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Ex-wife of the Wealthy and Influential Clan

Ex-wife of the Wealthy and Influential Clan



After being framed by her brother, she had lost everything overnight … Until she met him! After the divorce, he became even more attached to her. Jane Mo roared: "Gu Bei Zhen, what happened to the divorce?You beast!" "Wife, I didn't sign the divorce agreement, and I didn't get the divorce certificate … " He held her in his arms, his smile unfathomable, "I'm legally enjoying my sweet time!"
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At night, the torrential rain was as fierce as the man on bed.

A dim light dropped on the snowy—white silk—like skin of the woman, who was swollen by the ignited man. He crazily knead her, and wrapped her lower parts with all his strength, penetrating not only her body but her mind.

Jian Mo was burning, moaning with both pains and pleasure. She tried to resist mentally but her body was actually pleasing the man. The man boasted a grand roar, both the rain outside and the man on bed retuned to calmness.

Tonight was doomed to be a turning point of Jian Mo’s life.

After the effects of the sex medicine vanished, Jian Mo's entire body was crushed.

She clenched her teeth bit hard on her lips. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Out of panic and fear, Jian Mo didn't dare to see who the man she slept with last night. She hurriedly off from the messy.

The thunder rumbled, Jian Mo walked through the heavy rain in the Luo City with all her bodies and eyes wet.

People say raining is the best time to cry. As no one would know how weak you are when you are standing in the rain

Jian Mo did not know how she managed to walk back. Looking at the light at home, Jian Mo felt absent—minded for a moment …

It was already early in the morning when she had left the Sophia Hotel. Why was the light still on at home?

The door was suddenly opened.

"Miss?" The servant Mrs. Wang was stunned that Jian Mo looked like a drowned rat, "Miss, where did you go? I can't connect with you the whole night," she said urgently. "Something happened!"

Jian Mo's heart "thumped" a little.

Miss. Wang did not notice Jian Mo's state and continued “Your father fell down at the construction site and is now in the hospital for rescue. The young master's phone can't be reached, and neither can yours. Your mother Mrs. is in the hospital, and her heart attack recurs. "

Jian Mo’s mind was totally blank. It was not until Mrs. Wang pulled her to the car did Jian Mo return to her senses.

Jian Mo looked at Mrs. Wang, all her body was trembling: “Mrs. Wang, what did you say …"

The driver Mr.Hai, who was Miss. Wang's husband, looked at Jian Mo in the rearview mirror, then carefully drove the car towards the hospital with a heavy expression.

When the car arrived at the hospital, her father Jian Zhanfeng and her mother Su Mo were under rescue.

Jian Mo stood at the door of the operation room, staring at the "in—surgery" light, expressionless.

"Where's Jian Heng?" Jian Mo's gaze did not move, and only asked Mr.Hai coldly.

Mr. Hai let out a light sigh, "Young Master didn't come back, I still can't connect with him."

The corner of Jian Mo's mouth curled into a cold ridicule, and hatred slowly seeped out of her eyes.

Suddenly, something exploded at her heart. Her eyes reddened and she bit her teeth to force back the tears that had leaked out of her eyes.

Why did she believe that Jian Heng would give her that money tonight?

She clearly knew that nothing can save a gambler but she still believed him. In fact, he had framed her, and make her lost her virgin,

Jian Mo felt that the world had completely abandoned her.

"Sorry, we did our best." The doctor said.

Jian Mo was extremely quiet, "Doctor, where is my mother?"

"Lady Jian's illness is temporarily under control, but …" The doctor hesitated.

"It's fine, I can bear it." Jian Mo quietly said, but the nervousness in her eyes had already betrayed her.

The doctor sighed. "Since Lady’s heart stopped beating several times during the rescue. She might not be able to wake up. "

Jian Mo felt her legs soft, and her entire body almost collapsed.

"Miss, Miss," Uncle Hai and Mrs. Wang supported Jian Mo.

Jian Mo closed her eyes and opened again, and spoke with an increasingly hoarse voice: "I'm fine!"

She looked at the sickbed that was pushed out by the doctor, and her hands trembled as she gently pulled the white cloth away. Looking at her father who showed no signs of life, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jian Mo cried in pain while hugging Jian Zhanfeng.

The doctor heaved a sigh and went off with the report of death.

However, the doctor did not go very far, he suddenly heard a roar from behind him …

"Young miss, young miss …"

The doctor turned around, Jian Mo fainted on the ground.