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Spoil Me, Young Master

Spoil Me, Young Master



  It was a grand wedding venue, and also a feast for the eyes. As a guest at the wedding, she was promoted to the position of Young Mistress of the Feng family, becoming the envy of all women. She, Lin Ru, the unfavoured adopted daughter of the Lin Clan, was just a pitiful little girl who had to live under someone else's roof. And he, Feng Yu, son of the richest man in the country, was tall and handsome, with a dark and cold belly. Originally, the two of them had not interacted at all. However, due to some ulterior motive, she ended up as his wife. He originally thought that he was just a pawn for his revenge, but unexpectedly, the dignified young master Feng was actually a berserk, doting wife demon. He doted on, doted on, and loved her! Whoever dared to bully her would be making life difficult for young master Feng. All of them would be destroyed! She couldn't take it anymore and wanted to escape, but was blocked by him. She asked affectionately: "Wife, there's even a seed now, where do you think you can run to?"
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The glaring sunlight fell on the huge window, reflecting off the windows and causing the entire room to become incomparably bright.

On the bed that was three meters tall, a girl was writhing in pain. Her face was red, as if she was on fire.

The bathroom door opened and a man came out wearing a towel. He swept the girl with a cold gaze.

After that, he lazily sat on the edge of the bed like a king.

The girl seemed to have sensed the strong male hormone aura around her. Her two small white hands reached out towards the man uncontrollably.

Her consciousness was completely muddled, leaving only her instincts …

Her small hand touched the man's sturdy body, and then, she bit her lips until they were about to bleed, bringing it up to the man's thin lips.

There was no pattern, but it was passionate like fire.

The man smiled coldly. He didn't have the slightest intention of showing mercy. He pressed her down and demanded her help!

… ….

Country F, the golden autumn sunshine, extremely brilliant.

The Lin Family was about to welcome a grand celebration, and the big miss of the Lin Family, Lin Zi Meng, was going to tie the knot with the son of the richest man of the F Nation, Feng Yu, for a hundred years.

This marriage was a match worthy of admiration.

For the Lin Family, climbing onto the Feng Family would light up the family business and build a firmer foundation.

On this day, the century—old wedding ceremony was held on the most beautiful beach in F Nation.

Flowers covered the ground, fine guests filled the hall, the stars were gathering, the grand scene was unforgettable for the rest of their lives.

Feng Yu seemed to attach great importance to this marriage, spending billions to create this crystal palace just to marry his own fiancee. Such a pampering method was simply outrageous, but it was also extremely shocking.

Thousands of guests, drinking wine and talking about the century—old wedding, were waiting for the most important ceremony of the wedding to begin.

Dressing room!

Lin Si Nian carefully held out the expensive flowers for her cousin. They were made from thousands of dazzling diamonds, so even if she dropped a single one, she could not afford to pay it.

Lin Zi Meng stood in front of the mirror, accepting the services of four to five people. She was wearing a custom—made pure white wedding dress, and her exquisite makeup served to accentuate her beautiful features.

She calmly glanced at her cousin, who was counting the diamonds out of boredom, and softly warned her, "Be careful, don't lose the diamonds."

Lin Si Nian immediately stopped her senseless actions, and laughed: "Cousin, don't worry, you won't miss a single one."

"Don't be in such a hurry. After I get married, it'll be your turn." Lin Zi Meng laughed faintly.

Lin Si Nian panicked and immediately shook her head: "I don't want to get married."

"I heard grandfather say that he would arrange for you to go on a blind date with that idiot Zhou family next week." When Lin Zi Meng said this, his face was filled with a light ridicule.

Lin Si Nian tightened her grip on the flower in her hand. It can't be, Grandpa wouldn't be so ruthless as to take her to a commercial marriage.

At this time, Lin Family's walked in quickly, "Pi Meng, quickly, the auspicious time is about to arrive."

The corner of Lin Zi Meng's mouth raised in a happy smile. She stood up like a princess and grabbed the flowers in Lin Si Nian's hands.

He reached for his father's arm and slowly walked out the door.

"Why aren't you following me? Otherwise, you won't be able to snatch Fantasy." Lin Zi Meng deliberately swept his eyes across the dumbstruck Lin Si Nian and reminded her.

Lin Si Nian actually knew that Lin Zi Meng wanted to show off her superiority in front of her, and really hated how she didn't grab hold of a few of the flowers she was holding in her hands to vent her anger.

She did not understand, how could her granddaughter be inferior to her, the precious daughter of a Lin Family? Why did Lin Zi Meng dislike her everywhere?

Thinking about the news that she just said that the Grandpa was going to marry her, Lin Si Nian suddenly felt bad.