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An Unexcepted Love

An Unexcepted Love


Stella was a bastard daughter, she was 18. She was forced by her father to impersonate her sister Kate to sleep with a billionaire called Ryan Parker. Ryan didn't know Kate had been replaced by Stella, he took Stella's virginity with no mercy. That night got Stella pregnant. Stella wanted miscarriage and went to the hospital, but got kidnapped before she went for operation. She was carried to Ryan's villa, and she saw her father Henry there, also kidnapped. It turned out Henry sold Stella for 5 million dollars, but Stella didn't get the promised money after she finished her sex mission with Ryan. Ryan heard the conversation by accident, and learned the truth about Kate and Stella. He hated Stella for sleeping with him for money, but he hated her more for wanting the miscarriage. Stella insisted with the abortion, Ryan then grounded her and locked her in a room.
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Jicious Hotel in T City—

The hotel was in a luxury style of the upper class with the golden corridor and grand crystal lamps.

But how much filth was hidden behind all this luxury?

With no lights on, it was all dark in the most magnificent presidential suite on the top floor.

The smell of nicotine made Stella felt eased slightly, but her heart beat still violently.

"Take them off."

When she heard the hoarse and low male voice, Stella trembled and opened her eyes in horror.

There was a young man sitting on the big bed. Although it was dim, it could be vaguely seen that he was tall.

Ryan didn't even wear a suit coat. He wore a black shirt and his shoulders were board and his waist was narrow. His handsome face was emotionless with a commanding temperament, making others dare not to come closer.

Stella was too nervous to breathe. Her little face was pale. She undid the buttons of her shirt tensely, but she couldn't undo any of them for a long time.

"Hurry up, if you want your father to be safe!"

Ryan said in a low and mocking voice, he seemed a little angry for he only took a few puffs of cigar and pressed it into the crystal ashtray on the bedside table casually. It seemed that he was losing his patience.

Stella stopped undoing her button and the button was cracked. She bit her bloodless lip, and her face was as white as a sheet. "Mr. Parker, in fact, I..."

Stella suddenly paused.

Ryan had already stepped out of bed with his long legs. He picked up the coat on the hanger and left remorselessly.

Stella was fearful, and she recalled Henry's warning when he took her to the hotel.

"Ryan wants your sister, but your sister is going to marry the diplomat of M Country, and her future can't be ruined because of Ryan! All you need to do is pretend to be your sister tonight. When things are done, I will take charge of the medical expense of your little brother and your tuition fee. Otherwise, don't blame me for my cruelty!"

No way! She couldn't let him go!

"Wait!" Stella undid the buttons of her shirt quickly and her shirt slipped down.

Ryan stopped when he heard Stella's sweet sound. He put his hand on the door handle and turned around, and what he saw was Stella's tender skin.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and his eyes were dark and unfathomable.

"What a d*mn enchantress!"

Ryan slammed the door quickly and pressed Stella with his tall figure and said, "Kate, you seem very different tonight."

Ryan lifted Stella's chin with one hand. He used his rough tobacco-scented fingertip gently touched her lips in dark. Stella was so scared that she trembled, and her delicate face was as white as sheet.

"God! I can't let him know the truth!"

Stella reached Ryan's crotch timidly.


Ryan frowned badly, and sneered, "You're really sl*tty!"

Ryan grabbed Stella and dragged her to the bed. And then a feast of lust put on in the dark.

Ryan vented his desire and hatred brutally on Stella without mercy.

Finally, a white light flashed and Stella fell down with a spasm. She felt pain and her face was so pale.

Stella cried but bit her lip stoically. Her breath was so weak as if she was dying.

When everything was over, Ryan put on the buttons of his shirt tardily and took out a cigar from the bedside table and lit it. The whole room was wreathed in enchanting mist.

Ryan frowned and felt depressed though he had vented his anger a moment ago, especially when he saw Stella was crying.

"Put on your clothes and get out!" Ryan said cruelly with his charming lip.

Stella's face was hot and pale extremely. She picked up her clothes shamefully and slowly put them on. And then she limped to open the door.

Ryan was smoking on the bed and he was suddenly stunned when he saw Stella's small figure under the bright light in the corridor.