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My Highness Demon King

My Highness Demon King



  She was the trash that everyone in the Prime Minister's Estate could bully. After being framed, she had almost died. Bathed in blood and reborn, bringing the baby back arrogantly! Genius? Stop joking around. He doesn't even know how to accept spirit stones and still wants to compete with me. A divine beast? Hehehe, come over here and ride on Little Treasure's mount. Top-grade pill? "Stop messing around, our Spirit Pet is playing with the rest of the stuff, how could it have the nerve to show us?" Mother, why does Uncle keep coming into your room? " Shui Qiannan supported his waist that had been overused, forcing himself to smile. "Cough, he's sick. Mother is treating him." Then, mother, why is the sound of treatment so loud, Little Treasure can't even sleep well at night … " Shui Qiannan was speechless as he glared at the expressionless Demon King. Damn, sulky! Your Highness Demon King, do you know how you tricked your subordinates?
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In a remote mountain area, an exquisite and beautiful carriage slowly moved forward, travelling through the forest.

"Stop!" Hand over all your money! " A rough shout broke the silence of the mountain area, along with which, a group of fierce looking men quickly surrounded the carriage. Each of them held a different kind of weapon in their hands.

"Huge … Hero, please spare my life! " The coachman was scared to the point of trembling. He got down from the carriage and kowtowed to these people.

"Cut the crap, hurry up and take out the items!" The leader waved the sabre in his hand and threatened with it. His eyes were shining as he looked at the carriage, "Such a good carriage, it should have a lot of treasures. Give them to your grandfather."

"Mother, the uncle driving the carriage seems to have run into some trouble." The soft and gentle voice of a child sounded from the carriage, full of innocence.

"Little right, this isn't trouble, it's bandits." The woman's clear voice sounded, and her tone was filled with tenderness.

The driver broke out in a cold sweat when he heard this. What are you talking about at such a time? A bandit, how could it not be trouble? This is a huge problem.

"Come the f * ck out for laozi, don't f * cking hide." The head of the bandits, Wang Qing, was unable to wrap his head around this matter. However, he knew that it was because he did not place Wang Qing in his eyes, so he immediately roared at the horse carriage.

"Hehe, are you asking us to go out?" A chubby white hand lifted the curtain of the carriage, revealing a delicate little child. He blinked his watery eyes as he looked at the bandit with a face full of innocence.

The bandit brandishing his saber looked over in the direction of the voice and immediately held his breath. He stared blankly at the graceful figure standing behind the little child.

The woman wore a simple light blue dress, her exquisite facial features could be said to be perfect, her pure and clean temperament was ethereal and beautiful, and her entire body emitted a fatal attraction.

"Little right, what did mother say to you?" Shui Qiannan stood up, grabbed onto Little Right's small hand and slowly got off the carriage with Little Right in his arms.

Hearing that, Little Right immediately covered his mouth and said resentfully, "You can't casually answer a stranger's question, otherwise there will be trouble. Little Right got it."

"Yes, I'll remember it next time." Shui Qiannan patted Little Rid's small head with an expression that suggested he was a good teacher.

As he looked at Little Rascal, a black shadow flashed across his mind. A ghostly light flashed across his eyes and in the next second, he returned to normal.

Little Right, she was the only one. It had nothing to do with anyone.

"Beauty ~ beauty ~" Wang Qing finally reacted and threw away the big blade in his hand. He squeezed out a smile that he thought was kind and said, "Beauty, this mountain is my place. As long as you follow me, you can keep your wealth and freedom."

"Mother, this mountain is bare. Are we going to use it to grow crops?" Hearing this, Little Rascal's face was full of confusion. He looked towards Shui Qiannan, and then seemed to find a reasonable answer. He looked towards Wang Qing and said, "So you're a farmer."

"En, looks like it's like this. Little Hao is really smart." Shui Qiannan nodded and looked approvingly at Little Right, who was suddenly filled with pride.

"What does this brat know? Move aside." Hearing that, Wang Qing's face immediately darkened. He looked at Shui Qiannan, then resisted the urge to attack. "Little beauty, I advise you to be more tactful. Otherwise, you'll be in trouble."

A hint of coldness flashed past Shui Qiannan's eyes when he heard this. He held Little Rascal's hand and said, "We're just following you up the mountain. Let's go."