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My Husband, My Boss

My Husband, My Boss



"Breaking news! The most richest and prestigious family in Lin city was going to select a wife for their future successor!" With this exciting news, all the rich and beautiful girls had all invited to this grand selection. There was one girl special, Xia Ying, who was not on the invitation list and was just an accompanying person of her BFF. But she came here with the same purpose---to be the young master, Liang Ye’s wife. When all the girls were waiting in the hall, she took the initiative to sneak into Liang Ye’s bathroom and had successfully drawn his attention by her wisdom, courage, and confident manner. Who would have thought that a picky and arrogant man like Liang Ye would fall head over heels in love with her? "Will you be my woman. I mean my wife." However, the real purpose of her becoming his wife was to find another man...
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Everyone in the Lin City knew that the most mysterious family in the Lin City was none other than the Liang Family. Its mysteriousness did not lie in how much money they had, but it lay in the fact that no one knew how many people there were in the Liang Family or had seen anyone in the Liang Family.

It was like a ghost that existed in the dark night. It could only be heard but not seen with one's eyes.

Right now, everyone in the Lin City was talking about the wife of the future successor of the Liang Family.

A few days ago, the Liang's's Top Secretary suddenly announced to the media that the Liang Family was prepared to choose a wife for her future successor.

There was a girl sitting on the sofa. She seemed to be lost in thought as she looked out the window. We don’t know what she was thinking about, "Little Xia, come with me."

The girl who was addressed as "Little Xia" quickly regained her senses. Her previously absent—minded eyes once again lit up with a bright light.

Her name was Xia Ying, and she was a girl from an ordinary family. Faced with her good friend's question, she felt a little helpless, but she smiled: "This is your 'interview', how can I accompany you? And I'm not a candidate. I don't have an invitation. "

Hearing her words, Luo Xi was troubled. However, her delicate eyebrows relaxed after a while. She was always the one with the most evil ideas.

"I have an idea!" She whispered to Xia Ying.

After Xia Ying heard this, her brows wrinkled, "This is really … "Is that okay?"

Luo Xi lightly patted her shoulder, full of confidence: "You still don't believe in me, Luo Xi? You just wait. When the time comes, help me get Young Master Liang! "

After she finished speaking, she giggled, but Xia Ying could only shake her head helplessly.

She had always believed in the abilities of good friends. But once she entered the Liang Family, would she be able to find that person? Is he still in Liang Family?

After so many years, she had thought of looking for him, but where could she find him? The Liang Family is just like a castle in the sky. If it doesn't open the gates for you, you will never be able to enter it.

Seven years ago, it had opened wide for Xia Ying. Seven years later, it was to all unmarried women all over the world, but without her.

The wife of the future successor of the Liang Family, required an excellent education and good looks, and her family's financial resources were also in the top ten in the city.

This was all a sign of the Wealthy Class Wife's request. It was just that Xia Ying felt that it was a little excessive. Young Master Liang had requested that every rich girl who came to the "interview" wear only the special clothes — a pair of underpants with very little fabric, and an extremely exposed bra.

It was no wonder that Luo Xi was afraid. Young Master Liang was such a perverted person.

The appointed day for the "interview" had arrived, and Xia Ying had successfully entered the Liang Family.

"Madam, my stomach suddenly feels uncomfortable. Is there a washroom nearby?" Just as he walked into the garden in Liang Family, Xia Ying was clutching his stomach, pretending to feel uncomfortable.

The well—cultured servant only frowned and pointed to a direction of the side residence. "The nearest bathroom is over there, the hall …" We're almost there, can't you bear it?

Before she finished speaking, Xia Ying had already rushed towards the direction she was pointing: "Thank you, I'll be back soon!"

How could she possibly go to the restroom in the hall? Gu Yuan and Lin Lan were both inside. If she showed up, she would be exposed!

The Liang Family was actually very familiar with him, and did not change much from seven years ago. She quickly arrived at the bathroom the servant had told her about, but she did not go in. Instead, she walked around the side hall with the cover of the trees.

There was someone waiting for her.

Xia Ying successfully contacted that person and even changed into a servant's uniform.

Inside the brightly lit Liang Family's main house, Luo Xi sat on the sofa in the living room, and looked towards the door.

Looking around, she saw a group of well—dressed women fiercely looking in the mirror. She curled her lips, didn’t care about her appearance at all.

It was just that she did not know how Xia Ying's preparations were going, if Liang Ye appeared on time tonight, that would be her chance.

Luo Xi thought about it and chuckled. The women around her heard this and suddenly turned back, glaring at Luo Xi a few times.

Luo Xi shook her head, lowering her head and thought about what to do next.

She could tell that the girls beside them were all very nervous. Although their appearances and bodies were already one in a thousand, being nervous was unavoidable because the person they were about to face, was Liang Ye!

At the same time the girls tensed up, in a room on the third floor of Liang Family's mansion, a 3D projector was displaying the information of a few candidates for the position of Liang Family's wife.

It was dark, Liang Ye sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and the goblet in his hand shook slightly, the dark red liquid still intact.

In the large room, there was only him and a man in a black suit. The man stood behind him, his head held high, with his hands hanging.

"Young Master, what do you think?"

Liang Ye raised his eyes, a pair of sharp and deep eyes casually swept over the 3D projector.

"Shut it. You know what to do when they're ready."

He stood up and placed the red wine on the table in front of him, then walked towards the bed.

The screen behind him went dark suddenly, and the man nodded, "Yes, young master."

As soon as he finished his words, the man closed the door and backed out. After the man left, Liang Ye raised her hand and used her slender fingers to pick up a white bath towel.

He needed to take a good bath. He had been busy with projects all night, so he had lost the mood to take a second look at those women just by looking at them.

In the tranquil space, a little noise was magnified infinitely. Just as Liang Ye took off his shirt, a woman's scream pierced the silence of the night!


The girl's voice was really sharp. Liang Ye was still holding onto the black shirt as he frowned and slowly turned around.

Xia Ying's expression was undoubtedly perfect. From the moment she saw this room, she had already been waiting by the door for a long time.

Through the crack in the door, she could see a perfectly built man with a perfect body undressing. Maybe she could use this opportunity to stay in Liang Family, and that way, she would have the chance to find the person she was looking for.

She screamed just to attract a man's attention, fortunately, she had succeeded and the man was coming toward her.

Thousands of scenes passed in her mind. Xia Ying's black eyes turned, she opened her mouth, about to call out a second time.

However, Liang Ye moved a step faster than her, he quickly approached her, hid behind her, and extended his hand to cover her mouth that was just about to scream.


Xia Ying wanted to struggle, but the man's face before her had already appeared. She raised her head, and what entered her eyes was an extremely beautiful and impeccable face.

What did a scourge mean? What did a beauty that could to attract empires mean? It was something that she had experienced today. Slowly she stopped, her hands still clutching his arms.

But why was his face so familiar? She seemed to have seen the same face somewhere before. She stared at him for a moment, forgetting how to think.

Liang Ye frowned, his face was filled with impatience. His bony hand was still pressed on her soft lips, this kind of feeling was very strange, and he did not reject it.

But seeing that she was dressed as a maid, he did not want to keep up with her. He lowered his head and whispered to her, "Don't talk!"

She hurriedly nodded as felt his warm breathing and burning hot chest.

Just as his right hand left her lips, she had already turned around and stood two steps away from Liang Ye. She had an excessively clean and clean face, and when he raised his eyebrows, he could see that she was barely more attractive than those bewitching women downstairs.

Seeing that the man in front of her was still bare—chested, a thought flashed through Xia Ying's mind. She slowly straightened her almost perfect body and looked at him with a neither servile nor overbearing attitude.

"Although I accidentally saw your body, I don't mind being responsible for you."

In front of him, she was the first woman who dared to be so confident.

Liang Ye smiled. Interesting. It had been a long time since he had met such an interesting woman. Since he had met her, he had to make full use of this opportunity.

"Responsible for me?" A sexy voice came out of his throat, Liang Ye raised his leg and slowly approached Xia Ying who was standing not far away.

Xia Ying saw him walk over to her, yet she still stood there indifferently, and looked straight into his black eyes. It had to be said that this man was truly beautiful to the point that she was unable to shift her gaze away from him.

However, it was also because she needed to show her best in front of his eyes. A strand of hair fell by her ear. She raised her hand without panicking, lifted her red lips, and stroked it behind her ear.

It was an unintentional movement, but it added a hint of charm to her outer appearance. Liang Ye stood at a distance of less than a centimeter away from her.

"Do you want to use your body to take responsibility for me?"

He opened his mouth again, almost causing Xia Ying to fail. She tried her best to restrain herself from cursing out loud. She raised her head and took a step back, revealing a big smile.

"I don't mind."

She pursed her lips and smiled, her confident face was shining.

Liang Ye squinted his eyes and straightened his body to size up the lady in front of him.

Although she was only wearing the most ordinary maid attire, her temperament and outer appearance were comparable to those of those so—called young mistresses downstairs, even surpassing them.

His thin, cold lips pursed as a trace of a smile flashed across his eyes. He was happy to hear such an answer. However, there must be some other reason for her to appear in front of him in this manner.

"Are you interested in being my woman?" Liang Ye's body brushed past Xia Ying's shoulder, she turned around, and looked at his bare upper body.

"Do you mean a lover or a wife?"

The night was not too deep, there was a French window in his room, the curtains were not closed, and he could still see the scenery outside the window.

The villa area he lived in was different from the other places. Outside of the window was a river that stretched for a thousand miles. The street lamps lit up one after another, adorning the riverbanks with extreme tranquility.