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My Tyrannical CEO

My Tyrannical CEO



  What kind of weird thing was it to have the same 'Spring Dream' every night? Even though Xia Tianxi had failed to get his hands on the man he liked, he had actually provoked a tyrannical CEO who could make you bleed in just a few minutes! What? He is the cousin of the god of men? What? Could he help her get rid of the demons? What? She had to follow him closely? What? She had to sleep in the same bed as him? Was this a trap, or a trap? Or a trap?
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The night was dense.

The old mansion was shrouded in a full moon.

Within the gorgeous room, a faint silver moonlight shone through the window, lightly covering the young girl's rosy cheeks.

The young girl lay flat with her eyes closed, breathing evenly, as if she was asleep.

The door opened soundlessly.

The man stepped on the carpet and entered. He was dressed in a pure black suit that wrapped around his tall and perfect figure. His pitch—black hair was combed back.

He calmly walked in the direction of the young girl. Every step he took was elegant to the extreme.

He sat down in front of the sofa and lowered his eyes. He looked at the girl in front of him carefully, as if he was admiring a work of art.

Lifting his hand, he gently caressed the girl's cheek with the back of his hand. The silver ring seemed to flicker with a dazzling radiance under the moonlight, like the deep and exquisite light in his eyes, which was especially resplendent in the dark night.

Leaning over, he took her face in his hands, tilted his head slightly, and pressed his lips against hers.

Inhale gently.

The air was tinged with a wet fragrance.

The atmosphere of a man became thick and powerful.

Her body was being controlled by a pair of large palms. The burning hot hands rubbed her collarbone, and her skirt was being pulled up …

His brain trembled.

"Ah, don't —"

Xia Tian Xi woke up from her dream with a scream.

He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the Sky Platform, still in a state of shock. He panted heavily as a drop of sweat slid down his forehead and into his hair. It was ice—cold.

Her eyes rolled from side to side as she lay in her own bed. No man kissed her, no one lifted her skirt.

It was a dream!

It was this dream again!

With a sigh of relief, his heartbeat slowly calmed down.

Outside the window, the rain was pouring heavily.

At this moment, her body felt as if it had been drenched by a heavy rain. She was completely drenched, without even a single inch of dry place on her body.

Even the panties. It was as if she had truly lost herself to that man in this lifelike dream.

But who was he?

It had been two months. Every night, he would come to her dreams like he was bribing Master Zhou. He had an intimate relationship with her, and the taste in his mouth was something she could taste when she closed her eyes.

At this rate, she and that evildoer were going to become husband and wife in their dreams!

"Wuu, wuu ~ ~ ~"

She was still Huang Hua's daughter!

Most importantly, the male lead in her dream was not her beloved male god. This made her feel like she was cheating!

The more she thought about it, the more she broke down. She pressed her face against the pillow and kicked wildly.

Working hours.

Arriving at the hospital, Xia Tian Xi changed into a nurse's uniform, secretly hugging the thermos bottle and sneaked towards the brain surgery.

She was still an intern nurse, but her greatest joy everyday wasn't helping the dying and helping the wounded. Rather, every day, she would see her male god, Ji Qian Cheng, wearing a white gown pass by her.

In order to write a love story between a doctor and a nurse, she had come all the way to this hospital.

Arriving outside Ji Qian Cheng's office, a large group of nurses cried out as if they were infatuated with his.

Something was wrong!

Although they would usually sharpen their heads in an attempt to attract Ji Qian Cheng's attention, he was at the hospital everyday after all, so they shouldn't be so crazy!