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A Love Gamble

A Love Gamble



  After the first blind date, he was dragged into the Civil Affairs Bureau and testified all night. After the marriage, he found out that he was actually the dignified Lu Family's eldest grandson and the top CEO of the Lu Corporation. She only wanted to find an ordinary man to lead a normal life. She didn't want to marry a CEO whose background was frightening! Madam, since we have already boarded a pirate ship, we can no longer continue to go down. Faced with her frustration, he smiled as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She could not help falling into his tenderness. She had thought that marriage was just a gamble, but unexpectedly, this gamble was so comforting that it made her happy.
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City B.

As he walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the man's hand never left it.

Mo Wen looked at the photos of the two of them on his marriage certificate. He still felt that it was a bit unreal, as if he was dreaming.

However, the more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became, "Mr. Lu, you aren't engaged in a second marriage, right? Or is there some hidden disease? "

With his heaven—defying looks, women would definitely flock to him like a flock of ducks.

She really couldn't understand why he was still in his early thirties and still hadn't taken a wife, and why he would even take a fancy to her. This didn't make sense at all.

Lu Chen paused for a moment, pursing his lips as he continued, "Isn't it too late to ask this question? Your name is already on my ditto—list. Do you want to be a married woman? "

This was the first time in Mo Wen's life that he had done such an incredible thing. At this moment, his entire body was tense and his brain was a mess. He was completely unable to think.

Hearing the man's reply, she nearly failed to catch her breath.

Impulse was the devil, and her brain must have burst today. She actually tried to prove things to this man she hadn't even known for a day!

However, the path he had chosen had to continue walking while kneeling.

Seemingly seeing through her worry, he said, "Madam Lu, put away those messy guesses and worries in your mind. I, your husband, won't commit domestic violence, will not engage in adultery, and I won't be married off. As for your hidden ailment, I don't mind using actual actions to prove it."

Mo Wen's face suddenly turned red. This man really knew how to act a hooligan in all seriousness!

Wait a minute.

"What did you just call me?" She thought she heard Mrs Lu.

"Mrs. Lu. Could it be … Was I wrong? " The corner of the man's mouth rose slightly.

Mo Wen coughed lightly and turned his face away silently. It was as though she was right. She already had the surname of a man.

However, this sort of formal address felt very awkward no matter how one listened to it. It would be better to just call her by name.

"Give me your cell phone."

Mo Wen knew what he was trying to do and directly handed the phone to him. He saw his long fingers quickly entering his number into her phone and then using her phone to call him.

"I have another business to discuss tonight, and will be busy in the next two to three days. When I'm done, I'll come over to pick you up and pay a visit to your family members to discuss things between us."

It was good that this matter was not mentioned, but the moment Timothy was mentioned, it immediately caused his head to hurt. She really didn't know how to explain this to her aunt and uncle, when had anyone ever married themselves out of nowhere?

They knew there would be a storm.

"I live with my aunt and uncle. They are my family. I have no other family."

Lu Chen did not ask any further and simply answered, "En."

Mo Wen let out a breath of relief. She really didn't know how to explain her messy past.

She had wanted to go back by herself, for fear of being discovered by her aunt and uncle.

However, Lu Chen insisted on sending her back. His reason was very open and aboveboard. "You're a married man now. I'll let you go home alone at night. What will other people think of me as a husband?"

Mo Wen was at a loss for words, he could not find any reason to reject.

This man's few words always hit the nail on the head, leaving her powerless to refute him. Mo Wen thought to himself in a bold and unrestrained manner, 'Will I be eaten by him in the future?'

As the car drove to an old residential area on Third Ring Road, Lu Chen frowned as he looked at the deep alley, "You walked here by yourself at night?"

Mo Wen tightened his grip on his bag, "Not really. If I work late, my uncle or cousin will come and pick me up."