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For You to Against the World

For You to Against the World



  The trash's package could be bullied? With a stomp on the dantian of the person who tried to kill her, the Poison Demon coldly smiled and said, "Alright, the title of 'trash' belongs to you now." Since she was already here, she might as well kill him. She had never known mercy before. Your highness, fiancé of the white-clothed God? Throw! What the heck, even if you don't care about your character, you still won't accept it! A true Phoenix bloodline that was unrivalled in the world? Heh! She loved to pull out the feathers of the phoenix and watch you turn into a pheasant! The geniuses on the Wind Cloud List had gathered? Tch! They were all defeated!
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The moon was high in the sky, bright and gentle.

Gu You Li hid in a corner while wearing thin clothes and shivered. Her pair of big black eyes were also filled with fear and terror, even the slightest noise would cause her to tremble.

"Big Brother Qing Chen, you must come." Gu You Li silently recited this in her heart.

Gu You Li's eyes enlarged, she did not even have the time to scream.


The whip swung over like a strong wind, and a burning pain filled his entire body.

Gu You Li lay on the ground and dodged repeatedly, but unfortunately, the whip still landed on her body even more harshly.

Gu Bing Lan's eyes carried a raging sense of pleasure as she gritted her teeth and said, "You are really humiliating our Gu family! "Trash!"

In the Star Continent, if one was unable to cultivate, he would be considered trash. Unfortunately, Gu You Li was that person.

The lady's voice was clear and melodious, her delicate facial features naturally charming. It was a pity that she had such a good set of skin, but inside her body, there was only a dirty heart.

"Gu You Li, you're not looking at yourself properly either! And you actually thought of enticing Big Brother Qing Chen to elope with you! You piece of trash who can't cultivate, what qualifications do you have to take over Big Brother Qing Chen! "You bitch!"

When Gu Bing Lan thought about this, the fury in her heart burned even hotter. Why did the number one trash of the Shengjing, actually get married to Big Brother Qing Chen?

"You think that Big Brother Qing Chen will marry you with this appearance? "In your dreams!"

The whip arrived like a shadow and struck Gu You Li's body, from beginning to end.

"You actually dare to dodge?" Gu Bing Lan was extremely angry, and she increased the power of her whip.

Dark red blood flowed out from the wound, gradually soaking her clothes. The young girl's eyes were filled with tears, she choked back her sobs, and she started to cringe like an ostrich, "Gu Bing Lan, am I still your big sister?

As if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, Gu Bing Lan laughed out loud, "Elder sister? I don't have a useless sister like you? "

"You're the shame of my Gu family, you're still delusional enough to call me elder sister!"

"Gu You Li, do you not want to know how I found out that you were here?" Gu Bing Lan lifted his lower jaw, swung his whip, and said proudly.

Gu You Li who had curled up into a ball stiffened, she immediately raised her head and asked with a hoarse voice, "You … Why … "How do you know?"

She and Big Brother Qing Chen had made an agreement that they would wait here for Big Brother Qing Chen to bring her away from this place. At that time, no one would bully her anymore.

Gu Bing Lan laughed even more, "What do you think!"

Gu You Li's gaze grew tense.

"Yeah, he was the one who told me that. Do you think Big Brother Qing Chen went out of the city to prepare some food? What a joke, he went to pick up Big Sister Ling Mu. As for you …"

Gu Bing Lan frowned, "Of course big brother Qing Chen is the one who told me!"

"Call me to finish you off, Sister Ling Mu is about to come back, he doesn't want you to get in the way!"

"Big Brother Qing Chen has already said that he would cancel the engagement with you. The person he truly loves is Big Sister Ling Mu!"

Cancel the engagement!

I don't want you in the way!

With that sentence, the last hope in Gu You Li's heart was shattered as well.


Gu You Li just could not cultivate, and was not an idiot. Gu Bing Lan's appearance here was a good proof of what she had said … Her beloved Big Brother Qing Chen! She wanted to kill her!

Tears fell from his eyes, then he closed his eyes in despair. His sorrow was greater than his heart, and not only did he feel pain on his body, but he also felt it.

Gu You Li was a joke.

"Hey, trash, are you going to die just like that?" Gu Bing Lan was a little surprised, she immediately walked forward and took a sniff.

"He's really dead." Gu Bing Lan shrugged her shoulders, looking at her with incomparable disgust and disdain, "As expected of a trash, she died after a few blows, and it's also good for me to go back and explain things to Big Brother Qing Chen."

With that, he turned and left.

A hand suddenly grabbed her ankle, the strength behind it was terrifying.

Gu Bing Lan's heart skipped a beat and she suddenly lowered her head, meeting the pair of sharp eyes.

The people who had died earlier were now staring at her with their eyes wide open.


"Slut!" You actually faked your death! "

She picked up the whip and swung it fiercely.

With a light grasp, the bloody hand loosened her ankle and the whip she threw out was firmly held in that person's hand.

"Slut!" Gu Bing Lan clenched her teeth as she watched Gu You Li slowly stand up. She felt that this person seemed to have changed, but she looked even more hateful!


How dare he call himself a bitch?

It was almost an instinctive urge. Gu You Li's finger was cold, her eyes revealed a cold light, she rushed towards Gu Bing Lan's body!


Gu Bing Lan was careless for a moment, and actually fell to the ground due to Gu You Li's attack.


Damn it!

"Trash, you actually dared to hit me." Gu Bing Lan screamed, her expression warped.

Damn you, Gu You Li!

She, a trash that everyone hated, actually dared to hit him!

"He already fought, what is there to be afraid of!" Gu You Li laughed charmingly, it was extremely cold.

That's right, this body had already been replaced.

The pitiful Gu You Li didn't have the ability to retaliate at all, she was already killed by Gu Bing Lan's whip rain.

From the 21st century, this was a terrifying secret service personnel, codenamed Du Yao!

Looking at the trembling Gu Bing Lan, she said softly, "You call others trash all day, you fool, you slut, how can your cultivation not be high enough?"

With that, he pulled on the whip, his hands turned into sharp blades, fiercely striking towards Gu Bing Lan's body.

Ka—cha! *

Crack! Crack!


Gu You Li's figure flashed like lightning, her attacks were unpredictable as well, and miserable screams echoed. Gu Bing Lan was beaten until she knelt on the ground.

The joints of his legs had been broken, and his originally aloof demeanor had been worn out quite a bit.

It was just that the hatred in those eyes was about to materialize.

Gu You Li looked at her in amusement, and casually took her whip, twirled it a few times, and asked, "Did you do good deeds on me?"

Gu Bing Lan shouted hysterically, "Gu You Li, you slut! Trash! You actually dared to hit me! "

As if he couldn't accept this situation, Gu Bing Lan ignored the injuries on his body and forced himself to stand up, wanting to continue teaching her a lesson.

The whip fiercely lashed towards her knees, causing Gu Bing Lan to kneel again.

"So what if I hit you?"


"Get up and hit me if you can't accept it!"


"You're blaming me for telling you to fight back?"


"Gu You Li!" Gu Bing Lan was so angry that her eyes turned white, and her teeth chattered loudly, "Gu You Li!" Unexpectedly... She actually dared to humiliate her like this. If it wasn't for the pain in her body, Gu Bing Lan would have already fainted several times from Gu You Li's anger.

"Pah!" The whip struck her face again. Gu Bing Lan groaned.

"What are you shouting for? You're so naughty!"

"Gu You Li! You want to die, you … " Pain! This was the only feeling that Gu Bing Lan had now, and it was the feeling of how arrogant and despotic she was in the past as she continued to curse at Gu You Li.


Before Gu Bing Lan could finish her curse, the whip suddenly came down.

Gu You Li's face was filled with impatience as she looked at the reckless Gu Bing Lan contemptuously, "Do you know that you're very noisy!"