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My Beloved Warlord

My Beloved Warlord



  He was the young warlord, and he was indifferent and suspicious of the world for once. However, he had become the sweetest hero in her heart to save a beauty. From then on, he had an eye-catching and useful thousand gold follower by his side. Wherever she went, no matter how much blood and gore there were outside, it was always safe.
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The mountain roads were rugged and difficult to traverse. Even in the early spring, the green sprouts that had yet to appear were unable to bring life to this wilderness.

"Stop!" If you keep running, I'm going to shoot you! " In the open wilderness, this rather rough male voice was quite abrupt. It suddenly startled the birds in the forest. It was unknown whether it was a sparrow or a raven, but the 'chi chi' sounds produced by its wings sounded somewhat strange.

However, his threatening voice didn't stop the woman in front of him from running away. Instead, it made her run even faster.

This was the first time Sen Sheng felt that she was so unlucky. In Beiping City, where even the Sen family believed the truth, she was actually kidnapped by the kidnappers.

But now was not the time to think nonsense. Sen Sheng only knew that if she were to be caught by this bandit now, she would definitely suffer greatly in the future. Thinking about it here, Sen Sheng took an even bigger step.

Sen Sheng did not turn back, but the Liu Lao San behind her had her eyes turn red with anxiety. The little girl in front of him was no different from a case of gold in his eyes. She wanted to ask, what was the price of being the sole daughter of the arms manufacturer in Beiping? Perhaps even a case of gold would be too little. This Sen Sheng who was like the embodiment of a banknote, how could he tolerate her running away?

Thinking about it, a savage look appeared in Liu Lao San's eyes. The remaining look was filled with greed.

Sen Sheng turned a deaf ear to Liu Lao San's threats, but Liu Lao San's words were not just for fun. Although Sen Sheng was the young miss of a rich family, her stamina was naturally not very good. If it were anyone else, they would have caught her long ago. But unfortunately, Liu Lao San was a cripple, so his strength was insufficient.

Seeing that the cooked duck was about to fly away, Liu Lao San scolded Kong Er who came out with him. When they arrived in Beiping City, he was hooked by that fox like woman and his business had already been wiped clean. Otherwise, how would he have the chance to let Sen Sheng escape? Cursing her comrades in her heart was one thing, but the most important thing right now was to bring Sen Sheng back to the village. These days, it was not easy for someone to rob someone, even if they were in the grass. Under the control of a man with surname Fu, it was difficult to rob someone.

Thinking about it, Liu Lao San's face revealed a hint of madness. He then aimed at the lady running in front of him and pulled the trigger.

"Bam!" This roar was even more abrupt than his earlier one. The birds in the forest rustled in alarm, fleeing in all directions as if they had encountered a great calamity. The slim figure of the figure that landed in Liu Lao San's line of sight finally stopped. That person suffered from external interference, his body became unsteady, and he fell down with a somersault.

Liu Lao San's originally proud face suddenly tensed up, "Be careful!" He let out a loud shout, but there was no power in his voice that could actually block it. That strike in front of him was like a wounded butterfly that could be broken at any time, falling into a valley.


The sky was spinning and the earth was spinning. From time to time, her back would hit a rock that protruded from the ground, causing her to feel pain from the heat. It wasn't over yet. Sen Sheng fell down from the mountain, not stopping her from rolling down at all. The path of weeds and thorns had already left her battered and exhausted. Her body was in extreme pain and she lacked the consciousness to even feel like she was about to faint.

With a "dong" sound, Sen Sheng crashed into a tree with a huge, yet withered roots. At that moment, she painfully furrowed her brows. She felt as if she was about to be snapped by the tree trunk. A burning pain came from her waist; it was likely she had scraped away her skin and flesh, and there was a faint smell of blood in the air.

Sen Sheng raised her head and looked above her, which was the same place where she had fallen. If she fell from such a high place and didn't die, then it could be said that she would not die.

Sen Sheng clenched her teeth, raising her hand to support the withered tree, she used what little strength she had left to shakily stand up. Since she was still alive, she might as well escape for her life! She didn't expect anyone to save her in this desolate mountain range. She begged them not to rely on her!

She broke off a branch as a walking stick and limped toward the city.

She was not familiar with this piece of barren mountain. When Liu Lao San saw that she was not dead, he would definitely think of a way to quickly come down and capture her. The only thing she could do now was to make use of this little bit of time to escape.

Far away from the fields of Beiping, Sen Sheng did not notice that there were already traces of blood stains on her ankles. On her way there, she had left quite a few marks. The bright red blood dripped onto the grayish, barren grass. It was extremely eye—catching.

However, Liu Lao San's shot just now was not a joke. His thoughts were simple, as long as Sen Sheng was alive, wouldn't it be worth the same amount of money as having fewer arms and legs? Moreover, Sen You Guang did not know how to value the only daughter of the Sen family. All his life, he had been looked down by others because of his natural limp.

His misfortune would also be forced on innocent women.

The simple thing was that the spear technique was not very exquisite and lost its aim. The bullet grazed the girl's fibula and flew out. It was just a hair's breadth away from injuring her muscles and bones. It was just that Sen Sheng was busy escaping for her life right now, so she did not have time to pay attention to his injuries.

The muscles that he pulled seemed to be suffering a dull pain. Sen Sheng walked very slowly. Her small hand, which was holding onto a branch, was currently soaked in blood.

After all, Liu Lao San had been in this generation for many years, and he was much more familiar with this terrain than Sen Sheng. Even if there were some obstacles, he could quickly catch up to Sen Sheng.

"Damned girl!" I think you're tired of living! After making me chase you for so long, see how I'll deal with you when I get back! " His large yellow teeth were exposed to the air, making him look somewhat disgusting.

Sen Sheng spat out, "Then that will have to wait until you catch me!" After saying that, she turned around and ran, even leaving behind the branch that had been supporting her all this time.

The desire to survive was strong, but the body's endurance was also limited. Sen Sheng was a little vexed at her weak and fragile body. Very quickly, a hard object had been struck on the back of her head. It was not hard to imagine that it was the muzzle of a gun.

Liu Lao San was still gasping for breath, he had indeed expended a lot of effort to capture Sen Sheng. After a few twists and turns, everything was good now, Sen Sheng had finally landed in his hands. The hand holding the spear fiercely smashed at Sen Sheng's head, "Stupid girl! Now let's see where you can run to?! " His eyes were hard to read.

From his initial panic, Sen Sheng had already calmed down. She turned her head and was about to say something when a reflected light suddenly shone into her eyes. Because it was a little dazzling, subconsciously closed his eyes. The sound of a cold weapon piercing through the air came into her ears. Immediately after, she heard the Liu Lao San let out a blood—curdling scream, and the hand that was tightly grabbing onto her shoulder loosened. The barrage gun that was pressed against her forehead also fell along with the Liu Lao San's scream.

Sen Sheng opened her eyes and saw the bloody right hand of Liu Lao San. On top of it was a military dagger.

Sadly, he cried so miserably. So that's how it was.

Sen Sheng turned her head and saw the two men standing not far from him. The one in the lead was very tall, with his back facing the light. His facial features were very distinct, and his face was like that of a knife. It was very cold and grave.