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The Peerless Genius Doctor

The Peerless Genius Doctor



  She was a genius doctor from the Divine Doctor Family. Once she transmigrated, she would become the Yun Family's humble eldest miss! His elder sister had framed him and crippled her position as the main wife! The Fifth Prince forcefully marrying him kicked his number two! Ugly trash? Last time, the champion of the number one beauty selection was me! When she became a devastatingly beautiful and peerless genius doctor, a single mishap would cause her to be entangled by a certain man. Woman, This King wants to see a doctor! " After taking his pulse, he said, "You've been drugged with aphrodisiac? Let's go to the Ten Thousand Flowers House on the next street! There are many antidotes! " He threw himself down, "The aphrodisiac is too potent. This king won't be able to endure going to the next street …"
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"Roar!" The fire covered tiger roared, and suddenly attacked Yun Yi Yi.

Yun Yi Yi touched her butt that was about to bloom, cursing her organization for setting this trial as a f * cking retarded fool.

It was one thing to arrange her with a trash's physique, but why did she still get beaten into a twenty plank trash!

This was the outskirts of the Magic Night Forest. Her first trial was to fight against trash that had been beaten twenty times, and beat down the fire tiger in front of her!

If one were to talk about this body, then a cripple's physique would be much weaker than an ordinary Magician!

In front of them was a deep water lake, and this deep water lake was very strange, with dense dark elements.

Yun Yi Yi gritted her teeth, she could not beat this tiger. According to the original owner's memories, she would not be swallowed by the dark elements the moment she entered the deep water lake.

She materialized a little wind element in front of her nose, and with this, she could breathe in the water.

Seeing the white figure jump into the deep water, the fire tiger stopped in its tracks.

After a minute, Yun Yi Yi realised that her body was not engulfed by the water filled with darkness element.

The Fire Tiger that was on the ground also found that Yun Yi Yi's body wasn't harmed in the slightest, and was a little puzzled.

Could there be a problem with the water? Would it not be devoured?

The fire tiger roared and fiercely jumped into the water!

The moment its gigantic body entered the deep pool, it felt that something was wrong. It felt as if the flames around its body were being devoured by the dark elements.

It suddenly jumped out from the deep lake. The flames around his body seemed to have weakened, and the area was reduced to a small circle.

10 seconds of slimming down was a success!

It was angry. Why was that human fine after entering for so long? He had lost so much weight after entering!

The fire tiger roared, and then directly used the fire element to attack Yun Yi Yi's location.

A large wave of flames came in contact with the deep lake, at first they couldn't get in, but as the fire tiger continued to increase its firepower, more and more flames began to enter, flying towards Yun Yi Yi.

I sink!

Yun Yi Yi hurriedly swam downstream and continuously lowered her position.

Her position continued to drop. The deeper she went, the darker the water became. She could no longer see her surroundings!

Suddenly, a touch of white appeared in front of him, and Yun Yi Yi subconsciously swam towards it.

The closer they got, the less of the surrounding dark elements there were. She sped up, and when the surrounding dark elements disappeared, she was finally able to see that silver glow …

Its gigantic silver body had beast eyes closed, and its entire body was covered with scales...

Silver Dragon!

The tigers in the first stage were a little bit thinner than the tigers in the deep water lake, but they were still alive, and the second stage immediately began?

She was just a tiny human, but facing such a huge dragon … He felt like it could kill him with a single claw! Her entire person was not even the size of one of the dragon's claws!

Yun Yi Yi took a closer look and discovered that on its silver body, there were a few wounds made from dark element attacks. The dark elemental wound was being healed by a faint layer of water elemental energy.

At this moment, the Silver Dragon had already opened its dragon eyes. Before it opened its mouth, a voice could be heard. "Human?"

I... Oh my god! This dragon knows how to speak! Her voice was quite pleasant to hear! He was about to get pregnant!

The Silver Dragon looked at Yun Yi Yi with its pair of huge dragon eyes, and suddenly extended its claws to grab her!

Yun Yi Yi was grabbed by the dragon claw, but just as she wanted to struggle, the gigantic dragon head came over and sniffed at her …