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Abuse of heart, A deep love

Abuse of heart, A deep love



  He was the domineering, domineering president of the empire with a hundred billion worth of wealth. He was also a resolute and resolute colonel of the army. His wrist was ruthless, and he could cover the sky with one hand. You dare to pick me up? "You have to endure the pain. This is the price for angering me!" In order to save a three-year-old baby, she was wantonly abused by him. She was looked upon as a tyrannical and deeply beloved by her wife, the Berserk Demon. It was rumored that he loved her to the bones and doted on her to the heavens. "Land-based school, do you have enough?" It had only been seven days! Who said just now, don't let go of your love? " The man smiled charmingly as he charged forward. After that, the woman held onto her waist, tears of grievance streaming down her face. It was not only seven days; it was also a day and night battle. Until two men of the same appearance, holding a cute baby in one hand and letting her make a choice, she was stunned …
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In the long corridor, a woman wearing a long red dress held a thin cigarette. She glanced at the bright light in the room and tugged her red lips.

"Hurry up, I don't have much time left!"

"Yes, we will make our move now. We will definitely satisfy you."


The woman held a cigarette in one hand as she breathed out clouds and clouds. In her blurry vision, she looked at the smooth body of the operating table. The doctor was using a sharp scalpel to cut open her round abdomen.


The wail of a newborn baby could be heard.

The woman in the red dress threw the half—burnt cigarette in her hand onto the ground and walked quickly with a happy expression.

"Is it a baby boy?"

"It's a baby boy!"

"Alright!" The woman in the red dress gave the nurse a look. "Do you know what to do now?"

"Yes, madam, you can rest assured."

The nurse immediately carried away the baby boy, who was still crying.

The woman in the red dress smiled and reached out her hand to stroke the woman who was unconscious on the operating table. Her face was covered with sweat and was being sewn up.

"Thank you, Chi Mo Ge! I will come to you soon. And the baby! "


… ….

"NO!" "Don't take away my baby, the baby is mine …"

"Mommy! You have nightmares again? "

The little bun's meaty hands held a few tissues as he wiped the tears off Chi Mo Ge's face.

Chi Mo Ge suddenly opened her eyes, seeing the familiar, pink little face, nervously hugging him in her embrace.

"Hao Xuan!"

"Mommy, don't cry. Mommy, don't be afraid. Hao Xuan will protect Mommy well."

Chi Mo Ge hugged the fat baby, her eyes blurry as she saw the open curtains. The sunlight in the sky was both bright and glaring.

She let out a long sigh of relief. It was a good thing that it was just a nightmare, but she had been stuck in this nightmare for five years already.

If it weren't for the fact that her baby was truly by her side, she would have thought that her baby had been taken away by the woman in the red dress because that dream was too real.

"Mommy, have you forgotten what day it is?" The little bun saw that Chi Mo Ge was in a daze, and her cheeks were puffed up, looking very round and cute.

Chi Mo Ge couldn't help but kiss him on the cheek, "What day is it?" She suddenly thought of something and shrunk her shoulders a little embarrassedly, "Look at my memory, today is Hao Xuan's fifth birthday, happy birthday!"

"Thank you, Mommy!"

Receiving Chi Mo Ge's birthday blessing, Hao Xuan's chubby little face revealed a smile.

"Hao Xuan, you must be hungry? Today, Mommy will cook a bowl of longevity noodles and a few eggs for you so that Hao Xuan will be healthy and healthy for a hundred years, okay? "


Chi Mo Ge and the baby first went to wash up, then she told Hao Xuan to wait for her at the dining hall. She went to the kitchen to busy herself with breakfast.

However, just as she was about to leave the kitchen with her bowl of longevity noodles, she saw a man dressed in black who rushed out of the room with Hao Xuan in his arms.

"Hao Xuan!"

"Mommy, save me!"

Chi Mo Ge threw down the longevity noodles and chased after her crazily.

"Quick, let go of Hao Xuan … "Let him go …"

The sound of hurried footsteps mixed with Chi Mo Ge's anxious shouts could be heard coming from the stairs.

Until Chi Mo Ge tumbled down from the stairs and climbed out of the stairs, and saw the man in black carrying Hao Xuan into a car.


When she closed the car door, Hao Xuan called out to her.

Chi Mo Ge's heart almost shattered as she crawled up from the ground, ignoring the tearing pain on her body, she crazily chased after them.

"Hao Xuan... Hao Xuan... Let go of my baby and give it back! "