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Let Me Take Care of You

Let Me Take Care of You



  Married to the husband for three years, pregnancy, the result of fetal identification is: the husband and the child are not related by blood! Who was the child's father?! That day, she had a big belly and was chased out of the house by her husband's family, yet she still didn't know who the child's biological father was!? For six years, she had thought that she was going to live a life with her son, but one day, the child's father suddenly appeared! Take the mother and son duo away, then fight with her for the right to take care of them! "Before the child grew up, he lived in my house and grew up with the child." She smiled wryly. He only said that he would grow up with his child, but didn't say that he would allow her to spend the rest of her life with his child … Isn't it? Until one day, when she was faced with a family where only the child had no marriage, she ran away from home. He chased her all the way with the child, "Su Yun Wan, has the child grown up yet!" The little bun shook her head and enthusiastically answered for her: "I didn't grow up! As long as I am not older than father, I will not be considered as someone who grew up! " She: "…" The father and son colluded with each other and had a tacit understanding … Natural!
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Jiang Family's Main Courtyard.

Su Yun Wan sat in front of the window in the second floor bedroom, staring at the entrance of the courtyard below without blinking.

She had spent countless nights in this empty room, waiting for the man to return.

Sometimes, Yun Wan would constantly ask herself a question in his heart, what was it that supported her remaining faith in this marriage.

Three years had passed. As a wife, the number of times she had seen her husband could be counted on one hand!

The divorce agreement that was always in the drawer also lied there quietly for three years …

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

"Young mistress, the Madam has come to see you."

Outside, there was the voice of a servant of the Jiang Family.

Su Yun Wan got up to open the door, but she found that after maintaining this posture for a long time, her legs were numb the moment she stood up.


Su Yun Wan opened the door and greeted Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong was the mother of Yun Wan's husband and was over fifty years old.

"Yun Wan, it's already past one in the morning. Shao Yuan still hasn't returned home this late, so don't wait for him. After drinking this milk, you should go to sleep early."

During the three years he had married Jiang Shao Yuan, Yun Wan had always been living in the Jiang Family Main Courtyard.

Zhou Tong had always taken care of her and had a good relationship with her.

Su Yun Wan took the milk and thanked her. "Thank you, mother.

"Oh, Mom saw you drink the milk and sleep, so Mom went back to her room to sleep peacefully."

Zhou Tong stroked Su Yun Wan's hair and said: "Yun Wan, all these years, letting you marry into our Jiang Family has truly made you suffer. Shao Yuan is such a mischievous kid, that's why he doesn't return home at night, but he still has you in his heart."

"After he's done playing outside, he'll naturally know that it's better to have a wife like you when he gets home, so don't worry about it."

Su Yun Wan drank a glass of milk and replied with the word "En".

After all these years, wasn't this how she comforted herself?

He had waited for so many years ….

After drinking the milk, Zhou Tong watched as Su Yun Wan slept before he left.

In a daze, the milk seemed to be able to help him sleep, and not long later, Su Yun Wan was about to fall asleep.

It was just that his body was starting to heat up for no reason.

Sweat began to appear on his forehead.

"Crack, crack ~ ~"

The door opened.

A respectful voice came from outside: "total phase, she is in her room. She had just fed her milk according to your instructions, she should be asleep by now."

"Yes, all of you, stand down!"

The man's deep voice was strong and magnetic, his words were spoken in an indifferent manner, and his tone was filled with an aura of anticipation.

At this time, Su Yun Wan's thoughts were muddled, and she felt her whole body heating up!

He didn't even hear the conversation at the door, nor did he notice the man's steady steps as he approached her.

"Shao Yuan..."

Su Yun Wan only felt the man's warm hands caress her hot cheeks …

His palm felt very comfortable when it touched his skin, and there was even a thin cocoon on the middle of his thumb. As it caressed his cheek time and time again, it brought with it an electric shock akin to a gun going off fire …

Su Yun Wan opened her eyes in a daze.

Because the room was dark, the thick curtains were drawn.

It was so dark in the bedroom that he could not see the other party's face. He could only feel the other party's calm breathing within reach.

Also, he was surrounded by a faint smell of tobacco, as if his entire body was trapped in a small area below him, unable to move at all.

Yun Wan's body could not help but remain in a stalemate and tense up.


The man on top of her seemed to sense the changes in her body, and his soft, tame voice was tinged with a kind of training and allure.

In a daze, someone took off her clothes …

In a room.

… ….

A few months later.

At Jiang Family's table, this meal still only had Su Yun Wan and Jiang Family's people. Jiang Shao Yuan had not come back from the beginning to the end, and this point, had become commonplace for the past three years.

In Su Yun Wan's memory, ever since that night when 'Jiang Shao Yuan' went back home once, she had never come back.

But that night, Yun Wan's heart was still moved. She believed that Jiang Shao Yuan still remembered that his wife was at home.

"Owehhhhhhh ~ ~ ~"

Suddenly, when Su Yun Wan put a piece of Red Braised Meat into her mouth, she could not help but feel disgusted.

When the Old Mrs. Jiang saw that, he asked with concern, "What happened to Yun Wan? Isn't this braised pork tasty? "

Although Jiang Shao Yuan rarely returned to the Jiang Family, after all these years of being together with him, his relationship with the people of Jiang Family was very harmonious.

"No, nothing, Grandma …"

Su Yun Wan took a sip of the water beside him to ease her heart.

On the other hand, the Old Mrs. Jiang was very meticulous, "I saw that Yun Wan has been like this ever since we started eating. Why don't we go to the hospital and check it out? Do you think that your health is not good? "

"No need grandma, it's not a big deal. Just drink some water."

Su Yun Wan waved her hand and said.

He then saw a plate of fruits on the table. He took one of them and started eating.

The sour taste felt so good in his stomach that he didn't feel like vomiting anymore.

"I think Yun Wan is not pregnant, right?"

Zhou Tong took over and continued: "Look at how Yun Wan has been nausea and loves to eat so much, could it be that she's pregnant?"

Su Yun Wan's face reddened...

The hand holding the dates stopped eating.

Two months ago, she clearly remembered that Jiang Shao Yuan had returned in the middle of the night, and she even …

Thinking to this point, Su Yun Wan's face drooped, but she himself wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not.

Everyone thought in that direction as they looked at Su Yun Wan's blushing face.

Zhou Tong laughed: "I think Yun Wan's expression looks like it's there! How long have you been away from your relatives? "

Su Yun Wan's face became even redder when she was questioned.

He lowered his head, not daring to raise it.

When the Old Mrs. Jiang saw this, he scolded, "Hey, Zhou Tong, look at what I have to say …. With so many people at this table, this person, Yun Wan, is still a girl after all. How would I have the face to tell you this in front of so many people? "

"Mom, this is nothing. We are family, so it doesn't matter even if we say it!"

Zhou Tong said: "Anyway, if Yun Wan has Shao Yuan's child, then it would be a joyous occasion! Come, Yun Wan, tell Mom secretly, how long has it been since you came here? "

Although everyone tried to protect Yun Wan on the surface, in their hearts, they still hoped that Su Yun Wan would become pregnant with their Jiang Family's child.

"Eh …."

Su Yun Wan said softly with a flushed face, "Mom … "I haven't been here for two months …"

"Ouch!" Then you must be pregnant! "

Zhou Tong was happier than anyone else when he heard that Su Yun Wan was pregnant.

On the other hand, Old Mrs. Jiang looked at him strangely: "That's strange, Shao Yuan hasn't returned to Jiang Family in half a year, when did Yun Wan meet Shao Yuan?"