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You are my love

You are my love



Doctors are the lifeline of any society......Well we are always motivated by them..... But what happens when a girl became doctor just to meet her crush and make him fall for her...... Nia was 19 when she saw Dr. Vansh for the first time..... This first time was enough for her to choose her career as she decided to become a doctor to meet him again..... What happens when they met? Will she make him fall for her? Will they live happily ever after?
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  Nia was returning home from her college..........

  "LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA,....... ,today I have to do it otherwise my whole hardwork would go futile."

  Nia was lost in her own world when a sound of breaking was heard. She looked towards the sound and found that an old woman has just fallen down.

  She rushed towards her and started to shout for help.She was streaming at the pitch of her voice.

  Suddenly a passerby saw her and ran towards her. He sat down and started to look at the old woman.

  "Call the ambulance,now!"he said to Nia

  She took her phone and called 102.As she turned towards the old woman she saw that the man was checking her pulse and time to time pressing her chest.

  "Are you a doctor? "Nia was curious.

  Her question was dumped in by the sound of ambulance.

  The stretcher was brought quickly and the woman was taken in ambilulance, the man who was there with them asked them to take him with them.

  "I am Dr. Vansh Thakur, cardiologist at C hospital.I will accompany you guys"he said and then got settled in the ambulance.

  The ambulance was all ready to leave when he