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My Tyrannical Hades

My Tyrannical Hades



  Just because I accepted a small gift, a tyrannical fellow who claimed to be my husband broke into my life. After he tyrannically made me his woman, he became pregnant overnight. My life has been a mess ever since. The dead reappeared in front of me. I didn't know what kind of damned thing was coming to deal with me and suck my blood, but what's even more terrifying is that the tyrannical man would 'seize' me from time to time to proclaim his position as my husband. Even those in his stomach would rebel from time to time to express his existence. Heavens, when was such a life going to be a head? Look, that bastard who thinks he's my husband is here again.
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It's 120 steps from left to right, 120 steps from right to left, I'm not reciting the text, I'm just counting.

I was wearing an old wedding dress, standing in a magnificent palace, constantly counting, going back and forth, going back and forth countless times.

This was a palace without any doors or windows, within the hall, countless red candles as thick as a child's arm lit up, and a large red double joy that was a few meters large hung in the center of the palace wall. And in this large hall, other than a huge golden coffin, there was no other decorations!

"Why aren't you coming in?"

The lid of the golden coffin was suddenly pushed open, and with a cold shout, a pale hand reached out of the coffin. I screamed as I turned around to escape. However, just as my legs were about to move, a powerful force came attacking me and bound my legs.

The next moment, my body moved to the front of the coffin lightly amidst my panicked screams. The face in the coffin was unfamiliar to me. He was wearing an old wedding suit the same color as mine. Without another word, he reached out and pulled gently with both hands, pulling me into the coffin as I screamed. With a slight movement of his hands, he removed the old wedding dress I was wearing and revealed the figure I thought I was proud of.

"No!" When I tried to push him away, he let out a low groan. He grabbed me with both hands and laid me down in the coffin.

The wind and rain had stopped, and I was ashamed and angry. With a cold snort, he stretched out his right hand and forcefully pulled me into his embrace. He buried his head in my hair and greedily breathed.

I was trembling all over, and in a fit of rage, I turned my hand and was about to slap him again. However, this time, I repeated my earlier fate and was once again caught by him.

"It looks like you want to try again!" With a cold snort, the man opened his mouth, buried his head and started kissing me.


With all my might, I screamed, and with that scream, I struggled with all my might and sat up. What entered his sight was darkness. Everything in front of his eyes had completely disappeared. The place where his hands touched was the desk where the nurses stood. Everything that happened before, was a dream?

"Nurse, nurse, wake up." A voice wakes me, and in front of me, a woman in a hospital gown smiles at me and gives me a little smile.

"Ah, hello, is there anything you need?" I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead. The woman in front of me seemed familiar, but I couldn't remember which bed she was in.

"The potion for bed 302 is done. I'll have to trouble you for a moment." After saying that, the woman smiled at me before turning around and leaving.

I quickly picked up an application and headed for bed 302. However, when I reached bed 302, I realized that it wasn't just bed 302 that was empty. The room with the four beds was empty, even a little dusty.

As I was walking out, I suddenly heard a dripping sound coming from the bathroom in this room. Ye Zichen walked into the bathroom with a frown. The inside of the bathroom was also covered with dust, and it had obviously been a long time since he used it. However, the water faucet at the sink was not turned off properly, and water was continuously dripping from it.

I walked over and turned off the tap. Just as I turned around, the sound of water dripping came again. Turning around, I saw that the tap was tightly shut, with no water trickling out. In my confusion, the lights in the washroom suddenly flickered. I reached out my hand to press the switch on the wall. Just as I touched the switch, there was a pop and the light bulb exploded.

Screams, I want to run outside, a wind, the bathroom doors and windows closed. He shook the door handle, but there was no response. He pounded on the door and shouted for help. However, there was no response. My voice was hoarse, no one answered me, no one on duty noticed my disappearance, not even the patients in the next room were woken by me.

In a panic, the sound of water dripping could be heard. I turned on the emergency light for the night rounds, and in the dim light, the tap was still closed. Just as I was puzzled, two drops of liquid fell on the back of my hand. As I focused my eyes, I saw that there was a bright red liquid on the back of my hand! As I looked at the back of my hand, two more drops of liquid fell. Raising his head and looking upwards, he saw that above the washroom, there was a woman wearing a hospital gown. Both of her wrists were cut open, revealing a baby—like wound. Fresh blood constantly dripped from it.

In my panic, I screamed again. I turned around, rushed to the door, and started pounding on it. All the items in his hands fell to the ground. The emergency light shone on the ground, and fresh blood continued to fall to the front of the washbasin. It had grown to the size of a pool, and was exuding a foul stench of blood.


With a hoarse voice, I called out to her. Panic filled my heart as I heard my own voice resounding in the washroom. I felt extremely helpless.

At this moment, the droplets of blood on the ground actually headed towards me. A few droplets of blood fell onto my face, and the smell of blood became even stronger. In my terror, I continuously shifted my body in an attempt to avoid the corpse on top of my head. However, no matter how I dodged, the blood still dripped onto my body. When I ran, the blood dripped onto my body. I was like a headless fly that was being chased by a floating female corpse in the washroom.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Finally, unable to bear the fear, I let out a shriek and squatted down, covering my head with my hands, and shouted, "Why are you always pestering me when there are debts to be paid?"

Before entering the hospital, I heard someone say that there were many ghosts and monsters in this kind of place, and they would always pester people to find a substitute. I wasn't willing to believe it, but now, why did I meet them?

"It was you doctors and nurses who killed me, my child! I will kill you all, kill you all! " Just as I finished speaking, the female corpse unexpectedly moved closer to the When he was right in front of me …, her head and feet touching together as though her ghastly pale face was right next to mine. With a roar of rage, she raised her hands and grabbed my neck. The blood on my hands no longer drips down, but spits out violently, splashing all over my face.

"No, it's not me, it has nothing to do with me. I've only been in this hospital for a month, it's really not my fault!" My eyes were almost entirely covered with blood. I could only vaguely see a pale face with a few drops of blood on it.

"All doctors and nurses deserve to die!" The female corpse viciously shouted as she opened her mouth to bite towards my neck.