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Chase After the Reborn Doctor Concubine

Chase After the Reborn Doctor Concubine


What the hello kitty! She travelled across time, right? After experiencing an air crush, she awoke to discover herself in a large bridal sedan chair wearing a traditional wedding dress. She was informed that the Crown Prince had rejected her and that she would now wed the dying and ailing Prince Xuan. The Crown Prince? Prince Xuan? Who the heck were they? What dynasty was that? Who could identify the man wearing the silver mask for her? Her spouse? "The responses are irrelevant. Why don't we complete the marriage now, my lady?" On the couch, the man pushed her down...
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"Ouch, it hurts!"

The pain awakened Lin Chenxue. As soon as she opened her eyes, she realized she was on a bumpy ride and something was covering her head. She reached out to pull it away and saw it was a red veil worn by brides during the olden days!

Then she found herself in a traditional wedding dress, sitting in a big bridal sedan chair!

While she was in shock, she heard the voices of people's discussion outside.

"Is there a wedding going on at Prince Xuan's Manor? Who is he marrying?"

"Who else could it be? It's Lin Chenxue, the daughter of the Prime Minister!"

"Wasn't she supposed to marry the Crown Prince?"

"Hey, haven't you heard the news? The Crown Prince broke off their engagement! The Emperor then gave her hand in marriage to Prince Xuan!"

Lin Chenxue was stunned.

She was a doctor from Zordor sent to aid Mambia. How did she become the Prime Minister's daughter suddenly?

As she thought of this, Lin Chenxue remembered that when she was sent to Mambia, the plane she was on met with an accident and crashed. She was supposed to be dead.

Yet she was still alive.

So was she... reborn by crossing over through time?

She hurriedly inspected herself. Her hands were dainty and fair. As she touched her face, she realized her facial features were different from her original features.

She became sure that she had crossed over through time. She was now the daughter of the Prime Minister in this unknown era who even had the same name as she had. And she was about to marry someone on the first day of her crossover!

Although she was forced into this situation, Lin Chenxue could only accept it. She knew she had come into a close-minded society where everything was unfamiliar to her. She had to count her steps and move forward cautiously.

Soon, she was welcomed into Prince Xuan's Manor as she sat in the bridal sedan.

However, the mansion was not as lively as she had imagined. Except for the red decorations at the entrance signifying the celebration, the inner courts of the manor looked like usual. There were no other decorations inside, and even the servants turned a blind eye to the bride.

"His Highness said that this is just a formality. We only need to bring her here to the manor. Send her back to her room. There's no need for a ceremony."

Lin Chenxue lifted the veil and looked around through the opening. She saw a young girl walk toward her before giving the instructions arrogantly.

The girl seemed to have much authority around this place. As she spoke, the servants who brought Lin Chenxue here responded submissively and went on to escort her away.

Lin Chenxue walked past the girl, who glanced at her with a frown full of disdain.

As the girl saw that Lin Chenxue had lifted the veil, she immediately slapped Lin Chenxue on the hand while scolding her mercilessly, "You good-for-nothing! Don't you know etiquette? How dare you lift your veil here in broad daylight? Don't pose as an eyesore to the Prince!"

Lin Chenxue was furious, seeing her hand red from the slap. She immediately took off her veil and glared at the girl. "Who the hell are you? How dare you hit me! Do I know you, huh?"

One of the servants who brought her here immediately pulled her aside and said, "She is Li Ting, the housekeeper of Prince Xuan's Manor. How could you be this disrespectful when speaking to her?"

Li Ting became more arrogant as the person revealed her identity. She glanced at Lin Chenxue with much haughtiness and snorted at her in disdain. "Don't think that just because you married Prince Xuan, you could become the lady of the house. I'm telling you now. His Highness would never acknowledge you as his wife. You are more lowly than the servants in this manor!"

With this, Li Ting instructed the servants, "Why are you still standing here? Hurry and bring her back to her room. Get rid of this disgrace!"

After that, she turned around and left.

Lin Chenxue wanted to voice her displeasure, but the servants escorted her back to her room by force. Lin Chenxue was still furious as she sat on the somber bed.

Who said she was willing to marry Prince Xuan?

All of them acted as if she was desperate to marry him!

How dare they?

While she was grumbling in her heart, the door was opened. She saw a man in red wearing a sliver mask walk into the room while coughing slightly.

The man had an upright posture, and his movements exuded an overbearing temperament. Lin Chenxue had long taken off her veil, and she immediately met his eyes.

In that instant, she felt like tremendous pressure was crushing her chest. She did not dare to make a sound as she was trembling uncontrollably.

Was this man Prince Xuan?

Lin Chenxue could not see his expression and did not know his motives for coming here. She immediately grabbed her quilt vigilantly and was on guard to face anything that would come her way.

Today was their wedding night. If he wanted to consummate their marriage, she would have to resist it!

On the other hand, if he was displeased with her and wanted her life on the first day of their marriage, she would have to save herself.

The man saw her being defensive, and there was a trace of contempt in his eyes.

So he said coldly, "You don't have to be on guard. I'm not interested in you."

Lin Chenxue surely would not let down her guard just because of what he said. She still looked at the man warily.

He did not care and continued, "I don't care why you married me. But since you are living under my roof, you'd better abide by my rules. Otherwise..."

He looked up and sneered. "When you leave this place, it will be your corpse.”