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Because of the disability of her husband both on physiological aspects and fundamental values, she seemed to have sunk in his tenderness. On the one hand is her legal marriage, on the other hand, is the poison like sweetness. How can she decide?
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My husband was impotent on the wedding night. I didn't expect this would happen to me.

After trying all night, my legs were tired and numb, but I still didn't succeed.

"Dear, I'm sorry, I have no sexual experience." My husband was very upset.

I comforted him and said, "We are both inexperienced and maybe we are too nervous. This is quite normal. Maybe we can try again later!"

As a result, my husband never got hard during the whole marriage leave and I went to work full of depression.

In the morning, the unit leader suddenly held an emergency meeting and said that an important leader was coming to inspect our unit.

It was almost eleven o'clock when the leader, Mayor Zander Chou, arrived. When he slowly entered the hall, I could not help but felt delighted to see that this man was quite handsome.

At a height of more than 1.8 meters, with a straight back, perfect body proportion, shining-star eyes and a prominent nose, his lips were set in a gentle smile, all of which made people feel it was easy to get close to him and he was a man of great charm.

He had already come to me and I only heard his magnetic voice: "Things have been going not bad. We will talk about it in detail later. Now, let's look at the system first."

All of a sudden, I was pulled into a chair by a reporter nearby and sat down. The light at the news studio cast directly on my right face. Then Zander Chou sat down on my left hand and said, "Bring up the data first."

I started to feel nervous and took a deep breath secretly. I brought up relevant data records according to Zander Chou's request.

After reading the data for a while, Zander Chou asked, "How did this data come?"

The moment when I heard what Mayor Chou asked, I can tell that he was really an expert,because he can tell the logical relation of the data just by a glance.

I couldn't help wondering how to answer, telling him that the data were wrong? Or telling him that the data were processed by staff at the information center and I had nothing to do with the data? Obviously, neither answer was acceptable.

With all my guts, I was about to tell Zander Chou that I was new here and didn't know exactly about that. Then I found out that Zander Chou didn't look at me at all, but looked directly at one of our directors, Finn Kuo.

Because of Zander Chou's gaze, Director Kuo was scared into sweat, however, he did not dare to wipe it. He only said, "This, this may be caused by the staff's mistake."

The smile on Zander Chou's face was already faded away, and he said softly: "With so many project data being confused, you just explain them by ‘mistake'? I don't think there is a need for me to go upstairs and listen to the report. "

Dozens of people in the hall became silent at that time.

Zander Chou's deputy said to all the people, "Did you hear what Mayor Chou said? This kind of mistake must be corrected, and it will not happen again in the future. "

At that time, dozens of people immediately rushed to say: "Yes, yes, correct them, correct them,we definitely will correct them, we will correct them immediately."

Without saying a word, Zander Chou got up and walked to the gate. Seeing him leaving, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt fortunately that we sent him away.

I was about to pack up and have a good rest, I heard footsteps coming from my back. I looked back and froze there. Why did he come back?

Zander Chou came to me and stood beside me, then he held out his hand and said, "Hello."

I reached out my hand in panic and shook hands with Zander Chou. I didn't expect Zander Chou to come back and shake hands with me. I was a little surprised and didn't know what to do. As a result, I replied, "Hello, Chief!"

When the words came out, the hall was awkwardly silent again. I was very desperate. I was intended to say "Hello, Mayor!" How did it become Chief? Chief is not the title for Zander Chou. Then I quickly made up for it and said "I'm sorry. I was nervous just now. I, I was intended to say-"

Zander Chou smiled softly: "Don't be nervous. It doesn't matter. You've worked painstakingly."

The leader of the unit worried that I would say "serve the people" or something like that again. He immediately said to Zander Chou on my behalf: "No trouble at all. That's our job. It's an honor for all of us to serve Mayor Chou."

Zander Chou ignored him and asked me, "Which university did you graduate from and did you pass the admission exam to get in here?"

The person beside me helped to answer the question again.