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Love Me, Now

Love Me, Now



  It was An Qingrou, a cool looking woman who had witnessed her boyfriend and best friend rolling in bed. However, on the occasion of their first blind date, she had asked for a marriage with Gu Beichen, the number one male god in Seahold. Warm and warm, "... "'Mr Zhang,' shall we go for the pass tomorrow?" Kubei Chen: "... There's no time tomorrow. "Now that I have the time …" An Qingrou stared at him angrily. "Bastard, you promised to cultivate your relationship after marriage …" Gu Bei Zhen raised his brows, "Good girl, feelings are all part of your plan!" A certain girl held onto her sore waist and rolled her eyes … One day, there was a woman roaring in jealousy. Anyang Wen was just a wild girl who came from the countryside, who gave her the confidence to walk, walk, dominate, and walk.
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In the afternoon, the Haicheng was sunny.

An Nuan Nuan got off the taxi and rushed into the elevator, all the way to Lu Jing Yu's apartment.

Seeing the unlatched door, An Nuan Nuan smiled, and pushed the door open.

I tripped over something, staggered, lowered my head, eh? How could there be a pair of red crystal shoes?

An Nuan Nuan swallowed her saliva. Could she be walking the wrong path! But the furnishings on the floor and in the room were clearly Lu Jing Yu's room!

An Nuan Nuan's heart still thumped, and she immediately headed towards the study room.

Suddenly, from the direction of the bedroom, came the voice of a woman and the voice of a man.

An Nuan Nuan felt goosebumps all over his body, and his entire body froze on the spot.

"Jingyu, you're so hateful. Every time, you torture me until I die..."

"Haha …" Lu Jing Yu laughed heartily with satisfaction. "Little demoness, I really want to beat you to death …"

Zhu Qingqing said tenderly, "You're annoying …"

As if struck by lightning, An Nuan Nuan's head buzzed and she almost fainted.

Looking for the dubious voice, An Nuan Nuan went forward to push open the bedroom's door. On the wide bed, two naked bodies were in the midst of twisting and turning in a high difficulty position, the restricted scene caused her to cover her mouth and vomit.

What made her even more frustrated was that Lu Jing Yu's back was facing the door as he was moving intensely, and her chin was in Lu Jing Yu's shoulder hole. Her eyes were filled with charm as she smiled at her.

Mu Xiao Xiao?

The school belle of Hai Da University?

Mu Xiao Xiao looked at An Nuan Nuan, and the catlike voice sounded beside Lu Jing Yu's ears, "Jingyu … "Warm, she …"

Lu Jing Yu, who had already climbed the mountain peak, tightly hugged the woman in his arms. "Don't even mention that fake high—class woman …"

The corner of Mu Xiao Xiao's mouth curved into a huge arc, "Mn … Jingyu, then tell me … "I'm warm, who do you love …"

Lu Jing Yu struck it hard a few times, causing Mu Xiao Xiao to scream out, "Little demon …. How can a woman who doesn't know anything about love, yet pretends to be aloof, compare to you! "

With a "bang", An Nuan Nuan swung the bag in her hands, and smashed it onto the back of Lu Jing Yu's head.

"Ahh …" Lu Jing Yu suddenly turned around, and was petrified.

"Ahh …" Then came Mu Xiao Xiao's screams. She wormed her way into Lu Jing Yu's embrace as she screamed.

The man's handsome face changed from its initial state of shock to panic. He grabbed the blanket to cover the woman in his embrace and quickly put on a set of clothes for himself.

An Nuan Nuan did her best to suppress her anger. Grandmother had often taught her to say, "Woman, when facing situations, you must be calm. You must face them with a smile, or else you will lose." However, she still couldn't put on a perfect smile and attacked the pair in front of her.

Her only family, the Grandmother, urgently needed the surgery fees. In order to raise the money, she already made a blob of her mouth, so she placed her last hope on her boyfriend that she had been with for three years. How could she calm down when he rolled on the same bed with the woman that she nicknamed "best friend".

Suddenly, An Nuan Nuan took out her cell phone, and faced the naked and messy scene in front of him, "Kacha, kacha". After quickly taking a few pictures, she finally looked at the two stunned people on the bed, "Lu Jing Yu, why … why …"

Lu Jing Yu reached out to grab the phone in An Nuan Nuan's hand, "Warm, listen to my explanation …"

"Don't touch me, explain what? Explain how you were fooling around with Mu Xiao Xiao … "

"Warmth, I'm sorry. If you want to blame someone, then blame me. I was the one who couldn't help but look for Jing Yu. Please don't ruin him, okay?" Mu Xiao Xiao sobbed as she blamed herself.

An Nuan Nuan was so angry that her brain was buzzing loudly, "Mu Xiao Xiao, you third son, are you even going to care about your face anymore …"

Outside the door, An Nuan Nuan staggered towards the elevator as if she had lost her soul. Her wrist was grabbed by someone, "An Nuan Nuan, give me your phone."