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My husband is the monarch

My husband is the monarch

Author:Kratika Sharma


When she came to knew that she is not a common girl she is the hiress of her mother's family Han which is belong to mo dynasty 's duke . And her mother already choose her future husband she took adistance from her normal life and try to live in her mother's family castle aroyal life. 5yrs later she knew that her father want to married her to a man who is son of wang family she didn't want to marry. She only wants that things which were her mother already set for her.she ran out from home and bump into a man who is the hire of mo family .she saw him in a begging manner to help her .he slightly took her in his embrace and ask her will u marry me be my woman. Later she knew that he was not a son of normal mo family he was the prince of mo empire which was her mother already set for her.what wil happen when she know that secret.
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  Yunxi's tears were not stop she was crying in more loud voice her felt like drenched under water and she sobbing.Her mother was everything for her she didn't want to lose her mother in any condition .In the front of her mother's tomb she was so tired from crying hoding a huge grudge that she couldn't save her mother.She hold tightly to her mother's tomb and lean on it she didn't know that time passed has been 2hrs .'

  suddenly a warm voice enter her ear .She opened her eye took a look where voice came from it was voice of uncle chen who is butler and her mother's special subordinate after her father he took care of her mother.

  Miss highness its too late now you should have to go back castle . Uncle chen know that what is the pain in the heart of little for losing her mother in such her twenties. He patted her shoulder took her in his embrace and cheer her up to be good in her future life for mother's sake. Hearing uncle chen 's words yunxi again fell in crying she said in her crying was

  I will not let mother live in disdainful in heaven .I will do good and lead abetter life which was her mother already left for her.

  In painful voice she said - mom i will do whatever you told me in before I will not let you down on me. She wiped tears on her face and turned around to face uncle chen

  Let's go back to castle ,she took a glance at her mother's tomb then turn and go to car .uncle chen followed her he can sadness in her eyes , heartbreaking motion s she was took her steps tell how much her endurance power .uncle chen open the door of car for her .she sat in the car

  Uncle chen closed the door and sat on the passenger seat and give signal to driver .Driver drove the car very steady but yunxi 's heart beated so fast and she lean on the seat 'back support and take heavy breath her body fell unconsciously into sleep and she flying in her dreams in which her mother and she enjoying happiness intheir past life .She held her mother's hand and walking in the dreams they were completely looking as like world's happiest people she was playing with her mother in her dreams .

  "Crack " suddenly a voice broke her dream and she opened her eyes the car stopped at the castle. She came out from car and enter into castle .

  "Meal is ready what do youwant to eat miss highness

  I made allyour favourites ." Aunt yi reported

  Yunxi took a look at dinning table and turn around to upstairs .Although she was very hungry but her hunger change into sadness and she took a steps to forward .Uncle chen interrupt in silence " miss highness ,you have to be good in future for this you have to be in a good and healthy. She looked at uncle chen a lioness came to prey , uncle chen saw her and swallow his saliva . He know that her temper from her childhood . He changed the topic and said - "your health is not good as well it have to be you have to eat for your mother's sake .his voice deeply emersed in care and love felt like a drizzling . Yunxi took a long sigh and turn around to dinning table , she said - "yes " i have to be healthy and good in all conditions which have to be trouble me in future i have to ready for them for a fight. Listening her words uncle chen 's pale face look her in a painful feeling his eyes were filled with water and look in emptiness . Yunxi ask him - why is your eyes shed tears didn't you tell me be strong then it is also indicated to you .

  Uncle chen wipe his tears and said" yes highness you are right i have to be strong .after looking him yunxi raised her head to look dinning table she sat on her seat in a disturb manner and took fork and spoon aunt yi came to her taking fast step and placed delicious food in her plate she serve all the favourites of yunxi .took a spoon full of chitake mushroom she said "let's eat mom" .

  The room filled again with sorrow and mourning .This situation why will not take place her mother always sit in the centre of table head seat and she sat beside her .Her mother serve meal to her own hands and feed her and she cheer her meal breakfast dinner with her mother .naturally all those yrs with her sped with her moving in front of her like a movie .yunxi leave fork in her hands and want to go back her room.

  But suddenly she felt a warm and beautiful smile responding her in a very pampering manner .she felt her mother sat beside her and gave her smile. Yunxi sat down again .

  "Please " eat something your highness .a soft voice break yunxi's dream she saw uncle chen pray her to eat .She came back her senses and take a spoon of soup and swallow in a bad temper she didn't ask anything about meal nor complain she eat silently but took a slightly look at her mother's seat from her corner of eye. Then she removed her gaze from chair and finish her meal quicky ii silent . Watching this scene uncle chen and ant yi look at each other and yunxi .they felt so heartly for her .after finish dinner yunxi stood up and went to sleep .she gave instructions to uncle chen and ant dont let me wake up and dont worry about her she will take her care .then she enter her room and close it .

  She wandering in her memories suddenly a voice break the silence,

  Woof woof woof a small pomerian bunny responding to yunxi . Yunxi's gaze fall on that hairy kid snatching her dress continuesly as like telling her to not worry it was also with her . Yunxi saw that dog in a very ponder look she know that it was the gift from her mother when she won a race compitetion when she in fifth standered and that time she only 10 yrs old she took first place in race among three intrenational schools .that time she blessed by her teachers and coach . She saw from a very behind in public seats her mother gave her a high five in the sky she waved her hand gave signal to her yunxi understand her mother she took her winner trophy and running towards her mother .her mother stood up and came to her as like she welcome her daughter with great success .yunxi running too fast and buried in to her mother 's embrace .her mother took her in her lap kiss on her forehead and wipe her sweat from her little praise. She saw a puppy sat beside her mother and continuesly make a noise of woof woof to her she asked her mother what is this - her mother patted her back back and gave puppy to her and said this is your winning award it will become your friend now .Yunxi happily accept this pomerian bunny as her friend. Three days before she was in United States of America settling the military affairs about weapons and security she got news from ant yi that her mother's condition was not stable .she told her assistant to book a ticket for city y immediately and after two hrs she came back to city y she drove the car at very high speed she thought her mother's face and increase her speed. She stopped car at the gate of castle give keys to security and enter in hurriedly she saw her mother lying on bed in very weak condition her face was so pale like a crushed flower. She took a step forward to her and sat beside her mother .

  "Open your eyes mom please look at me " yunxi begged her mother in a crying voice. Hearing a voice her mother opened her oyester like eyes and look at her .

  How are you why your health became so bad behind me. Yunxi asking in worry.

  Her mother stretched out her hand to catch yunxi-

  "Ni laila" she asked yunxi

  "Yeah, wo khyulaile muhao i m back mom .yunxi answer her

  Mom why are you so pale tell me .

  Her mother knew yunxi how she worried about her . She left the conferences and speech and ran back to her.

  She take her courage and saiying in a sensible tone .

  "Nothin , nothing happened to me its just a fever , don't take it seriously ". Yunxi know that her mother was suffering with heart cancer because of her mental problems and weaken heart. She never told about her disease to yunxi .But yunxi already know about it her mother never let her know about it .

  That's why yunxi secretly change the treatment under her direction and warn uncle chen to don't let know her mother about it. But her mother's disease was not completely gone and result was in front of her that next day her mother gasping in very heavy breath struggling with her breath she look at yunxi .yunxi understand and came to close her. Her mother said her

  "Dont go on the path and not obey any instruction of your father do whatever you want .I have already been done my best for you go and take thae road which made by me . Dont feel alone i'll always be with you my blessings always with you .dont forget my words remember everything which things i t told you before past five yrs .

  With this words her mother took her last breath and left her behind for rest of her life .yunxi saw her mother's hand in her hand .

  Woof woof , sudden barking of dog disturb yunxi' emotion she came back her senses patted back of dog .and go to bathroom after taking a hot spring bath she close the door of bathroom wipe water from hair and lie down on bed. Because of mourning tiredness her eyes became swollen cause of crying .she didn't know when she fall in a deep sleep . Soon she was sleeping soundaly .

  The cock clock cocking very soundaly in early morning yunxi rubbed her eyes and see alarm clock it is eight in morning she can't believe that she was sleeping very late at 8 am in morning . She hurriedly get up brush her teeth , take a shower and get ready in 15 minutes . She heared something behind door she opened the door .aunt yi stood there for a long time when she saw yunxi opened the door .

  She asked in worry ' - "are you okay your highness