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Spoil You As You Wish

Spoil You As You Wish



  In her previous life, she had suffered the double betrayal of her loved ones. She had fallen into a mental hospital and died a horrible death. Once he was reborn, he would definitely return the "great gift" to the scum of a man and woman. Unfortunately, the other party's influence was too great, thus he lost his integrity. That. Wasn't he the coldest in the capital, looking down on women? Why was reality different! One day, she could not bear it any longer: "Don Junhe, is it over? "What are you doing..." "You already know, yet you still ask me." Tang Junhe "kindly" reminded him, "Read the last three words backwards." As for her … Do — you? Tearless, what kind of beast did she meet?!
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It was a cloudy morning in deep winter, and the cold wind outside was biting cold. The master room on the second floor had been heated up sufficiently, making Ji Ke Qin, who was sleeping, feel a little hot.

Ji Ke Qin slowly opened his eyes. Today was her birthday, and it was also the full moon of her son. Shang Guan Li had said before that he would give her a century of great surprise.

"Baby, your dad loves us so much."

Ji Ke Qin was in a good mood as she lowered her head to speak to her son who was in her arms who was just a full moon. When she saw her son in her arms, she was so quiet that she couldn't even breathe. Her heart leaped to her throat and her body collapsed. Her hands trembled slightly as she held her son.

"Baby, baby... Don't scare Mom … "

Before Ji Ke Qin could finish speaking, the door to her room was kicked open by someone. Seeing Sister Fang who had been taking care of him for so many years, like seeing her savior, she prepared to ask Sister Fang for help.

Before she could say anything, Sister Fang, who had rushed in before her, pointed to her on the bed and said to the person behind her, "Young mistress has gone crazy, she covered her own son to death."

Before Sister Fang even finished speaking, four men and two women wearing white gowns rushed in. The white gowned man's chest area was clearly marked with the words "Green Mountain Spiritual Hospital". Their expressions were cold, and they quickly approached Ji Ke Qin.

"Sister Fang, what are you saying?" Ji Ke Qin said angrily, "Baby, he … He's still alive. "

Ji Ke Qin was not in the mood to pay attention to the crowd of white clothed people who were rushing in. Her entire heart was preoccupied with her son.

Last night she hugged her soft and warm son, who was still smiling at her! Today was his full moon, how could he possibly die?

It must be the Sister Fang joking with her.

Sister Fang lowered his eyes slightly, well concealing the plan in his eyes, but her voice sounded anxious as she said: "Young Madam, you've really gone mad."

"I'm not crazy, my son was fine last night, why …" How could he die!? I've been sleeping with him all night. It can't have happened. " Ji Ke Qin shouted at the people at the door with all her might so that she wouldn't hurt her child. She hugged her son tightly in her arms.

"The young madam admitted it. She was the one who had been with the young master the whole time last night. She was the one who killed the young master." Sister Fang completely ignored what Ji Ke Qin had said. As if she was completing a mission, she said everything that the Second Miss had said and never gave Ji Ke Qin a chance to speak again. She spoke to the man and woman in white, her eyes sharp.

At this time, Sister Fang directly said that she wanted to cure Ji Ke Qin's illness and completely recognized Ji Ke Qin as a mental patient.

Receiving Sister Fang's order, the doctors and nurses immediately walked towards Ji Ke Qin.

"Young Lady Shangguan, sorry for offending you."

In the face of four men and two women, the frail Ji Ke Qin was simply not a match. Even as she struggled at first, her son was easily taken from her. She tried to grasp him, but her fingertips could only touch his cold little hand.

"Ah... "Give me back my son..." Ji Ke Qin looked on helplessly as her son was carried away from her arms. At this moment, she, whose hair was disheveled, also looked like she was crazy, wanting to snatch her son back.

Behind her, the doctor had cut off her hands and pinned her down on the bed, unable to move. She struggled until her face and neck were red, but she couldn't utter a word. She could only watch as the doctor handed her son, who looked like a sleeping child, to the nurse.

The doctor looked at Ji Ke Qin's resentful eyes and didn't care at all. He only glanced at her once before expressionlessly turning to the nurse at the other side and saying, "The patient's mood is extremely unstable. Give her the calming medicine."


"Don't..." Ji Ke Qin wanted to shout loudly and not give her an injection, but she couldn't even hear the sound herself clearly. Her chest was being held down and even her breathing was coming out with waves of pain. She could not even struggle as she watched the needle slowly pierce into her arm.

The needle was painful, and slowly her whole body went limp. The doctor who had been holding her down saw that she no longer had the strength to struggle, so he slowly let her go.

Ji Ke Qin knew that she was powerless to resist. Thinking of her own husband, she thought that she would make a loud noise, but her voice sounded like an injured cat meowing.

"Elder sister, are you looking for a brother—in—law?" A crisp and sweet voice came from the door.

When Ji Ke Qin heard his sister's voice, she was ecstatic. If his sister came, she would be saved. She struggled to lift her head and look at the door, only to see his sister smiling sweetly. She was wearing her usual big red dress, and was holding her husband's arm as they slowly walked towards her.

"You all..." Ji Ke Qin stared at them in disbelief.