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A Love Game

A Love Game



  Who was Gu Qiuyan? A thousand year old zongzi, sometimes lovely, sometimes skipping, sometimes mischievous... Who was Feng Jiu? The Ice Mountain King was one of them. Sometimes it would rise up cold, sometimes it would be ruthless, sometimes it would be gentle like water... When two people like this met, the family situation hatred, love and hate entanglement, intertwined together, in this game, where should her feelings go? This marriage was forced by her. On the day of the marriage, she was forced to come personally and ask for marriage. This marriage could be considered to be a scam. On the day of the wedding, although he fainted due to injuries, the truth was that there was a gap in his heart even though he seemed to be forced into a corner.
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"Murder!" Just as Gu Qiu Yan woke up, she heard someone shouting by his ear. What was going on? Subconsciously, she opened her eyes, revealing her clear and cold eyes. Someone had dared to kill someone in front of her! Was he tired of living?

Gu Qiu Yan, the most outstanding surgeon in the twenty—first century.

Of course, she also had another identity, before the age of twenty, she was a member of a mercenary group.

The biggest drawback was that he was nosy. Because of this reason, he was expelled from the mercenary group, and because of this, he was sent to heaven by the Big Boss Black that he had just saved.

Now, hearing the piercing shriek in her ears, she immediately opened the small window and looked out.

But what kind of scene was that? The people outside were all dressed in ancient clothing. Due to the shout just now, the streets were now in a mess. It was extremely unsightly.

The nerves were fuzzy for a moment. What was this?

At this moment, intense pain came from his chest. She looked at herself and saw a dagger sticking out of it.

The next second, she pulled her out without any hesitation. It was an inch away from her heart. If she continued to place the dagger in it, it wouldn't be long before she lost too much blood and died.

As a doctor, she was very clear that if it wasn't for the slight deviation in the direction of the wound, she would have died without a doubt.

The thick smell of blood filled the air. She opened the window again and looked outside.

The previously bustling street was now devoid of a single person. Perhaps the outside fighting was not a lively one, but a one—sided massacre.

Those who died were all sedan bearers!

Gu Qiu Yan felt that the scene in front of him was a little strange. Had she transmigrated? She had crossed over!

The man in black had been watching her as she was lost in thought.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed up and chopped at her neck with a steel knife. She watched his movements and frowned. So rude! Do you think this is killing chickens?

She quickly dodged behind the palanquin, dodging the fatal blow. No matter what the current situation was, since she was still alive, he couldn't allow himself to be ambushed! He would first overcome the crisis before him.

As for Big Boss Black's previous account, it was purely an accident. After she settled this matter, she would deal with him!

When the black—clothed man saw that she had easily avoided his hand, an expression of surprise flashed across his eyes. They had originally thought that this woman was dead, but she stuck her head out. If they didn't kill her, how would they be able to report back?

With that thought in mind, he followed up with another slash.

Courting death! Gu Qiu Yan was filled with hatred, she immediately switched the dagger to his left hand, and used his right hand to grab the man's arm. That was fast and accurate.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The man in black couldn't help but let out a blood—curdling screech.

His voice attracted a lot of people's attention. Looking at the miserable state his companion was in, they were all astonished. Could it be that there was someone else in the sedan?

But, very quickly, Gu Qiu Yan revealed the answer to that question, and she took the initiative to push open the door.

There was no other way! She was too passive in the palanquin. She could cripple one, but not the second, third, and fourth.

Everyone was stunned as they looked at this woman in astonishment. She wore a phoenix coronet and ceremonial robes. Her body was not the slightest bit disarrayed. Even the wounds on her body looked quite light because of the wedding dress.

At least, these men in black did not notice anything amiss. But didn't they receive the news that the wedding lady had personally placed the dagger into her body and watched her die? All they had to do was slaughter these sedan bearers, that was all.

"You all want to kill me?" Gu Qiu Yan said word by word, as she threw the severed hand in his hand to the ground.

No one said anything. Because of this assassination attempt, the spectators on the street had all hidden themselves. Hearing her speak, one of the three year olds immediately began to cry.

Everyone was shocked because of the fiendish aura hidden within the woman's words. Didn't the rumors say that the eldest young miss of the Gu household could not speak?

Now, hell.

The black clothed man did not reply, but was intimidated by her aura. No one dared to go forward!

Everyone was trembling with fear. You look at me, I look at you. Yet no one could give him an answer!

Gu Qiu Yan laughed, that smile was cold and strange.

What did they mean by not answering? Kill her or not kill her. However, she didn't seem to need their answer. The next second, they didn't even see how she had moved, as if she had just spun a few times on the spot, and then one of their companions' heads fell off.

The first time she was ambushed and lost her life, she promised that she would be extremely careful and not let this happen again. Gu Qiu Yan's movements were fast and clean, it was as if he was cutting wheat!

After she took the lead, everyone reacted. They didn't understand what kind of killing technique was this! Besides, didn't the rumors say that the eldest young miss of the Gu household was a loser?

Now, hell.

Forget it! Now was not the time to think about such things. Their goal was to kill her. No matter where she had gotten her kung fu from, she would definitely die today.

Thinking of this, a group of people swarmed forward.

Gu Qiu Yan carelessly glanced at them, and calmly counted. "One, two, three … Just with the few of you, if you want to kill me, you're not qualified! "

She arranged the black—clothed men into a sequence, and then quickly made her move. She surrounded each of them to kill the other, and she surrounded two to kill the other two. The daggers in her hands seemed to have a life of their own! Quickly reaping the lives of those people.

Very quickly, all the men in black who wanted to kill her fell to the ground.

Indeed, just as she had said, these people were not qualified enough to kill her.

Gu Qiu Yan had never thought of leaving anyone alive. Given that she did not even know what was happening, leaving a person alive, wasn't that just courting death?

What was strange was that even though she had killed so many people, her clothes didn't move the slightest bit. One could imagine how good her martial arts were.

This woman was truly terrifying!

Only now did Gu Qiu Yan seem to realize that her actions were a bit too straightforward, and she didn't even bother to ask the mastermind. However, it didn't seem necessary! Anyway, she didn't know anyone. Since that was the case, what was she supposed to do with those useless things?

"Are there any more gasps?" Gu Qiu Yan kicked the corpse on the floor and said casually. It did not match with the way the evil woman had acted just now.

No one on the street dared to come out.

Gu Qiu Yan frowned in dissatisfaction, she could clearly feel that there were many other living beings around, what did they mean by their silence! Her voice turned even deeper, "I'll count to three, all of you come out! Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite. "