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Back to the Western Jin Dynasty

Back to the Western Jin Dynasty



  Lu Qing traveled to the end of the Western Jin Dynasty. After he kowtowed, his husband died. He was just about to take his cheap son to farm. Pa! A letter of appointment with the official seal flew over, smashing down right on top of the ancient military marriage! Hey, hey! Where's the promised farming? In order to survive, she started to make salt, steel, incendiary bombs, cement, and even warmed the bed of some monstrous general so that he could untie his pants … Was Lu Qing, the top student in chemistry, going to accept his fate just like that? Of course not. Lu Qing: "I don't have the habit of using the same man as other women. As long as you dare to look at another woman, you'll definitely have a couple of Mo Xie in the steel furnace!" Yu Mingchuan said: "What a coincidence, your husband also doesn't have the habit of giving himself to different women. Madam, please use it well and don't waste it. As for the Young Master Xue of Hedong City or the prince of Liangliang Country, do you think you still lack two portraits?"
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Looking at the troop of soldiers in front of the gate that were all holding halberds and standing in front of the wall that had just been repaired, Lu Qing's expression did not look good.

She had only been here for less than a year, from eating vegan to eating steamed buns, she did not know how hard it was. Seeing that her family's tofu was selling pretty well, with the money to buy clothes and food, and maybe even letting her son go to school, she decided to send a team.

What are they doing here?

The leader, an officer who was missing a front tooth, said, "Qin Prefecture Scholar's Order, recruit widows and go to the border to be assigned to soldiers. You may accompany your children!"

Li Ergou, who had been trying to get her to sleep by climbing up her wall, said, "Hehehe, I'm just going to catch you and make you an army prostitute!"

Lu Qing calculated the probability of her defeating this troop of soldiers and discovered that it was very unlikely. However, in order to prevent herself from becoming a military courtesan and not wanting to marry again, she decided to stake it all.

After the stone mill, Lu Qing held onto a wood chopping knife that was full of cracks.

"Mom, I'm so scared!" The stinking brat who was raised fat just barely managed to hold onto the corner of Lu Qing's clothes tightly. His big round eyes were filled with tears, but he didn't dare to fall down.

"What's there to be afraid of? I said I would cover you!" Lu Qing growled, she moved her slim arms around, telling the smelly brat not to grab onto her, she was prepared to kill him.

Lu Qing's knuckles had already turned white, but she still did not make a move, because she saw that another soldier had come from outside the courtyard wall.

It was more accurate to say that they were not soldiers, but perhaps a commander or a marshal. Unlike this group of people who wore wrinkled military uniforms, this one wore a suit of armor, although it was somewhat worn out.

Of course, this was not the problem. The most important thing was that Lu Qing could tell that this person had a whole set of martial arts.

"Who said that they would capture widows to become military whores?"

That person asked before even reaching the door.

The group of old and new soldiers instantly looked at Li Ergou, who was still climbing up the wall.

Li Ergou was so scared that his butt fell on the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.

"Did you say that?"

The man walked towards Li Ergou, even taking out his sword from his waist.

"Sir Army Chief, I'm just spouting nonsense. I was trying to scare the little widow, but it's not real, ah, ah, ah …"

Seeing that the sword was already at his neck, Li Ergou was so scared that he peed his pants and curled himself up against the wall, not daring to move.

"Your elder brother has been guarding the border for seven years, but is unable to return home. What the f * ck are you talking about!"

Lu Qing expressionlessly looked at the tall and thin figure behind the short wall. Was this person speaking the truth? However, whether it was true or not, she did not want to casually match up with a soldier at all, especially after clearly seeing the team of people standing in the yard.

For a man with a mild obsession with cleanliness, this was simply a death sentence for him.


Not to mention how ugly they were, they had not bathed for who knows how many days and their entire bodies stank. She even saw lice crawling around in their beards, but they acted like nothing had happened.

Marry such a person? She would probably be a widow again, on her wedding day.

With his slender body, he was only fifteen years old. A year ago, he had married Han Shuo's sickly father, the night of the wedding. The sickly ghost took a look at her and happily left.

Leaving behind a five—year—old son, he would follow her and eat his fill of life.

"Lu Qing, right? Follow us."

As he said this, the man turned around, holding up a letter of appointment with the official seal.

Only now did Lu Qing clearly see the face under the helmet, she realised that her salivary glands had increased in speed …