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Lost Herself

Lost Herself



  She thought he was cold-blooded and bloodthirsty and wouldn't be interested in her. However, ever since she sold herself to save her mother and came to his side, she became no longer herself. Not only did he control her entire life, he even turned her from a pure 18-year-old girl into his concubine.
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The sky was clear and the breeze was soft. The streets of the revived city were filled with the colorful smell of life. However, no matter how vivid the city life scene was, it couldn't attract the eyes of the elegant and quiet, only the fragrance of breakfast was so seductive and seductive.

Jing Jing bought two steamed buns for her eight—year—old brother to make breakfast with her only dollar worth of money. She endured her hunger and bid farewell to the homeroom teacher, Teacher Liu. Then, she walked out of the school and headed for a hotel.

Yesterday, when she was washing dishes in the restaurant, she had heard a very explosive piece of news: In a high—end hotel in Qingcheng, someone was paying a high price to hire a sister! The conditions are: virgin, no limit to education, age 18 to 20 years old, long hair, height about 1.62 meters, weight 50 kg.

It was said that this person had already recruited countless little sisters. Each little sister could be recruited for no more than three months, or at least a week, and they would be ruthlessly abandoned. However, there were still countless girls who fought to be his little sister. Because once they were chosen by him, no matter how long his little sister's term of office was, she would be paid one million yuan!

Even though she knew that this person's motive for recruiting a sister was impure, she still decided to give it a try.

Although she was still three months away from her eighteenth birthday and weighed less than 45 kg, she was a virgin with long hair and a good height. It was better to have hope than no hope.

How she needed this million now!

Only Yating walked resolutely towards the hotel.

Fortunately, it wasn't too far from the hotel. She would be there in an hour, so she wouldn't have to worry about a dollar bus fare anymore.

The class had been closed for two weeks. She asked the head teacher, Mrs. Liu, for leave to take care of her mother's only beauty, and in front of her, she went out with her schoolbag every day. In fact, she worked in a restaurant to wash dishes, earned fifty dollars a day to buy medicine for the only Li, packed some leftovers and went back home to make dinner for the family. Because the family had long been in an uproar.

In the late summer, ever since his stepfather had spent all the savings of his family half a year ago when he had cancer, he had become completely depressed. He no longer worked outside to earn money, and every day he would either get drunk or gamble on money. He had sold out everything that could be sold in the house, and he was so angry that the only girl who had a lack of Qi and blood once again fainted.

She could not go on like this. She could not watch as the only beauty weakened day by day. She had to save the only beauty. The road ahead was probably the only way she could choose to survive!

He rushed to the hotel room where he had been invited, only to discover that it was packed with girls.

This was a medium—sized meeting room. When a girl who met the requirements entered, she first had to fill out a form and write down her basic situation. Then, she would sit down with a serial number in the meeting room and wait for the interview.

Facing a room full of young girls waiting to be called, only Yating looked embarrassed. Looking up to find a seat, he seemed to see a familiar face? But with a quick glance, she was too ashamed to confirm it. He quickly found a corner and sat down with his head lowered. He had a very shameful expression on his face.

Only Ya Jing found that out of the hundreds of girls that were accepted, she was the most destitute. Most of the girls were dressed up meticulously. They wore beautiful dresses with varying lengths, and on their bodies, there was a faint perfume. Their long hair were draped over their shoulders, and their eyes were bright and their teeth were white. Each and every one of them was reserved and enchanting. She was also wearing a school uniform that made her look somewhat inadequate due to her age. Her hair was casually tied up in a pair at the back, and she carried an old school bag on her back. Sweating profusely, she squeezed into the crowd, causing the girls sitting beside her to cast sidelong glances at her.

Fortunately, the interview went on very quickly. In less than two hours, it was her turn.

"Next, number 116. Only Ya Jing!"

Only Yating suddenly heard her serial number and name being called. She raised her head in a daze. Only then did she realize that there wasn't much left in the large meeting room.