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X-ray Vision Landlord and His Beauty lodgers

X-ray Vision Landlord and His Beauty lodgers

Author:Tan Zhi


Qin Yi had a villa. When he woke up every day, there were lots of gorgeous female tenants surrounding him... Thus, he, with great talent, was pursued by beauties from everywhere! Thus, he, who could see through everything, dared not open his eyes, for fear that he couldn’t bear it. He watched the show and enjoyed his life. This is a story of a little landlord who roamed the city of beauties and fought against the world!
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Qin Yi stared at the girl sitting opposite for a long time.

I have to say that this girl is clear and refined, born with beautiful qualities, and a pair of smart eyes, like a precious gem with shining light.

Judging from her temperament and designer clothes, she looks out of character with this car.

This feels like a noble and elegant princess, entering the rustic countryside in the soil.

It stands to reason that she was carrying a Baroncelli watch with tens of thousands of yuan and a Louis Vuitton suitcase with tens of thousands of yuan. She would not have no money to fly on an airplane, nor would she have money to take a high-speed rail, soft sleeper, or even hard sleeper.

But she sat in this hard seat for nearly eighteen hours.

There was a radio announcement in the carriage that the train was about to reach the terminal.

The girl rubbed her eyes and raised her arms for a chest expansion exercise to stretch her tired nerves.

At this time, she noticed that Qin Yi had been staring at her, and could not help but a hint of discomfort and disgust flashed in her eyes.

Because she obviously felt her eyes widen suddenly when she raised her arms and stretched her waist.

That's okay, but he turned and lost a sigh of grief!

What does he lament?

Do you think your body is not hot enough?


The girl gave him a glaring glance, and got up to take off the suitcase.

After getting off the train, Qin Yi sighed as she watched the girl going away.

Then he took out his mobile phone and called, "Hey, old man, this girl you said is not good!"

"No?" The phone surprised.

In all fairness, the girl was just a shame of closing the moon, and Ting slender and elegant was hired.

The only flaw is that she belongs to the kind who can only have milk when she has children.

The phone froze for a moment, and then yelled, "Roll the calf! Do you know how many people remember that girl! You must get it for me, otherwise you never want to come back!"

"But ... I still like the second girl in our village." Qin Yi said aggrieved.

"Get off! You said that you are a good lady, you don't like it, old lady remembers a little nun, you are not ashamed!"

"But ... the woman looks very proud and not easy to play with," Qin Yi said again.

"Isn't she giving you a villa? I have secretly arranged for her to live with you. Then you cooked her raw rice and cooked it, wouldn't you get it? Okay, I'm busy. Before you get her, you and me Not a master-student relationship! "

Qin Yi still wanted to say something, but the other party hung up the phone.

Helpless, Qin Yi had to sigh and walk away.


At the same time, a distant small village.

In a small shop selling daily necessities, an old monk, an old priest, and an old nun are fighting landlords.

"Lao Dao, what's the matter?" Asked the old monk with a round head.

"It's nothing, that Qin Yi's boy was spoiled, and even the girl at home didn't look down on it." Said the skinny old man with a long head said depressedly.

"Haha, how could the boy Qin Yi get the princess at home? Your local master can win!" The old nun laughed and mocked.

"Well, don't pretend to be a calf here. Who doesn't know that kid's strange disease must have a yin-yang relationship with the princess of the house to continue his life, and still remember my second wife? Dreaming!" Said the old nun sarcastically.

The old Taoist wanted to refute, but was sighed by the captivity.

The old monk also sighed at this time and said, "The girl in Yu's family is not easy to mess with. I heard that I had ordered a baby doll with Wei's family and grabbed his wife and children with Wei's family.

Hearing the words "Wei Family", the old Taoist priest was even more sad.

He is right.

The Wei family is even worse.


Qin Yi came to the small villa that the old Taoist gave to him, and his face was full of sorrow.

The villa is nice, with a large area and a good environment. It is very close to the girl's school, which can be reached by a ten-minute walk.

It's just that this villa hasn't been occupied for a long time. On the ground, on the table, on the windowsill, there is a thick layer of dust everywhere.

Do you want to clean?

How can I clean the train after just eighteen hours?

He was tangled and suddenly heard someone ring the doorbell.

Opening the door, a familiar girl stood by the suitcase with a suitcase. "Hello, may I rent it here? My name is Yu Xiaofei. I booked it online before renting it for a semester."

Qin Yi glanced up and down at her, determined that she was the goal of her mission, and nodded, "Yes."

He knew that these were the old Taoist secretly arranged in order to make himself chase her.

"It's me, hello, I've met again." Qin Yi politely reached out his hand.

When he spoke, his resentful glance looked subconsciously under Yu Xiaofei's neck.Yu Xiaofei saw his gaze bewildering again, exasperated: "Rogue! I don't rent this house for you!"

"Wait." Qin Yi hurriedly recovered his mind.

This house was originally prepared by the old priest for her own pursuit. If she knew that she was not living here, she would probably take it back with the character of the old priest.

Besides, it was dark at the sight, and there was just one missing house to clean the house.

"This house has a discount!" Qin Yi then said to her.

Previously, the old priest gave him information about Yu Xiaofei, saying that because she had a slight contradiction with her family, she always saved money and wanted to start her own business while saving money.Because of this, she would go to the hard seat of the train for eighteen hours.

Some discounts on rent might make her hook.

Sure enough, as soon as Yu Xiaofei heard that there was a discount, she stopped and immediately stepped forward, saying, "Are there any discounts ?!"

"Of course." Qin Yi said with a shrug. "In the future, the house will be cleaned by you. The room will be picked by you. The monthly rent will be six hundred yuan, including water and electricity.

"Six hundred dollars a month ?!"

Yu Xiaofei opened her eyes wide and was extremely surprised, "It also includes water and electricity ?!"

This villa is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery and an excellent location, at least millions of dollars.

When she first saw it online, she said that the monthly rent was only $ 1,2, and she felt that the pie was falling from the sky.

"So cheap, will there be any traps?" Yu Xiaofei hesitated holding her chin, "Forget it, let it go! Anyway, he has prepared an" anti-wolf spray ", he must dare to treat himself and spray him! "

"If we agree, let's sign the contract." Qin Yi urged.

"Okay, that's it!"

After Yu Xiaofei got his attention, for fear of remorse, he immediately took out the paper and pen from the bag and wrote a rental contract.

After getting it, Qin Yi put away the contract and said, "You can go in, pick the room at will, right, remember to clean the house, I have to go out in advance."


Yu Xiaofei said excitedly.

Just responsible for cleaning the house, I can live in such a large villa for an ultra-low price of 600 yuan a month, I really hit the luck!

When she entered the door of the living room, she saw the thick dust in the room, and suddenly caught it.


Yu Xiaofei accidentally sneezed, and the whole house was suddenly filled with dust and mist, as if the clouds moved in all directions.

In the setting sun of Yin Hong, Qin Yi put his hands in his pockets, wondering if there is a Chinese medicine shop nearby, and suddenly heard a shouting roar from the villa behind him, "Qin Yi, you bastard, please come back to me!"

Qin Yi pretended not to hear, bowed his head and speeded away ...