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Miss and Villain

Miss and Villain



  She was a hot-blooded, dutiful little cop, and he was a mysterious, powerful Major General. "When she was trapped in the bog, he reached out and took her away while he was at it, but he actually wanted her to be responsible for everything!" "Don't tell me the little police officer became agitated? Do you understand that we have to repay the debt of love?" The man's almond-shaped eyes looked up with an evil smile. You are not a good person to rob with your own hands! " "She gritted her teeth." Then … The woman you kicked out of the house before even entering the door yesterday, what happened? " The man looked like a scoundrel.
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to be a virtuous woman?


"Little White, the criminals have escaped to the top floor. Let's begin!" A hasty voice came from the black headset.

Leaning on the stairs at the top of the stairs, Yi Bai lowered his hat's brim, a cold light flitted across his long and slender eyes. His short hair at his temples just happened to cover his black earphones, and his slender white hand pressed on his earphones as he replied with an indifferent tone: "Understood."

Yi Bai's slender figure agilely left the stairs, a black gun in his hand, excitement in his cold eyes.

This time, they were able to catch a group of young girls who were trying to kidnap and kidnap them, and they were finally able to catch them all in one fell swoop.

This was an advanced entertainment club, and there was only one VIP lounge on the top floor.

Yi Bai quickly arrived at the door of the VIP lounge, and touched the door, only to realize that the door that he had to open with his fingerprint, had actually opened a crack.

Without giving it much thought, Yi Bai slipped in and quickly closed the door.

The inside of the house was dark, Yi Bai squinted his eyes, but he did not see a single person.

As he continued to walk, he suddenly tripped over something soft.

"Ugh …"

Yi Bai staggered a bit as he lost control of his body and pounced forward.

F * * k, do you have to be so shameful!

Just as Yi Bai thought that he was about to kiss the ground, a fiery hot arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back.

The other hand quickly pulled Yi Bai's hand that was holding onto the spear. The sudden pain made the spear in Yi Bai's hand fall to the ground, and before Yi Bai could do anything, the man who had grabbed onto Yi Bai kicked the spear far away.

The man leaned in close to Yi Bai and whispered: "Finally here, so impatient? "Hmm?"

Her hoarse voice, accompanied by a fiery aura, resounded in her ears.

Yi Bai's body stiffened. After reacting, his elbow suddenly smashed onto the man who stuck closely to her from behind.

"Ugh …" The man who was hit in the stomach groaned. His voice was low and was a bit hoarse.

Yi Bai seized this opportunity to quickly break free from the man's grasp and retreated a few steps in a hurry to retrieve his spear. However, the man was the first to press his hand on her shoulder, with one hand grabbing onto her waist, he pulled her back into his embrace.

"Hiss —" The sound of clothes being torn could be heard.

Because of him instantly coming into contact with the cold air, the skin on Yi Bai's back that was not covered at all quickly became covered in goosebumps.

F * ck! Was this a trafficker or a pervert!

Yi Bai was furious. He was originally going to grab hold of the man's hand, but then he quickly turned around and nudged the man in the chest with his elbow.

The man didn't let go of her after receiving Yi Bai's attack. Instead, he pulled her closer to him. The man's voice was deep and hoarse. "Why? You just drugged me and you're already pretending to be a pure and innocent woman?"

Yi Bai, who originally even had the heart to kill the man, instantly didn't react when he heard the man's words.

What medicine? A pure and strong woman? She was a good girl for twenty—eight years!

No wonder this man's body temperature was so high. If she guessed correctly, the medicine this man was drugged with was most likely aphrodisiac.

He couldn't be thinking of me as the one who drugged him, right?

"Scram!" "You have to see who gets angry. I didn't drug you." Yi Bai pressed a hand against the man's chest, trying to pull away from the man. His voice was slightly angry.

She realized that she had probably caught the wrong person.

The man bent over and whispered into Yi Bai's ear, blowing gently, "Do you think I would believe you?"

Saying that, the man actually licked Yi Bai's pink earlobes.

This kind of intimate contact caused Yi Bai's body to quiver, and the goosebumps on his arms grew even longer.

"Bastard, let go of me!"

Yi Bai punched the man a few times, wanting to break free from his restraints so that he could leave this room that brought her a sense of danger.

But her fist felt like tickling to the man, the man's entire body was burning hot and he couldn't feel any pain at all. On the contrary, Yi Bai's attacks made him want to struggle even more.

This woman actually dared to drug him. He should have directly strangled her to death, but for some reason, this woman's contact with him made him unable to feel even the slightest hint of disgust.

However, this damned woman actually wanted to leave?

He no longer restrained his thoughts. This was an intense desire that he had never had in more than twenty years. Since he was completely hooked by this woman, she had to take responsibility for it to the end!

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

The man suddenly threw Yi Bai onto the ground. Although the floor was covered with thick fur, Yi Bai's back still felt painful from the fall.

"You damned man!"

Yi Bai ignored the pain and suddenly stood up, roaring angrily: "Are you deaf? I said I didn't … "Woo! Woo!"

The rest of the words were all cut off at the corner of his mouth.

The man leaned over and covered her thin lips.

It was just a light touch, but it created a huge wave in the hearts of the two of them.

This was the first time Yi Bai had come into such intimate contact with a man.

Relying on it! The first kiss was gone just like that!

As for the man, because of Yi Bai's soft lips, the string in his heart that was tensed up previously had completely snapped. He pressed one hand on the back of her head and the other on the ground, quickly deepening his kiss.

The long tongue went straight in, ignoring Yi Bai's resistance, the man attacked the city and plundered the ground, blindly occupying the place as if he was announcing his own land.

The man's strength was surprisingly strong, causing Yi Bai to be unable to struggle free.

The man's clothes that were already torn apart had already somewhat covered his body, yet he took the opportunity to tear apart all the clothes in front of Yi Bai once again.

His merciless actions were like a silent declaration.

Yi Bai was both embarrassed and annoyed, he bit hard on the man's lips, and in that moment, the smell of blood spread out from his mouth.

The man didn't seem to have any feelings at all, his attack instead becoming stronger, slowly eating away at Yi Bai's rationality. Even though the man's techniques were slow, it was enough to make Yi Bai retreat step by step.

"Woo woo …" Yi Bai struggled with all his might, his heart almost breaking down. He never thought that he would be so unlucky, catching a criminal would cause him to encounter a pervert!

Suddenly, Yi Bai was pushed down to the ground by the man …

With such a scene, even if Yi Bai was ignorant, he would still know what was going to happen next.

The man was on top of her and his hand quickly moved down. When he did the buttons on her pants, he did not pause for even a second and quickly undid them.

Being unable to defend the upper body was already a great humiliation to Yi Bai. He did not expect this man to be so beastly, to the point where he was not even willing to let go of her lower body!

The man leaned into Yi Bai's shoulder sock, and blew lightly at Yi Bai: "When you drugged me earlier, you should have already expected such a result. I, Fu Zi Yan, have always been one to take revenge."

The warm aura gave Yi Bai goosebumps, and an extremely peculiar feeling streaked across his heart. This was a feeling she had never experienced before.

"Let go of me, I did not drugged you, I am a police officer and I came to this house today to capture a criminal. If you let go of me now, we will settle this grudge. If you continue like this, I will fight you to the death!" Yi Bai was extremely anxious, but he still tried his best to remain calm.

… ….

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