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The Legend of Celestial

The Legend of Celestial

Author:Feng Wu Ji Guang


Three years ago, Yun Qingyan fell into the Fairyland from Human World by accident, and three thousand years later, he has become the Immortal Emperor with unlimited power. One day he crossed the line and returned back to the human world. He found that only three years had passed since the day he left.
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Return from Fairyland

Tianyu City, Tianyuan Dynasty.

Autumn breeze arose, bringing a sense of comfort all around Tianyu City.

In the crowded street, a young man in a suit of red robe was walking.

He was about seventeen or eighteen and not quite good—looking, yet he had a clear and clean face like a spotless white jade. One could smell a sense of adultness which shouldn’t have appeared on a juvenile of his age. He acted just like an old man with tough experience. Light in his eyes was special too, and you couldn’t describe your feelings about it exactly. With eyes deep as stars at night, he seemed to be able to look through everything in the human world.

On his back, there was a sword scabbard with nothing in it. The mysterious lines carved in it showed the others a sense of recondite and profound.

“For all one’s entire life in the world, time flies fast.”

“The only thing that comforts me might be the different time speed between Fairyland and Human World, which means the time speed of Fairyland runs 1,000 times faster than that of Human World. I have been in the Fairyland for three thousand years.” Looking at the familiar streets appeared in front of him, Yan Qingyun sighed deeply.

“Dad, Mum, Sister, I have been in the Fairyland for three thousand years

which equals to three years in the Human World

. For those three years without me, how have all of you been?”

Yan Qingyun couldn’t control his feeling on the thought of this meeting with his relatives. For his relatives, it was just a three—year separation, but for him, he had been away for three thousand years. Nobody knew how he had got through all those years. How many times he woke up dreaming his parents or his sister.

His tears wet his face.

Three years ago, in the Star Continent, when Yun Qingyan studied and practiced in the wild, he encountered with a space storm that might never occur for billions of years. When he woke up from a coma, he found himself having left the Star Continent and being in the legendary Fairyland.

The Fairyland was totally different from the Continent.

According to the legend, a warrior of the Star Continent could break through the space and then fly up to the Fairyland when he cultivated himself into the highest state of martial arts.

The legends spread in the Star Continent described the Fairyland as a land of happiness and a heaven for warriors. However, Yun Qingyan knew it was not and even much more cruel than the Hell in many cases.

There was not any law in the Fairyland but the strong and the weak, the superior and the inferior and the law of jungle. As long as one’s cultivation was powerful enough, he could act recklessly by committing murder and arson, rape and loot at will. The principle of survival of the fittest in natural selection was exerted to the full extent here.

Some immortals would vent their resentment by killing if they were in bad mood.

The family of refining Dan medicines would capture the weak at will to be used as a drug slave just like a mouse in the lab to refine all kinds of Dan medicines.

Most miners were also captured from the fairy mines to do mining. Not only they could not get paid, but also their three meals a day were not guaranteed.

Yun Qingyan once saw an evil immortal who slaughtered all the inhabitants of a city just for refining a magic weapon.

In the Fairyland, the life was the most valueless.

In order to return to the Star Continent some day and survive in the cruel Fairyland, Yun Qingyan started to strive for self—improvement and cultivation.

There were thorns and barriers through the cultivation process and one would even be doomed eternally by a careless step…However, he still made it.

He became one of ten immortal emperors in the Fairyland after experiencing numerous life—or—death difficulties.

An immortal emperor was a figure at the top of the pyramid in the Fairyland, who might shake the Fairyland for a while by stamping his feet and could decide the fate of a hundred billions of creatures by uttering a word.

Although Yun Qingyan had exceptional cultivation and great power and influence, he still could not fit himself in the Fairyland.

It was so hard for someone to stay away from the homeland. In the heart of Yun Qingyan, the Star Continent was the real home for him, because the people he cared about most were still there.

After being the immortal emperor, Yun Qingyan started to find a way back to the Star Continent.

Launching all the resources he had, finally he found ‘Sky Cutting’, a magic space sword, which was left over from the fairy ancient times.

The space of the Fairyland was extremely stable and even a full hit of an immortal emperor could not shake it at all. However, Yun Qingyan opened a hole in the space of the Fairyland at last with the magic sword of ‘Sky Cutting’.

Entering the space rift, Yun Qingyan began to use the magic sword to open up a path leading to the Star Continent.

The process was fraught with dangers and difficulties, for he had to guard against the outside attacks when creating a path through the space. He encountered with not only a hundred of gluttonous beasts, but also some ancient beast of the early age, which had already disappeared in the Fairyland.

Once Yun Qingyan made it back to the Star Continent, all his cultivation had almost been exhausted. Even the magic sword, ‘Sky Cutting’, was lost, only with the scabbard left.

“The cultivation can be recovered gradually and the magic sword can also be found back, but the storage ring alone….” Thinking of the ring, Yun Qingyan could not help feeling distressed for a while.

Within the ring, there were all he had, including the achievement methods, Dan medicines and the magic weapons…as well as a mountain of fairy stones.

It was worth mentioning that the fairy stone was the currency money in the Fairyland.

The magic sword, ‘Sky Cutting’, was gone, but the scabbard was left. As long as Yun Qingyan’s cultivation recovered to a certain extent, he could find it back with the use of the scabbard.

However, there was no chance of getting the storage ring back!

“Luckily, the flow rate of the time in the Fairyland is one thousand times of that of in the Star Continent. Consequently, I have stayed in the Fairyland for three thousand years, but my parents and little sister in the Star Continent are still living.”

Thinking of his loved ones, Yun Qingyan became pleasant all at once.

“Whether Father has reached the Moon State or not? If not, I can give him a little direction to make him become the first master of the Star Continent in next ten decades.”

“Mother hopes for nothing and her only wish is that we can be safe and sound. Now I’m back and no one dares to bully us anymore.”

“As for little sister…Cai’Er, not surprisingly, her so—called cold illness does not mean that she is ill. It is an inborn spirited body with ‘Jiuyin cold pulse’. So long as the spirited body comes around, she will be ever successful in the cultivation process and make progress at a tremendous pace.”

“I’m really looking forward to having a reunion with them. I wonder whether my strict Father will shed tears of excitement at the sight of my return.” A little bit naughty look appeared on Yun Qingyan’s face.

Yun Qingyan’s father played the role of a strict parent since his childhood. In front of Yun Qingyan, Father was always serious in speech and manner and his speaking was as cold as an iceberg of ten thousand years.

Of course, strict as Father was, Yun Qingyan knew Father’s love to him was no less than Mother’s.

Half an hour later.

Yun Qingyan stopped at the gate of a big family.

“The decorations still look like what they were three years ago and only the guards have been replaced…” Looking at the gate, Yun Qingyan whispered.


At this time, a middle—aged man of a fortyish with a natural dignity and power suddenly came out of the gate and ten guards with blades to keep the gate hurriedly bent down to present their respects.

“Isn’t he my uncle? When did he become the patriarch?” A surprise appeared in his eyes as it was his father who had always acted as the patriarch of the Yun Family since he was born.

“You…You’re Yan’Er?” The middle—aged men recognized him very soon.

Suddenly, that middle—aged man threw himself on Yun Qingyan, embracing him tightly, and said in an excited voice, “Yan’Er, you finally come back. You have been missing for three years and all of us almost consider you have…”

Before he finished his speaking, Uncle Yun Han was choked with sobs. He was so happy as to weep for he had watched Yun Qingyan grow up and almost took him as his own son in the heart.

“Uncle, I’m so sorry to let you worry about it.” His sorrow reduced him to tears for he could feel a strong sense of concern from Uncle.

“I’m not worried about it. As long as you come back alive, it is the greatest relief for me.” With this, Uncle Yun Han habitually touched the forehead of Yun Qingyan.

Fortunately, this scene was not seen by the people in the Fairyland. Otherwise, they would be definitely scared to death for unexpectedly someone dared to touch the forehead of Yun Qingyan, an immortal emperor.

“If your parents were here, they must be very happy to see your return.” Uncle Yun Han sighed.

“Uncle, what happened to them?” Thinking of the patriarch of the family having been replaced by Uncle, suddenly his face turned pale and Yun Qingyan looked on the bad side subconsciously.

“Eh—hem. Yan’Er, it’s not what you think.” Showing his apology with a dry cough, Uncle said to him, “It is a long story and let me make it short for you.”

“Two years ago, Cai’Er’s cold illness was suddenly cured without any medical help and her cultivation genius also became so powerful overnight that she entered the third level of the Moon State from the first level of the Star State and become the first master in Tianyu City…This not only made a stir in Tianyu City but also drew great attention from the people of the whole Tianyuan Dynasty.”

“However, the same thing also happened to Cai’Er and your parents a year ago and they disappeared overnight. But unlike you, they left a mysterious waist tag behind.” With this, Uncle took a waist tag from the inner side of his coat.

At the first sight, Yun Qingyan recognized that it was made of ‘meteoric iron from the earth’s core’, which was taken from a thousand meters deep in the earth. In the Fairyland, meteoric iron was usually used to make such articles as pendants and bracelets. Such material could quiet one’s heart and also reduce the risk of being too obsessed in the practice of martial art if one worn it for a long time.

“Sky? Sword?” Taking over the waist tag, Yun Qingyan saw two words of ‘Sky’ and ‘Sword’ in its both sides respectively.

“Can it be that it is Tianjian Zong?” The name of a force immediately came to Yun Qingyan.

“You also consider it is Tianjian Zong?” A surprise appeared in the eyes of Uncle Yun Han. “When I showed this waist tag to the elder, he also thought it is Tianjian Zong.”

“After all, the marvelous story of you sister had been widespread around… After hearing of the story, Tianjian Zong might take Cai’Er as a disciple. And your parents were carried to there to take care of you sister’s daily life.”

“Of course, it’s no more than a guess. So nobody but the elder and I know about it.”

Tianjian Zong was an extremely famous cultivation faction in the whole territory of the Star Continent and governed dozens of human kingdoms.

Tianyuan Dynasty, where Tianyu City was located, was one of the kingdoms ruled by Tianjian Zong.

Disappointment flashed across the eyes of Yun Qingyan.

Who he wanted to see most now was his parents and little sister and little did he think that all of them had gone to Tianjian Zong.

Yes, Yun Qingyan had already confirmed that they must have gone to Tianjian Zong, because there was also Tianjian Zong in the Fairyland, where the waist tag was exactly alike the one before his eyes except that it was made of a much superior material.

“Uncle, how far it is from Tianyu City to Tianjian Zong? How many days it will take to arrive if I ride a ferghana horse that can run about 1500 miles in a single day?” Yun Qingyan had an idea of heading for Tianjian Zong.

“Yan’Er, I’m afraid you will be disappointed, for no one else by the disciples of Tianjian Zong knows its location. Otherwise, I have already confirmed their trace with Tianjian Zong.” Uncle said with a wry smile.

Actually, Tianjian Zong should not be blamed for making itself so mysterious, but there were too many people wanting to be a disciple of Tianjian Zong. If it did not hide its front gate, the gate must have been damaged by numerous stamps.

After all, as a righteous faction, although it was hard to know what it looks like actually, it was inconvenient for Tianjian Zong to deal with the ordinary people.

Hearing what Uncle said, Yun Qingyan became more frustrated.

As all his cultivation had almost exhausted and the rest of consciousness was no less than one in a million of that of in the heyday. As a result, he was unable to use his consciousness to look for someone. Otherwise, an intention could envelop the entire Star Continent with his astonishing consciousness.

“At present, I can do nothing but wait until I recover the cultivation and then reunite with them.”