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Dream love

Dream love



Manayim is 17years she lives with her mother and her father disappeared 8 year ago when she was 9 manayim has just wake up from some magnificent dream but what she saw in her dream is in her hand to her surprise her long lost father text her and order he to do as she saw in her dream and not to text or call him back
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  A green heaven like garden with full of each and every kind of flowers and butterflies all around the flowers, and the song of different kinds of birds can be heard, there is a man sitting on a chair with king like charisma and he seems to be waiting for someone, there is a grapes on his hand and his left hand is on the book which is placed on the table in front of him, he has a beautiful face , long legs, well built body his skin is white also his hair ….. His beauty is beyond description it simply can be said that every beautiful thing describe by his beautiful body. His eyes are fixed on the gate the person who he is waiting for seems to be late….


  Manayim wore a long white dress and there is a flower crown on her brown long hair there is no makeup on her face nor a perfume on her body she ware white flat sandals which makes her simple yet very beautiful

  Manayim enters the heaven like garden and face such a beauty “oh my God” manayim has never seen such a beauty in her 17 years of her life , this garden is like heaven and the man in front of her, oh he is like the God in the heaven himself “oh his face shines like the sun oh no the sun shines like his face ” she taught, “I think today I am lucky enough to meet God. As I can see I am still alive so how am I able to see the God?”She lost on her taught for her surprise he is looking at her with a bright and breath taking smile on his face it is like the sun is smiling.

  “My baby girl oh my love my whole universe finally you came for me I have been waiting for you for a long time” wow his voice is like many waterfalls together by the way, is he talking to her? She don’t understand she just keep staring at him with confusion. When he notice that she is confused and not responding him he call for her again, “dear” she came back to life, he rally is talking to her and even calling her baby

  “w.h.a.t ddd…i..dd..y..o..u..s..a..y..?”She cannot form a word.

  He get up from his sit and start walking towards her, her heart starts beating wildly

  “You don’t even recognize your fiancée?”What is he talking about? This God like man is claiming to be his fiancée is this some kinds of joke did she lost her memory what is going on? “m..e your f.i.a.n.c.e.e” when he notice that she is getting more and more confused he taught “oh I think I am scaring my baby” and says to her with low voice “sorry baby did I frightened you come have a sit and we will talk ” manayim cant calm herself she just cannot process what is happening now and there is some kind of power which is making her relax and follow this man.

  “Baby I know what I am telling you is hard to believe and seems to be nonsense but it is the truth you are my fiancée since the day you have been born, take this book and read it there is everything you have to know about me and us take your time and process it and I want you to know how much I love so take this grapes and eat it then you will find out my love for you and learn how to love me back. I know you have many questions but all the answers are in this book and in the fruit, first read the book and when you believe you are ready eat the fruit” then he stand up and disappear just like that.

  “Beep Beep”

  It was her alarm that awakes Manayim from her magnificent dream

  “What was that it doesn’t feel like a dream it feels like real wow” when manayim was thinking about her dream she feels something on her hand and looks down

  “ahhhhhhhh……” she screams isn’t it the grapes just in her dream why is it in her hand when she tries to gate up from her bed she touches something with her log “whhhhh…..” it is the book she saw in her dream oh what it is going on is she dead what is happening is this some kind of magic or witchcraft her mind is on mess.


  She receives a text message it is from unknown number she open it and it says

  “my sweet little princess you have to do what your man told you to do, he is your man he sacrifices many things just for you and I know how much he loves you this is all I can say to you for the time being this is your loving father don’t be confused I will answer all your questions when you came as the bride of your man he will take you to me he is the only may we meet and reunite I will wait for you at our true home my dear baby you can’t call or text me back if you have question or something to say just say it out loud I can hear you wherever you are and whenever you need me I will answer all your questions via text I am always with you and I love you so much. ”