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Rough Desire

Rough Desire



He held my hands forcefully in place above my head. His large body laid on top of mine as he pushed himself ide me. My loud moans muffled from his lips crashing agat mine as he hungerly kissed me. His hands slid down my arms and over my boobs, he playful brushed his thumbs over my already sore nipples before suddenly tugging hard. The pain made me gasp and I felt him smirk agat my lips "I love roughing you up baby" his said taking my bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it. His hands continued their way down my body and soon his arms wrapped around my ass as he pushed me up into him. His need to be deeper ide me sent trembles through my body and I could feel myself tighten around him. Close to the blissful feeling I had begun to get addict to. I never wanted something so bad in my life. But he had made it clear this was nothing more then rough desire.
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