful thing!"

This Master Song, was not Song Rong's father, but was Song Rong's eldest uncle, named Song Dai.

He forced out a stiff smile to hide his embarrassment. He looked at Song Rong, and without any emotion in his eyes, he said: "I'll leave it to you guys."

Old madam Chu had been waiting for these words, now that Old Master Song had said it, how could she let Song Rong live?

Old Mistress Chu flung her sleeves and spoke in a low voice, "Then I shall make the decision to bury this person who has lost his conscience. Does Master Song have any objections?"

Song Dai hurriedly said, "Even if Madame Chu didn't say so, I would have done the same! Since she has done such a thing, living on this earth would only be shaming our families! "

When Song Rong heard this, the corner of his mouth slightly moved, and then she opened his mouth and said: "I did not."

I didn't say that, so my tone was flat. I was just emphasizing the fact that I didn't mean to beg for it. She knew, even if she had begged for mercy, Song Dai would not help her!

Song Dai looked at Song Rong, and said solemnly: "Song Rong! I have raised you for so many years, and have carefully taught you. As soon as you reached your prime, I have married you into the Chu Residence, and have done my duty to you. But who would have thought, not only did you not know how to be grateful, you even did such a foolish thing! Not only have you tarnished the reputation of our Chu and Song Families, you have also disappointed the high hopes that I had for you! "

At this moment, Old Mistress Chu spoke in an angry tone, "Release!"

"Creak." As the rope and the bamboo cage rubbed against each other, there was a constant sound. Little by little, the bamboo cage was pushed into the water and she was thrown into the pond!

The water in March was cold and clear. When it touched her skin, she couldn't help but shiver. The water entered her nose and mouth bit by bit, entering her heart and lungs.

She had originally thought that death was a painful thing, but at this moment, her mind was clear like never before.

In the end, Song Rong raised her head and looked at the furious Song Dai, and a mocking smile appeared on her face.

He said it in a very dignified manner! Raise her? Care? He just wanted her to sell it for a good price in the future! As for the favor of raising them, this had to do with the hatred they had for each other for the murder of their fathers? What could it be compared to?

In the beginning, she couldn't figure this out and just married off like that. She also muddle—headedly stayed in Chu Residence for so many years, but now, her thoughts were clear.

How could a refined person like his father, who was not interested in fame or wealth, possibly do something like selling salt? If it wasn't for this incident, his father wouldn't have been beheaded right in front of his eyes!

She would always remember that day when her father's blood splashed high into the air, and his head fell down from the stone platform. That final gaze was filled with gentleness and tenderness as he looked at her.

Song Dai was really scheming! He had made his father pay the price, and had even earned himself a good reputation of exterminating his family in the name of justice! Also, take care of mother and the two siblings.

Her father had died when she was ten years old, and her mother had hanged herself while she was watching for her father. As for her younger brother, he hadn't lived past ten years.

She had survived. When she was thirteen, she was given the title of Ghost Genius to the Chu Clan.

In palustris fructus City, he was highly respected, but Hui Ji would definitely be injured. He had been ill since young, and when he reached the age of eighteen, he would get married to a happy man, and in other words, he was Song Rong.

As soon as he entered the bridal sedan, he died. Song Rong went from a girl to a widow.

Initially, he had hoped that Song Dai could uphold justice for her and bring her back. Unexpectedly, Song Dai had directly sent a letter to his through the yamen, inviting his to stand at home as a sign of his chastity!

She had thought that her entire life would be spent in such a peaceful and quiet manner. She had never thought that today, three years later, on this day, Second Gongzi Chu would actually forcefully break into her courtyard and demand for her!

She struggled, resisted … The result, was not other people's respect, but her seduction of Chu Clan's Second Gongzi.

Second Gongzi Chu was his son. She hated him, hated him more than just Second Gongzi Chu, he hated him as well!

The Second Gongzi was frivolous, but if it wasn't for Old Madam Chu directing him from behind, how could he be so daring!

A few days ago, Old Madam Chu came to ask for her dowry in order to make up for Chu Residence's deficiency. She did not agree to it, but now that she had committed such a "heinous crime", she guessed that this dowry must belong to Chu Residence right? Furthermore, the Chu Residence could take some silver from Song Dai!

In the water, she let out a desolate smile and placed the people she hated, one by one, into her eyes. Even if she died in her heart, she would never forget it all!

In this life, she was like a doll being toyed with and being squeezed dry of her value. If she could have experienced it again, she wouldn't have been so easy to cut the fish on the chopping board.

In her life, she had been taught to have a virtuous personality and was even a bit weak. Only now did she understand that in this man—eating house, being virtuous and virtuous was the last thing she wanted!

If there was an afterlife … If there was one …