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The Narcissist

The Narcissist



Anne was the girl who always experience bad luck when it comes to relationships. When she met John, she was certain he's the one, at first he was kind and very welcoming. He showed her what it feels like to be inlove,her world used to blossom everyday , but little did she knew behind a great man lies a monster.
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  An open letter to my Narcissistic man.

  I still remember everything from the day we met to the day you left. I remember how shy i was when you asked me out, in my heart i keep saying i have found the one. I had to admit getting to know you at first was something i wasnt found of. I still remember how caring, loving and kind you used to be. I couldn't have asked for more than a man like you in my life. Remember the first time i got my job and you were scared that i was gonna leave you for someone but i had to reassure you that i wouldn't do that and since that day i abided by my promise. I also remember how sympathic you were with me, if i get hurt you would say sorry, if i fell ill you would wish me speedy recovery, damm you were the man of my dreams. I remember the little gift u gave me, a pet, i knew you were not found of pets but just because of me you someone manage to like them, i couldn't help but smile and all happy that you really cared about me and what i love and by doing so i continue seeing you as indeed the man for me. Something happened between us, i remember when you broke up with me after i have been committed to you, saying you got someone pregnant and you couldn't go on with me anymore, i have to admit a slight piece of my heart break but i remember agreeing to never contact you again and made peace with that.few days after that i still remember getting a call from you and how sorry you were and that you would like us to try again, just because i had loved you so much i had forgiven you without hesitations and i never reminded you of the affair. Then something happened that was gonna change our lives forever, i just didn't know it was gonna change mine to worse. I remember when i told you I was pregnant and how happy you were with us being pregnant as i thought. I still remember how you keep saying i was carrying a boy and i will say the doctor told me i am carrying a girl. I remember the love you poured over to our first unborn child, how committed you where to us having a family. I still remember that we even bought a piece of land, we were ready to build our own home as a family. I remember when our son was born and my mom called you just to say you have a baby boy as you have wished for, i wish i could have hear your joyful laughter over the phone but i was too tired from theater since our baby came through cissor section. I remember when you came to visit us at the hospital, i still recall how you held our son with so much love and you didn't want to put him down. But then just when i thought my happy ending is just beginning, i had discovered my nightmare was about to start. You changed, you became everything i hated in a man, you showed me how greedy, selfish unloving and cold hearted a man can be. At first when you start with your insults i used to cry but then i get used to it, i got used to being called names by you and to be blamed for everything by you in such a way that it didn't hurt me anymore. I still remember how you made me terminate my male friends thinking i am having an affair with them, i remember how you fought with my family and your family. I also remember how many times you would tell me lets break up and i keep saying no, i thought i could love you still because to me you were my everything. I still remember how you weren't happy with where you were working, you told me you wanted to quit and i had supported you because i didn't want you to suffer further. I remember giving everything to you my body, my heart, my soul and my possessions to you, i even sacrificed the needs for our son for you. I remember how in public you would want us to appear all lovey dovey but behind closed doors you were a monster, you didn't mind abusing me behind closed doors, you didn't mind harassing me when no one was watching except our son. I saw how you couldn't love our son,but still i stayed hoping you will learn to love him. I then fall pregnant with our second born, i was so happy that it was finally a she now, we were gonna be having both genders now. I remembered how you made me suffer while i was pregnant and i almost thought i was gonna lose our daughter but somehow she survived. I remember calling you after our daughter was born and you weren't pleased at all. I still remember the last time you came to us doing the identity for our daughter, how you disowned her without hesitations. I didn't tell anyone about it though i just let it be and ever since the day u left all of us, i have been nothing but i felt a little bit at peace.its been a year and some months now without seeing you and i have to admit I now don't have suicidal thoughts i once had when i was with you,i guess by then i had fallen into depression. I now live my life happily with our kids and one day i promise i would tell them all about you because you are their identity. And one last thing, thank you for making me see how strong i am alone and how protective and loving i could be over myself.


  The woman who once loved you.