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My Super Spy Rani

My Super Spy Rani



She was the excellent agent of Z city, while finding herself to be a loser after time traveling. Being framed by her fiancée and elder sister at that time, she was almost dead! Who dared to mess with her? She would make him pay! When in hot water, there came the mysterious emperor- “You are destined to be my wife for the rest of your life!”
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J一uly 1, 2016, cloudy.

Country Z's IL Airport.

Two men in black suits with sunglasses on their eyes were holding an oriental woman in custody as they walked towards the helicopter.

The woman had a delicate appearance. Her countenance was cold and her plain face was clean without fear. Her lips, which were painted with lipstick, outlined a cold smile. Her fine chin was slightly raised and her pitch—black eyes were staring at the helicopter not far away.

The two guys who were escorting her were fully alert. They were cautiously staring at their surroundings with their eyes behind the sunglasses and stayed alert to her.

Lily frowned, with a ridicule countenance, was there really a need to defend against her this way? There was little chance for her to escape now, wasn’t there?

She was an agent with MI—7 of Country Z. A month earlier, she had been assigned a mission in Country Y. As expected, like all previous missions, she had completed it. Unexpectedly, this mission was a trap set by Country Y and Johnson, her superior and most trusted boyfriend.

Her boyfriend turned out to be a spy who had long been lurking in Country Z!

The flawless framing branded her a traitor to the MI—7, with both human testimony and material evidence. For the first time, she was trapped by the man who had trusted the most. As the negotiation by Country Z, she was finally handed over to Country Y.

Their main purpose of escorting her to Country Y was to reveal all of the secrets of the MI—7 using all kinds of forced confessions. Some secrets were not accessible for Johnson. This was because she could still receive immediate orders from the top leaders of the MI—7, being one of his subordinates.

She had been injected with medicine, in case of her escaping midway through the travel to Country Y. She was by now a little different from an ordinary woman, and she simply didn't have the strength to escape. Even so, they were still on guard.

Suddenly, something happened!

An ambush could be heard rushing through the dark clouds of the airport.

The pilot of the helicopter was shot dead, alongside and the commander of the agent team of Country Y at his side.

The two people who were escorting Lily immediately responded.

Among fired bullets, Lily seemed to see a glimmer of hope.

Hope, however, came with immediate despair!

With two people beside her down at her feet, Lily looked straight at Johnson who was walking towards her, as well as her previous colleague.

Johnson approached here, with a handsome, but cold face, as cold as if he was a stranger.

He had promised that he would love her for life, but little did she imagine that he was so heartless and harm her this way!

Seeing him, she suddenly felt a tearing pain in the chest.

Being betrayed and deceived was an unimaginable pain!

"Lily, don't hate me, you're an idiot!" he murmured.

With a straightened her back and a pale face, she bit her lips and laughed softly, saying nothing. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to escape today anyway as a dead man, I would die with him.

While Johnson was aiming at her chest and shot, Johnson was also shot down at the same time.

Johnson's eyes were filled with disbelief. He incredulously turned to look at the most trusted subordinate he brought, why? Why he shot at him?

"Country Y bribed you with five million U.S. dollars and I bribed all of your people with everything I had. I will let you have a taste of the betrayal I've suffered … Johnson, even if I have to die, it must be on your body! "