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Another Life

Another Life



  He was the dignified president of a country. His hands were ruthless, his power was monstrous, and he was cold-blooded and ruthless! A deal, an accident. She was pregnant with his child! "From then on, someone began to take pride in his son!" "Mr. President, your son is hungry. Go cook." "Mr. President, your son is hot. Please turn off the air conditioner." "Mr. President, your son misses men. Please..." The man was angered. "Miss Xia, are you going to eat my clothes or sleep with me? How dare you think about other men after getting pregnant with me?" He doted on her to the heavens and loved her to the core. He thought that he was the happiest woman in the world, but after giving birth to a child, who was the one who cruelly erased all of her memories and started a new life …
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President Mountain's private villa.

Xia Sang took a deep breath, barely able to calm herself down, and followed the butler into the President residence that all the people in Country A were looking forward to.

Honourable President, who was only 30 years old, Huo Zhao, a model of a celebrity who possessed monstrous power and looks, was able to pick out 108 different styles of perfection, serious mysophobia, temperamental, and true tyrant from women.

I heard that this year, another woman has suffered.

The newly promoted international film empress, a beauty Bu who was ranked as one of the top four thousand years, had lost all her face because she took the initiative to seduce the Honourable President. The most elegant and dignified little princess of the three generations of the Yu Family was slapped back to the outside world by the Honourable President as a show of delicacy. The Golden Goddess of England's daughter, the Chinese Supermodel 24k, floated across the ocean. She was immediately scared and cried by the Honourable President's eyes …

And now, Xia Sang was on the road to disaster.

"Sir, Miss Xia has arrived."

The butler brought Xia Sang into the room, bowed and left quietly. In the huge room, there were only two people left.

The 186cm man stood barefoot on the pure beige carpet in front of the French window. His long, bony fingers tapped on the edge of the window with the jade pipe, and then he slowly turned around.

The edge of his skin was almost transparent due to the sunlight, his skin was as white as jade and exquisite, as if it was meticulously carved. A pair of long and narrow eagle eyes reflected an icy coldness that was hard to melt.

Xia Sang's finger curled as she tugged at the conservative white dress on her body, pursed her lips and said softly: "Good morning, Mr. President."

Huo Zhao's originally wandering gaze paused, he casually placed his pipe aside: "Come over."

Xia Sang was a little confused by her bland tone, but still obediently walked over. Seeing her hesitation, Huo Zhao slightly frowned and walked over with her long legs, forcing the woman, who had walked to the edge of the carpet, to the side of the desk.

"Hiss …" Surprised by the man's sudden coercion, Xia Sang, who had subconsciously dodged to the side, felt a pain in his waist. Leaning on the table beside Boss Mu, the man had confined him in a small space.

"Young mistress of the Xia family." With the sound of it rising, Xia Sang suddenly raised her head to look at Huo Zhao's handsome face. Instantly, he felt the rage of a mouse being played by a cat, as she bit her lower lip and swallowed his anger: "My name is Xia Sang."

If not for being forced into a corner, Xia Sang would never have appeared in this damned President Mountain.

Huo Zhao's ice—cold gaze froze on Xia Sang's pair of eyes, which had been tainted with extremely vivid anger. His heart slightly moved, and his palm had already covered the faint amber color under the sunlight: "Too short, ugly looking, depressed …"

Xia Sang grinded her teeth, she had already grumbled in her heart countless of times about the people in front of him. Since she was in a difficult situation and wanted to throw her out, she definitely did not crawl out on her own accord!


Xia Sang felt a chill on her body, and suddenly opened her feline eyes wide, staring at the half of the white cloth in Huo Zhao's hands in shock. His hands quickly covered her trembling lips and she cried out: "You, why did you tear my skirt?"

The sky spun and Huo Zhao was thrown onto the couch by the window. He looked down at Xia Sang who had curled up her body in panic, an undetectable interest on her lips as her hoarse and bewitching voice suddenly came close.

"Fuck you."