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Rebirth to Get a Sweeter Hushand

Rebirth to Get a Sweeter Hushand



I was killed by my husband and his mistress, his fake cousin. Before I died, I was told that my parents had also died in their hands and my dearest child, whom I raised for 5 years was theirs. So my previous life couldn't be more miserable. And in this new life, I swore to reverse fate. I must punish this despicable couple and get the custody of MY CHILD! Coincidentally, I revived on the very night of our wedding, where was the start of my nightmare 5 years ago. And a secret revenge plan had gradually been formed in my mind. I started from his mother who had always been disdainful of me being unable to bear a child. "How could you drive me away on this pitch-dark night! I'm his mother!" This was only the beginning of my revenge. And things will get more and more interesting.
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The night outside the window was so dark that it was difficult to breathe.

Inside the private room of the hotel, Amelia Hilton, whose clothes were disheveled, hugged herself tightly. And her entire body was trembling.

She would just go to the hospital to get some medicine, but when she just met a group of delinquents, they took her into a car, brought her here, raped her, and even took some photos.

Just as she was struggling to stand up, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and two familiar figures came in her husband Lucas Martin and his cousin Nora Miller.

In that moment, Amelia suppressed the tears in her eyes and immediately ran over,"Lucas, I just…I…"

"Needless to say, I know," saidLucas calmly, without a hint of surprise on his face.

Just as Amelia was startled, he suddenly took out a document from his bag, and gently threw it on her. With a calm tone, he said, "Amelia Hilton, we should end our relation here.Now,sign it."

Amelia Hilton hesitated as she took the document over to take a look. Her eyes suddenly widened — This was a divorce agreement.

She could not believe it."What do you mean?" asked she with red eyes.

"It means that heis going to divorce you and marry me," said Nora with a wantonly and sinisterly smile."Right now, Lucas is the new CEO of Hilton Healthcare, and he has transferred all of your communal estate, so you can only get out.Now, you should quickly sign and leave."

Today, Nora Miller was wearinga water—blue tulle dress, and she wore her straight black hair down, her skin was delicate and fair. She looked as gentle and charming as ever, but Amelia Hilton, her eyes were swollen from crying, her hair was messy, and her clothes were untidy.It was a vivid contrast.

"What?" Amelia was even more confused Ever since her parents had died, she was the only heir to Hilton Healthcare. Because her body was weak, Lucas let her stay at home to recuperate and he temporarily managed the company. When he had taken over, he had promised her that he would not seize anything that belonged to her. Why did Hilton Healthcare become his now?

She was even more shocked, Nora Miller was Lucas Martin's cousin, how could they get married?

Nora Miller looked at her with a sarcastic look on her face, "In this world, perhaps only a foolish woman like you would truly believe that I am only his cousin, and believe for a whole five years. In fact, I've been his lover for five years and I'm right under your nose. "

"No, impossible…" Amelia Hilton shook her head violently.

"How is that impossible?" Nora Miller's eyes were filled with pride. "Furthermore, we have already given birth to ourchild — Jayden is our child. Speaking of which, I really have to thank you. You raised him for five years and even cured his disease so that we can have the energy to control the whole company."

Nora Miller's words made Amelia Hilton very sad.

Because she had a congenital ovulation disorder, and might not be able to be a mother for the rest of her life, her mother—in—law Camila White disliked her after marriage.

Until one day, Lucas carried back Jayden who had a congenital disease and firmly told Camila that Jayden was his only child in his life . Only then did Camila White finally shut her mouth.

At that time, she was still very touched, very glad that she had such a husband protecting her. But never would she have thought that he actually wanted her to raise him, their child!

Amelia didn't dare to believe this cruel reality, she would rather believe that this was a big joke that Lucas and Nora had played on her. Her lifeless gaze landed on Lucas, and her voice sounded like she was pleading,"Lucas, tell me, what she said was all lies, you guys are joking, right?"

"Nora is right." As Lucas Martin said this, he called out to her reasonably, "Amelia Hilton, do you think that I'm very happy after marrying you for these five years? Just because your family has some money, I have to compromise and marry a woman like you who can't bear children, and even make Nora suffer so much that she can't appear in public? When did your parents ever think highly of me? Now that I have obtained what I want, you no longer have any value for me. It's best for you to sign the divorce agreement!"