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I’m Your Beloved, Your Highness

I’m Your Beloved, Your Highness


Holding Jael Fung tightly in his arms, Trent Zhan, The Ninth Prince said in a seductive voice, “Are you going to run away? Naughty girl.” She was so panicky and trembled that she knelt down, “Your Highness. I was wrong. Please spare me!” However, the next day, Jael Fung, the ninth daughter of Fungs, ran away again! The Ninth Prince was very angry, he ordered, “Get the girl back for me by all means.” ...... He was the mysterious and powerful prince. She ran into his arms by accident. And she became his only sweetheart ever after.
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  They had tried their best to escape from death, and brought back a few basket of Dragon tongue Grass.

  What he got in return was that he would choose one person to be eliminated!

  "Officer Huo, we found the men in black. We ran after them because we were worried that they would do something bad to the Academy."

  As soon as she heard the word "out", she became anxious. "Officer Huo, we have a Dan Xin in the college."

  "If you lose, you lose. It's useless to say more." Huo Yan's face was cold.

  "But we brought back the most Dragon-phoenix Grass!"

  Little cherry also saw what everyone brought back just now. In each team, the most team was no more than half a basket, and there was not even enough one basket.

  But they were full of more than four baskets!

  "If I miss the appointment, I'll lose!" Huo Yan was expressionless and did not change his mind.

  "If you wait for your herbs to save our lives, you'll miss it. By then, our brothers will have died of illness. What's the use of the army to get these herbs?"

  Little cherry had nothing to say. She could only bite her lip and her eyes turned red.

  "However, there may be spies in the Academy. Do we have to sit by and do nothing?"

  Xing Zizhou's heart ached when he saw how aggrieved Little Ying was. "Officer Huo, if it were you, what would you have done?"

  "Have you ever heard that a military order is like a mountain?" Huo Yan asked expressionlessly.

  After making sure that Mu Mu Mu Mu was completely fine, Feng IX, who had been silent for a long time, took two steps forward.

  "Then, may I ask if you've ever heard that there's something wrong with the emperor's orders outside?"

  Huo Yan's eyes fell on her face. After a moment of silence, he said in a cold voice, "So, what contribution did you make? Where are the men in black? Did they catch them? Have they figured out their purpose?"

  "If we don't see clearly our strength and attack rashly, the result will be that the black-clothed man has escaped and alert the enemy, but we..."

  He pointed to Mu Mu, who was sitting on the side, and his voice became colder and colder. "Our people have been injured like this! This is the price you have to pay for your reckless behavior!"

  Mu Mu struggled to stand up and said in a hoarse voice, "It's... my fault."

  "Now, I'm not going to find out who's right and who's wrong. I'm going to knock out one of you since the second team of the Dragon Four Army has lost!"

  Huo Yan's face was ruthless and he did not give any chance at all. He said, "The captain of our school will say it again. The military order is like a mountain! You must immediately select the people who have been eliminated. After 30 minutes, if you can't decide, then the whole team will be eliminated. All members of the fourth and second teams, leave the Dragon Martial Arts Courtyard immediately!"

  30 minutes!

  Feng IX clenched his fists. Little cherry's eyes were redder, but she had been holding back her tears.

  Xing Zizhou and the single blade were both in a heavy mood. They could only remain silent and silent.

  Other armies had left the Martial arts field one after another. The students went back to rest. Only the Dragon Four army was still waiting here.

  Although the fourth and second teams were going to be eliminated, the rest of the teams were also waiting without a sound. No one left first.

  In the fourth and second teams, five people came back together. No one spoke, and they were quiet as if they were dead!

  After an unknown period of time, Mu Mu Mu finally said calmly, "It's me who didn't estimate the strength of the other party. I acted recklessly and dragged you all into trouble."

  He smiled. It was a very rare smile. Even if it was pale, it was still very cool and good-looking.

  "I quit, but I am very happy to know you, especially you, Jiu'er, thank you for saving my life."

  Mu Mu made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before her chest, and the little cherry burst into tears. "It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, I would have gone to see the flowers..."

  On the other hand, Feng IX's smile was especially calm. "I quit."