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Avery had been battling in between her dream and reality,not knowing which is which as she finds herself taggled in the mystery of a serial killer. What is the link between her and the killer? Why is she taggled up in this mess? Who are her friends? Who are her enemies? All these questions ran in her mind for which she would find answers soon.
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  DREAMS are vivid, it holds more than just visuals. My dreams are always just loud and bright flashing light, every single time. Wide awake, I stared at the white ceiling. I’m tired of these meaningless dreams. The knock on the door brought me out of my thoughts. “Avery!” I would hear Naomie’s voice from the other side of the door. Opening it I saw her scrolling through her phone.

  She walked in saying “I will lose my mind over these assignments!” . “How do you live in this cramped place?” Throwing her bag on my bed. My house ,if I can call it is a single room with an attached toilet. I yawned as I ignored her walking into the bathroom.

  Naomie is the only friend I had since childhood. I live alone, trying to maintain my two part time jobs to clear up my collage fee. My parents died a month ago in a fire accident. I don’t remember most of it. Naomie is my family now. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Once I came out refreshed and changing my clothes. She was unpacking few boxes. “I brought you a lunch!. Seriously you wake up at noon! And you fridge is all empty! Do you even eat?” she said stacking it up. I smiled to myself. “Relax its just Sunday and probably the one day where I get to be free. I’m hoping that no one call me from work asking to take their shift!” I said as I sat down. “so what did you say to Alden ?” she asked as she searched through the bag.

  Alden is a character from my story. Since my life and dreams are both empty I decided to make my imagination much better. Where I am a lead crime investigator, with so many people around me always cheering for me . A dream house and my parents had left me huge load of money. Alden, the guy who always had my back and there is Naomie too.

  “Alden said he wanted to say something to me, but you interrupted us saying there was something wrong with the case” I told her. She smiled at me. “Just so you know I don’t like this Alden” she said. “c’mon! It’s just a story” I said. Her eyes then fell on the white in front of her. She pointed towards it lazily. “Are you painting that?” she asked. My eyes followed where she was looking. in one side of the wall had the letters “BLUE” in bold yet it looked like it was painted with dry brush. Coming to think of that it was always there , I never wrote it. "you can paint that if you want too. I’m not in the mood to draw!” I said.

  By the time we finished our assignments it was almost sunset. I was about to look out the window when my eyes fell on the blue orchids in the flower vase by the rectangular white framed window. Every time I look at those I feel like I’m forgetting something. “I had the same dream again , this time instead of random noise I heard a car honk” I said ,my eyes still on the flower vase. “Finally! She said closing her laptop. “You said something?” she asked me. “ no, it was nothing” I mumbled. Naomi stayed with me the night. I was hoping if I could have a peaceful sleep without any dreams.

  I could hear the sound of rain, it was raining heavily .I was in the car trying to see something. Suddenly bright flash and loud horn sound was heard, I need to wake up! I need to wake up!. Everything just stopped. It was empty from the feeling vision. After awhile I could hear a faint murmuring. Slowly the words are more clearer.

  “it’s getting boring without you, until next time”

  The voice stopped. I felt something soft on my lip before it disappeared. I slowly opened my eyes. Colourful dots appeared random before forming a clear image. White walls, a new place, it took me few seconds to realize I was in a .....Hospital?. How did i end up here? Where is Naomie? I got up fast and felt dizzy and laid back slowly. The door to the room opened and the person that came in made me frozen in place. Alden?


Character note:

  Name: Avery Hendrix.

  Position: lead investigator.

  Identify : shoulder length brown hair , hazel eyes, oval face ,5.7ft height.


Character note:

  Name: Alden Miklenson.

  Position: police lead investigator

  Status: Avery’s childhood friend, went to the training together.

  Identify : short black hair, brown eyes, square face ,6.7ft height,buildup body


  Alden stood by the door staring at me. Our eyes met. His footsteps where fast as he neared me .he suddenly hugged me. I though you would never wake again.” He said. What is going? How is he here!. “I will call the others” he said as he let go. He turn turned on his footsteps and rushed out of the door. my hand swept through my hair confused as my eyes fell on the blue orchid flower vase. A small card was folded beside it. I took and opened to see what was inside.

  “Yours loving,


  It was written. What? My thoughts where brought back as many footsteps arrived. Familiar faces!?. Henry, rick and Shelly!. There were my team members in the story I made!. I’m dreaming!? Or I’m in my own dream. “I’m so glad you woke up! I was worried “ Henry said. “How are you feeling?” Shelly asked. “uhmm...better” i replied. “uhmm....about the case ..” rick was interrupted by Alden. “Later!” he said. “its okay go on..” I said . “no, we will talk later, you should rest! We will come back tomorrow” he said. “Wake up from what? What really happened?” I asked. They all looked at Alden who looked at me with concern. “You kind off had an accident” he said. “Accident?” I said with my raised eyebrows. “Yea, you fell off down the stairs” he said as he scratched the back off his neck. “oh, that explains the throbbing pain in my head” I said. “the doctor is on his way” he said as soon as those words left mine.


Character note:

  Name : Henry William

  Position: training

  Status: newbie struggling to fit the role.

  Identify :fluffy brown hair, almost amber eyes, oval face, 5.6 ft height

  Name : Rickson miller

  Position: 2nd stage investigator

  Status: always on duty. Doesn’t talk much. Mind work.

  Identify :dirty blonde hair , jade eyes, square face, 6.5ft height

  Name : Shelly Lennox

  Position: 3nd stage investigator

  Status: caretaker, always conscious, fun matters too

  Identify :long black hair, ice blue eyes, small face, 6 ft height


  After they all left I was struggling to come to a conclusion. Is this just a dream? Why does it feel so real? Am I going crazy?. They say if you pinch yourself and if it pains it’s not a dream anymore and I did, it hurts! . I’m going crazy!. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. Just the doctor came in. He did some tests on me and then called Alden in and said “she is good to go, but make sure she gets a lot of rest “. He then turns towards me. “ you might feel light headed at times and if something else happen then you must get admitted” he said. I will make sure that l’m fine” I said to him and inaudibly mumbled “I can’t wait to get out” to myself.

  I was standing in front of my so called house! It is a penthouse ,yes I forgot it was a part of my imagination. Well, since I’m dreaming I will make sure to make this the best dream!. I stared at my family portrait that was hung on the wall,the picture was actually taken, a real picture!! I smiled to myself and went to bed. Will this dream continue if I really go to sleep? I will wake up tomorrow to same old boring life. I sighed to myself and closed my eyes .